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My Little Pony season 2

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26 episodes (1636 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Peter New, Lee Tockar, Maryke Hendrikse, Kathleen Barr, Kazumi Evans, Rebecca Shoichet, Shannon Chan-Kent, Claire Corlett, Michelle Creber, Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, Andrea Libman, Madeleine Peters Genre:Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Fantasy Channel:Discovery Family Status:Continuing

8.9 (64 votes)

My Little Pony season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Return of Harmony (1) (air date: 2011-09-17)

A chaos-causing creature named Discord escapes from his stone prison. Twilight and her friends must stop him by using Elements of Harmony... if they can find where Discord has hidden them.

Episode #2: The Return of Harmony (2) (air date: 2011-09-24)

Twilight's friends have been corrupted by Discord, and all of Equestria is about to fall into total chaos. Twilight remembers about the riddle of finding the stolen Elements of Harmony. However, even after obtaining them, can she and her friends defeat their most powerful foe yet with almost all hope lost?

Episode #3: Lesson Zero (air date: 2011-10-15)

Hyper-organized Twilight panics when she can’t find a lesson about friendship for her weekly letter to Princess Celestia.

Episode #4: Luna Eclipsed (air date: 2011-10-22)

It's Nightmare Night and the macabre celebrations are in full swing when Luna herself shows up in Ponyville, determined to change her frightening public image.

Episode #5: Sisterhooves Social (air date: 2011-11-05)

After fighting about what it means to be a sister, Sweetie Belle disowns Rarity and tries to join Applejack's family. Rarity might be able to win her back at the Sisterhooves Social, but only if she learns something about being a sister first.

Episode #6: The Cutie Pox (air date: 2011-11-12)

Applebloom finally gets her Cutie Mark! But joy turns to panic as she gets a second, then a third, then a dozen cutie marks.

Episode #7: May the Best Pet Win! (air date: 2011-11-19)

Rainbow Dash hosts a flying race to see who will be her pet.

Episode #8: The Mysterious Mare Do Well (air date: 2011-11-26)

There is a new hero in Ponyville who is masked and stealing Rainbow Dash's thunder.

Episode #9: Sweet and Elite (air date: 2011-12-03)

Twilight arranges for Rarity to stay with the princess during a visit to Canterlot, but after Rarity gets to hobnob with Canterlot's social elite, she must choose between important social connections and spending time with her friends.

Episode #10: Secret of My Excess (air date: 2011-12-10)

After Spike's birthday gifts activate his greedy dragon instincts, he undergoes an outrageous growth spirt that threatens to destroy all of Ponyville, so he must find a way to stop growing and save the inhabitants of the city.

Episode #11: Hearth's Warming Eve (air date: 2011-12-17)

The six friends are in a play about the founding of Equestria for the Hearth's Warming Eve's holiday pageant.

Episode #12: Family Appreciation Day (air date: 2012-01-07)

Apple Bloom doesn't want Granny Smith to embarrass her by speaking in her class.

Episode #13: Baby Cakes (air date: 2012-01-14)

Pinkie Pie tries babysitting Cake's twin toddlers but finds it harder than she thought.

Episode #14: The Last Roundup (air date: 2012-01-21)

After reading a note from Applejack stating that she will not return to Ponyville after competing in the Equestria Rodeo, the friends go on a journey to find her.

Episode #15: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (air date: 2012-01-28)

The Flim Flam brothers challenge the Apples to a Cider Making Contest and the winner of the showdown gets to take Sweet Apple Acres, so with the farm in peril, the Apple ponies must come together and muster all their cider making skills.

Episode #16: Read It and Weep (air date: 2012-02-04)

After mocking it as an 'egghead' pursuit, Rainbow Dash discovers the joys of reading while laid up in Ponyville Hospital. Can she finish her book before her friends discover her secret?

Episode #17: Hearts and Hooves Day (air date: 2012-02-11)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders create a strong love potion in the hopes of making Miss Cheerilee and Big Macintosh fall in love, but when they discover the serious side effects of their concoction, they quickly regret their actions.

Episode #18: A Friend in Deed (air date: 2012-02-18)

When Pinkie Pie meets Cranky Doodle Donkey, she becomes flummoxed about what to do when the donkey refuses her usual offer of lifelong friendship, so she must decide what to do next about the first creature ever to do such a thing.

Episode #19: Putting Your Hoof Down (air date: 2012-03-03)

When Fluttershy becomes tired of being pushed around for too long, she decides to seek some assertiveness training from self-help guru Iron Will. With the help of her new teacher, she quickly transforms her unsure ways.

Episode #20: It's About Time (air date: 2012-03-10)

When Twilight Sparkle receives a strange and vague warning about impending doom and disaster from her future self, she drives herself nearly mad in an attempt to stall a cataclysmic event, but her uncertainty makes finding answers difficult.

Episode #21: Dragon Quest (air date: 2012-03-17)

Spike joins the Great Dragon Migration to discover his true identity, but it might not be what he really needs.

Episode #22: Hurricane Fluttershy (air date: 2012-03-24)

Fluttershy struggles to overcome her fear of public humiliation so she can help Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi create a tornado powerful enough to lift the water required for rainy season in the cloud-producing city of Cloudsdale.

Episode #23: Ponyville Confidential (air date: 2012-03-31)

In order to become the gossip columnist for their school paper, the Cutie Mark Crusaders adopt the name ‘Gabby Gums,’ but when they land the job, their happiness is cut short by the pain they cause to other ponies with their hurtful stories.

Episode #24: MMMystery on the Friendship Express (air date: 2012-04-07)

A cake Pinkie Pie is guarding for a contest is ruined on the way to Canterlot and an investigation begins.

Episode #25: A Canterlot Wedding (1) (air date: 2012-04-21)

Twilight Sparkle is upset that her older brother, Shining Armor, didn't tell her that he's getting married. Twilight is relieved to learn that he is marrying Princess Cadance, but becomes suspicious when Cadance doesn't remember her.

Episode #26: A Canterlot Wedding (2) (air date: 2012-04-21)

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are set to be married, but Twilight Sparkle has just discovered a dark secret about the bride-to-be.

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