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Miraculous Ladybug season 3

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7 episodes (119 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Benjamin Bollen / Bryce Papenbrook, Anouck Hautbois / Cristina Valenzuela, Alexandre Nguyen / Ben Diskin, Marie Chevalot / Selah Victor, Fanny Bloc / Carrie Karenen, Antoine Tomé / Keith Silverstein, Marie Nonnenmacher / Mela Lee, Thierry Kazazian / Max Mittleman, Benjamin Bollen / Bryce Papenbrook, Anouck Hautbois / Cristina Valenzuela, Alexandre Nguyen / Grant George , Clara Soares / Faye Mata, Marie Nonnenmacher / Erin Fitzgerald, Franck Tordjman / Vic Mignogna , Franck Tordjman / Max Mittelman , Gilbert Lévy / Ezra Weisz, Marie Diot / Reba Buhr, Franck Tordjman / Ezra Weisz, Clara Soares / Laura Marano, Jessie Lambotte / Dorothy Fahn, Caroline Combes, Céline Melloul / Haviland Stillwell, Joe Fria, Ezra Weisz, Laura Préjean, André Gordon, Joe Ochman, Kira Buckland, Nathalie Homs / Sabrina Weisz, Antoine Tomé / Keith Silverstein, Emmylou Homs / Cassandra Lee Morris, William Coryn / Cherami Leigh, Martial Le Minoux / Christopher Smith , Martial Le Minoux / Ben Diskin, Alexandre N'guyen / Kyle McCarley, Maxime Baudouin / Andrew J. Russell, Clara Soares / Lisa Kay Jennings, Marie Nonnenmacher / Marive Herington, Matthew Géczy / Lex Lang, Geneviève Doang / Mela Lee, Jessie Lambotte / Reba Buhr, Franck Trodjman / Michael Sinterniklaas Genre:Animation, Family Channel:TF1 Status:Continuing

9.1/10(10 votes)

Miraculous Ladybug season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Chameleon (air date: 2018-12-01)

Lila is back in class and seems to be able to get anything she wants from her classmates, but Marinette thinks she's lying and doesn't trust her, since she has the attention of her beloved Adrien

Episode #2: Weredad (air date: 2018-12-30)

When Chat Noir seems to understand that Marinette is Ladybug, Marinette panics and makes him believe that she is in love with him to divert his attention. But her parents attend her declaration, and Tom, absolutely delighted, decides to invite Chat Noir for lunch at the Dupain-Cheng's. But when the superhero confesses to them that he is not in love with Marinette, Tom is heartbroken and is akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Weredad, a huge monstrous man-guard dog, he locks up Marinette in a jail of brambles to protect her from the outside world and heartbreaks. Separated from Tikki, Marinette can not transform! Will Chat Noir manage to make Weredad listen to reason? And will Marinette find Tikki in time to stop her father?

Link for 720p will be available after you signin or register
Link for 720p will be available after you signin or register
Link for 720p will be available after you signin or register
Episode #3: Chris Master (air date: 2019-02-08)

Nino's little brother gets akumatized into Chris Master. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to not do him any favours if they want to stop him!

Episode #4: Backwarder (air date: 2019-02-12)

Ladybug and Cat Noir confront a friend of Master Fu. Transformed into Backwarder, she wants to catch up on wasted time by stealing others'!

Episode #5: Stormy Weather 2 (air date: 2019-02-14)

Ladybug and Cat Noir once again face Stormy Weather. To stop her, the heroes will need to not get cold feet!

Episode #6: DELETE (air date: 2019-02-19)
Episode #7: DELETE (air date: 2019-02-21)
Coming soon:
Episode #8 2019-02-26 DELETE
Episode #9 2019-02-28 DELETE
Episode #10 DELETE
Episode #11 DELETE
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