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Mutant X season 1

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Mutant X season 1 poster
22 episodes (302 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:John Shea, Victoria Pratt, Lauren Lee Smith, Victor Webster, Forbes March, Karen Cliche, Tom McCamus Genre:Science-Fiction Channel:Syndicated Status:Ended

8.3 (8 votes)

Mutant X season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Shock of the New (1) (air date: 2001-10-06)

A mutant empath on the run from mysterious government agents is rescued by a team of fellow ""New Mutants"" - the group known as Mutant X.

Episode #2: I Scream the Body Electric (2) (air date: 2001-10-13)

Brennan is captured and falls under Eckhart's control, and forced to work against the New Mutants.

Episode #3: Russian Roulette (air date: 2001-10-20)

Mutant X comes to the aid of a teenager New Mutant pursued by Russians - she holds the secret to a new weapon that targets mutants.

Episode #4: Fool for Love (air date: 2001-10-27)

Shalimar becomes close to another feral when it's ""lust at first sight,"" but matters become complicated when her new boyfriend tries to find a cure for his condition.

Episode #5: Kilohertz (air date: 2001-11-03)

A mutant terrorist, Kilohertz, threatens to throw the world into chaos.

Episode #6: The Meaning of Death (air date: 2001-11-10)

A mysterious plague targeting New Mutants only threatens to wipe out the underground community, and Mutant X and the GSA must join forces to eliminate it before it's too late.

Episode #7: Lit Fuse (air date: 2001-11-17)

Eckhart seeks a mutant who can absorb energy, one who Brennan becomes romantically involved with.

Episode #8: In the Presence of Mine Enemies (air date: 2001-11-24)

Jesse falls in love with a computer hacker, who Eckhart wants to ""procure"" to use to corrupt the public computer news channels against New Mutants and to the GSA's benefit.

Episode #9: Crime of the New Century (air date: 2001-12-01)

A New Mutant is kidnapped from his family and Mutant X set out to recover him and find out what Eckhart's interest in him is.

Episode #10: Dark Star Rising (air date: 2002-01-19)

Members of an international anti-terrorist unit, Dark Star, are striking against the GSA and Mutant X discovers that they are previouisly undiscovered New Mutants.

Episode #11: Whiter Shade of Pale (air date: 2002-01-26)

A New Mutant with the power of invisibility is working against both Eckhart and Adam, despite the fact she was involved with Adam in the past.

Episode #12: Double Vision (air date: 2002-02-02)

An old friend of Brennan's lures him and Emma into a trap - Emma ends up split into two separate entities, one good and one evil.

Episode #13: Blood Ties (air date: 2002-02-09)

Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission by his estranged father, who is working against Eckhart.

Episode #14: Altered Ego (air date: 2002-02-16)

A young New Mutant from Adams' past shows up, seeking revenge for her father's death.

Episode #15: Lazarus Syndrome (air date: 2002-02-23)

Emma falls prey to a modern-day vampire who must feed on the life force of New Mutants in order to survive.

Episode #16: Interface (air date: 2002-03-02)

Emma reunites with an old friend who possesses telecyber powers. The reunion turns dangerous, however, when Michelle tries to turn Emma over to the GSA.

Episode #17: Presumed Guilty (air date: 2002-04-20)

Adam is framed for murder by a New Mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.

Episode #18: Ex Marks the Spot (air date: 2002-04-27)

Shalimar's former boyfriend shows up and is trying to recover a Fabrege Egg that holds a microchip of extraordinary power.

Episode #19: Nothing to Fear (air date: 2002-05-04)

Eckhart employs the services of a New Mutant mercenary with the power to control dreams, and sends him against Mutant X.

Episode #20: Deadly Desire (air date: 2002-05-11)

Brennan falls under the sway of a New Mutant who can emit seductive pheromones while attempting to recover a computer virus.

Episode #21: A Breed Apart (air date: 2002-05-18)

Mutant X encounters a new faction of New Mutants - the Strand, led by the powerful first mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke.

Episode #22: Dancing on the Razor (air date: 2002-07-06)

Mutant X and Genomex are both captured on film using their powers, and they both have to deal with the reporter who plans to go public with the information.

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