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Mom poster
Genre: Comedy, Family
Channel: CBS
Status: Ended
7.7/10(1080 votes)
Anna Faris Anna Faris as Christy
Anna Faris Anna Faris as Christy Plunkett
Sadie Calvano Sadie Calvano as Violet
Allison Janney Allison Janney as Bonnie Plunkett
Allison Janney Allison Janney as Bonnie
Blake Garrett Rosenthal Blake Garrett Rosenthal as Roscoe
Jaime Pressly Jaime Pressly as Jill Kendall
Kevin Pollak Kevin Pollak as Alvin Biletnikoff
Spencer Daniels Spencer Daniels as Luke
Beth Hall Beth Hall as Wendy

Christy is a single mom who, after years of questionable choices, is now sober and trying to get her life on track. She's tested daily by her newly sober mother, Bonnie, who is trying to make up for all the ways she's let Christy down. Christy is further challenged by her relationships with her own kids. Her daughter Violet is engaged to a man twice her age and her ten-year-old son, Roscoe, would rather live with his father Baxter, a former slacker who has only recently gotten himself together. To help her stay sober, Christy relies on her support system from AA, comprised of her sponsor Marjorie, her wealthy sponsee, Jill, and her emotional friend, Wendy. Christy tries to remain positive as she attempts to overcome her past and build a better future, but with her dysfunctional family and life's many setbacks, it's always an uphill battle.

Mom season 1

Mom season 1 poster

Christy is a single mother who decides to quit bad habits and to straighten out her daughter Violet. She wants to establish a life in Napa Valley. Christy for four months successfully works as a waitress. She just wants to do better. But her life is also her mother Bonnie, who is an alcoholic and only adds to the problems.

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Mom season 2

Mom season 2 poster

Season 2 “Mom” finds Bonnie is furious when Christy’s poor financial decisions threaten the family’s living situation. Meanwhile, Christy agrees to help out Jill, a woman who is newly sober. Christy convinces herself that everything is fine even though her family is basically homeless. Surprisingly, Bonnie is the one who tries to bring her back to reality.

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Mom season 3

Mom season 3 poster

The cliffhanger of the second season’s finale of the Mom series is about the astonishing announcement of Roscoe that he is going to live with his father and Christy’s useless attempts to leave the ancestral house. The third season will pick up from those events featuring the great love between a mother and a daughter and their struggle against wear and tear of life. Now they try to change and bend with the wind, but it is difficult and awkward. The fans of the series will possibly see some romantic interest between Violet and her professor, Gregory. There will also appear a great variety of new characters, including Bonnie’s biological mother, Shirley. Her showing up in the 3rd episode of the third season will change the relations between Christy and Bonnie radically. Another Christy’s grandmother is Dottie, who appears to be a nonpareil granny she ever dreamt of. We’ll also meet Fred here, who may have some romance with Christy but the situation changes when she discovers that he is the father of Baxter's girlfriend. Don’t miss multiple plot twists with the Mom series!

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Mom season 4

Mom season 4 poster

The plot of the series Mom continues to focus on the fate of the protagonist named Christie. She chose a difficult path in life which is made in her life suffering from alcohol and drug abuse and early pregnancy. These circumstances forced Christie live in the same house with her mother a rather eccentric personality. The woman lives in the city of Napa which is the center of winemaking in California. So if there are a lot of wine then clearly a lot of temptations. Christie makes herself to give up bad habits but it is given with varying success. The heroine with her mother and her boyfriend to attend meetings of anonymous alcoholics and drug addicts. Christy got a job as a waiter in a local institution. Here she drew attention to her boss. For a while the woman allows herself to flirt with him despite the fact that he is a married man. Will Christy change for the better? Whether there will be a force to part with her poison the life habits and start life anew and perhaps find her woman's happiness? The answers to these exciting questions will be announced in the new fourth season of the series.

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Mom season 5

Mom season 5 poster

TV show Mom season 5 continues to tell about the former alcoholic who experiences not the easiest life period. Christy is still a single mother without a permanent earning. But she is trying hard to correct the mistakes of her past in the new season. Unhappy mom Bonnie helps her in this. Each of the moms tries to build her own life and personal relationships. But Bonnie scares the prospect of a relationship with Adam, and Christy puts at risk an important test. The mishaps continue… We learn that this time desperate moms came up with to fix everything, in the new episodes of season 5 Mom series.

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Mom season 6

Mom season 6 poster

The creators continue with laughter and grace to touch provocative social problems in Mom season 6. Christy finally finished with drugs and alcohol and no longer needs the support of an anonymous club. However, her mom does not agree with her decision. Moreover, Christy thinks about her studies in the law school. And Bonnie continues to take too active part in the life of not only her daughter, but also her grandchildren.

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Mom season 7

Mom season 7 poster

“Mom” is an American drama and comedy television series. The seventh season will be released on September 26, 2019. The upcoming season was ordered by CBS in February 2019. It is already known that Anna Faris and Allison Jenny will lead the casting of the seventh season, will return to their roles of recovering alcoholic mother and daughter Christie and Bonnie Plunkett. Marjorie, Wendy and Jill Kendall are also expected to return. It is expected that this season will also receive guests from Hollywood. The series will again tell us about such problems as lack of housing, abortion and domestic violence. So we wait for the upcoming season.

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Mom season 8

Mom season 8 poster

Christy wants to start a new life and study to be a lawyer. At the very least, having received a bachelor's degree, she finds an internship in a law firm, but continues to make a living as a waitress in a restaurant. The children move out from her, and at the end of the seventh season, Christy is left alone, not knowing what to do next. Season 8 will probably provide answers to the questions: who will help Christy get back to normal life and whether she will finally be able to leave the catering for law.

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