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Merlin poster
Air weekdate: Saturday
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Channel: BBC One
Status: Ended
8.5/10(164 votes)
Colin Morgan Colin Morgan as Merlin
Bradley James Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon
Adetomiwa Edun Adetomiwa Edun as Sir Eylan
Alexander Vlahos Alexander Vlahos as Mordred
Angel Coulby Angel Coulby as Gwen
Anthony Stewart Head Anthony Stewart Head as Uther Pendragon
Emilia Fox Emilia Fox as Morgause
Eoin Macken Eoin Macken as Sir Gwaine
Gilli Gilli as Harry Melling
Janet Montgomery Janet Montgomery as

Merlin is a drama series based around the legends of the mythical wizard and his relationship with Prince Arthur. Set in the early days of their relationship, it shows the development of each in his respective field, finding his way on the path to future greatness. Humour, danger and excitement abound, accompanied by mythical creatures, magic and of course much medieval swashbuckling.

Merlin season 1

Merlin season 1 poster

Young Merlin is sent by his mother from their village to start a better life in Camelot, where he is apprenticed to Gaius, the physician to the repressive King Uther, who believes magic is evil and punishable by death. When Gaius realizes that Merlin has magical, telekinetic powers he agrees to keep the boy’s secret. Uther has just executed a sorcerer, whose mother comes to Camelot in the guise of a pretty girl who charms the court to sleep with her singing. Only Merlin sees what is happening and stays awake, saving the situation without being exposed as a warlock.

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Merlin season 2

Merlin season 2 poster

The workers unearthed an ancient tomb under Camelot with a thread of ravens which filled treasures. Guy asks to seal the tomb of King Uther Pendragon, fearing that the treasure belongs to Cornelius Siegen, an evil sorcerer on local legends. But Uther already got accustomed jewelry. He insists that Siegen a fairy tale. This season, the young magician is forced to turn to The Dragon.

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Merlin season 3

Merlin season 3 poster

Merlin and Arthur scoured the whole neighborhood in search of the missing Lady Morgana, but a year has passed, and no results. Depressed Prince is almost ready to stop searching. But when it seems that hope is lost, Arthur and Merlin attacked on the trail. When they fall into the trap of bandits and barely got out, they saw a bloody girl – Morgana.

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Merlin season 4

Merlin season 4 poster

Kingdom of Camelot plunged into chaos. Witchcraft and Wizardry wreak havoc among the people. Uther Pendragon forbids witchcraft under pain of death. Merlin, who was born with magical abilities comes to Camelot after 20 years. He became an assistant of court doctor, Gaius, who helps him find his destiny gifts. The TV series tells the story of young`s the famous wizard Merlin, treachery and secret vices, magic, faith and devotion, and - of course - the battle between good and evil.

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Merlin season 5

Merlin season 5 poster

The TV series was developed based on the legends of the mythical wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur. Images of the main characters, as well as events show, much different from the traditional versions of the legend. Merlin can move the viewer into a world of magic and witchcraft, in which he is not only a magician, but a hero. After all, every one of his spells may be the last in a brutal hunt for magicians. The plot of the new season: Camelot faces a new golden age, but even as the city flowers, the dark seeds of destruction are being sown. In the frozen wastelands of the north, men are disappearing without a trace. King Arthur and his knights undertake a dangerous mission into the unknown in search of answers - but once there, Merlin finds himself locked in a battle unlike any he has fought before.

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