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Milo Murphy's Law season 1

Milo Murphy's Law season 1 poster
22 episodes (1133 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:"Weird Al" Yankovic, Mekai Curtis, Sabrina Carpenter Genre:Animation, Comedy Channel:Disney XD Status:Continuing

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Milo Murphy's Law season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Going the Extra Milo (air date: 2016-10-03)

Zack Underwood, a new kid in town, meets Milo Murphy, the unluckiest kid in town. Because of Milo's misfortune, he and Zack both miss the bus for school, so Milo shows Zack a "shortcut" to school, while attempting to avoid wolves, bees, fire, and even an alien abduction. Meanwhile, Melissa Chase, a friend of Milo's, collects lunches as wagers from other students on whether or not Milo and Zack will make it to school before the bell rings.

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Episode #2: Sunny Side Up (air date: 2016-10-03)

Milo, Melissa and Zack try to protect an egg for a science experiment.

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Episode #3:
Episode #4: The Undergrounders (air date: 2016-10-10)

Milo, Zack, and Melissa's subway car gets derailed on their way to a field trip to the museum. While trying to find their way to the museum, they encounter a society of construction workers who have been underground for a long time.

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Episode #5:
Episode #6: The Note (air date: 2016-10-17)

Milo loses his doctor's note excusing his class absences due to Murphy's Law, so he, Zack, and Melissa attempt to retrieve it.

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Episode #7:
Episode #8: Smooth Opera-tor (air date: 2016-10-26)

Zack, Melissa, and Milo attend an opera performance with Amanda, but Milo accidentally ends up backstage and attempts to prevent any havoc from occurring.

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Episode #9:
Episode #10: The Wilder West (air date: 2016-10-27)

Milo and his friends visit a dude ranch. While horse back riding, they meet a girl named Jackie who joins their posee, and Zack is smitten with love. But, Jackie leads them into more danger then usual. Meanwhile, Sara is going crazy because the ranch reminds her of scenes from The Doctor Zone Files, and invites other fans to join in the geek fest.

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Episode #11:
Episode #12: Murphy's Lard (air date: 2017-03-07)

Milo and Zack try to help Melissa overcome her secret fear of roller coasters.

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Episode #13:
Episode #14: Athledecamathalon (air date: 2017-03-09)

The gang participates in a school event that combines the Academic Decathlon and the Athletic Decathlon.

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Episode #15: The Substitute (air date: 2017-03-13)

Milo's science class deals with a bored substitute. Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota hide in the classroom's closet to hide a substance that will help pistachios grow.

Episode #16: Time Out (air date: 2017-03-14)

Milo and Zack go fishing with their dads. Meanwhile, when their phone battery dies, Cavendish and Dakota interfere with Brick and Savannah's time travel mission.

Episode #17: We're Going to the Zoo (air date: 2017-03-15)

At a donation drive, Milo accidentally gives away his mother's precious vintage T-shirts. Cavendish and Dakota are assigned to protect the pistachios at the zoo.

Episode #18: School Dance (air date: 2017-03-16)

Amanda does everything she can to make sure the school dance goes off without a hitch. Cavendish and Dakota go to the dance to attempt to prove without a doubt that Milo is another agent attempting to thwart their plans. Mort mistakes Cavendish and Dakota for vampire hunters.

Episode #19: Battle of the Bands (air date: 2017-03-20)

Milo, Melissa, Zack, and Mort's band enters the battle of the bands. Zack discovers his old boy band is competing in the battle.

Episode #20: The Math Book (air date: 2017-03-21)

Milo, Zack and Melissa go to school after sunset to retrieve Melissa's math book. Unfortunately, she leaves the spare key inside the locked classroom, so the three go on a "quest" in search of the mysterious janitor, otherwise known as the "key-keeper".

Episode #21: The Little Engine That Couldn't (air date: 2017-03-22)

When Melissa’s dad drives her and Milo into town on a decommissioned old fire engine, chaos ensues.

Episode #22: The Llama Incident (air date: 2017-03-23)

Milo and Melissa finally tell Zack the story of the infamous Llama Incident.


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