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Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge poster
Genre: Drama
Channel: ITV
Status: Ended
7.7/10(583 votes)
Aisling Loftus Aisling Loftus as Agnes Towler
Amanda Abbington Amanda Abbington as Miss Mardle
Amy Beth Hayes Amy Beth Hayes as Kitty Hawkings
Frances O'Connor Frances O'Connor as Rose Selfridge
Greg Austin Greg Austin as Gordon Selfridge
Grégory Fitoussi Grégory Fitoussi as Henri Leclair
Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge
Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge
Katherine Kelly Katherine Kelly as Lady Mae Loxley
Kika Markham Kika Markham as Lois Selfridge (Harry's mother)

Mr. Selfridge tells the story of 'Mile a Minute Harry', a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex.

The drama is set in London in 1909, at a time when women were revelling in a new sense of freedom and modernity. Harry Gordon Selfridge wanted to indulge, empower and celebrate these women and so opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London’s famous Oxford Street. Through the innovations and spectacular events Harry staged within the store, the stories will shine a light on hidden moments of the history of women, be it fashion, cosmetics, technology or domestic affairs. Harry’s colourful life will play out against the rich tapestry of London at the turn of the century. In his leisure hours he was a gambler, and although happily married, he enjoyed the company of glamorous show girls and film stars. His womanising was legendary and he very much lived life in the fast lane.

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Harry Gordon Selfridge was an interestingly manic sort of man. A natural salesman from the word go, the Chicago native spent time working at Marshall Field’s before heading to London to change the way Britain’s elite did their shopping. But it was no easy road to tow: Selfridge hit many a road bump — exacerbated by his intensity and drive towards a vision of commerce, revolutionized. But with a slew of shading dealings, a little bit of elbow grease, and a gaggle of the town’s best shopgirls, Selfridge’s came to be, and did so quite successfully. It’s truly impressive that the department store stayed open at all, let alone actually follow through on Selfridge’s plan to change the way people shop.

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British tv series “Mr. Selfridge” tells the story of the famous entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge. He was born in America and the first business skills have got in the United States. When Harry was a young boy he bought a small shop and start to sale. Then, in 1906, Mr. Selfridge went on holiday in England. Our hero is caught trading in England in such terrible condition that he immediately wanted to start his own business in London. Harry noticed that the latest business ideas have been very successful in the United States but it still has not implemented in Britain. Mr Selfridge decided to invest 400,000 pounds in the building, which is intended to build a department store. How did you know it was one of the first department store in London, which proudly bears the name of Selfridges.

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The ability of a person to strive to something great always considered a great discovery, which was not confined to the knowledge, skills and abilities, but contributed to their rapid acquisition, consolidation and effective use in practice. Combining these capabilities with wishes in fact has a very high strength and can lead to the expected results. But, again, did not all come to this, because not everyone is able to withstand the load, and those obstacles which may to arise in the implementation those objectives. But of the main character of the series Selfridge, all the same managed to withstand all the losses and bitterness thanks to his tenacity and perseverance. He, with the minimal capabilities managed to turn them into a great achievement. He became the first founder in the region of shopping. Also he managed to open the ways for others wishing to become founders of such transformations, which exist until today. 30 years of his life he devoted to the development of this business. He invested in it all his strength. He managed to survive the fall and disappointment. The test of glory awakened in him new strength to move forward and gave more a sureness. But once came the day when he was swallowed of the great depression, which robbed all, that he had and the last days of life he spent in misery.

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