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NASA's Unexplained Files season 2

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NASA's Unexplained Files season 2 poster
16 episodes (608 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary, Special Interest Channel:Science Channel Status:Continuing

8 (3 votes)

NASA's Unexplained Files season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Life in Hell (air date: 2015-03-02)

Moon Boom: November 20, 1969 - Apollo 12 deliberately crashes part of lunar module to study the make-up on the lunar crush and are surprised when the Moon ring like a bell.

360p (mp4 295.6 MB)
Episode #2: Top Secret Terror (air date: 2015-03-04)

Houston's Problem: December 29, 1980 - NASA engineer John Schuessler investigates an incident outside Dallas, Texas where two women and a young boy experience radiation poisoning like symptoms after an encounter with strange lights. Shadow Conspiracy: December 12, 1972 - Apollo 17 photographs fuel conspiracy theories about moon landing fakery. Alien Skin: Utah's Canyon Land National Park has a layer of 'desert varnish' on rocks that is of unknown origin and may indicate a new form of life. Desert varnish appears to also exist on rocks on Mars. Top Secret Terror: December 2, 1988 - A top secret mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis is put in danger by damaged heat shielding tiles. Did the crew perform an unauthorized space walk to make repairs and save their lives? Doom Balls: In the Yukon Territory of Canada in 1973 a witness sees glowing orbs that appear to have a historical connection to tectonic activity. Mercury's Spider: January 14, 2008 - NASA's space probe sends back images of Mercury that show a 25 mile wide dome surrounded in a spoke-like pattern and is seen nowhere else on the planet. Bad Moon Rising: August 25, 1989 - NASA's Voyager 2 reaches Neptune and sends back images of the moon Triton. These images show that Triton is no ordinary moon.

360p (mp4 333.1 MB)
Episode #3: Hammer of Thor (air date: 2014-04-22)

An investigation into why rocks upwards of 700 pounds are moving across Death Valley without human intervention. Also: a possible space-weapon test by the Department of Defense; a mysterious planet that is 17 times the mass of Earth; strange markings on the lunar surface that look like footprints; a strange shape in Earth's orbit; and space slime.

360p (mp4 279.8 MB)
Episode #4: Spacewalk of Doom (air date: 2015-04-29)

A six-hour spacewalk goes wrong for astronaut Luca Parmitano when water leaks into his helmet; and an amateur astronomer photographs a massive fireball rising from the moon. Also: two planets seemingly defy the laws of physics; a mid-air kidnapping in Melbourne; the canals of Mars; an alien exodus; and the hijacking of an asteroid.

360p (mp4 249.5 MB)
Episode #5: Did We Nuke Jupiter? (air date: 2015-05-06)

Whether NASA was responsible for a nuclear explosion on Jupiter; a possible revelation about iconic face on Mars; and an unknown force that may have resulted in the crash of an Apollo spacecraft on the lunar surface.

360p (mp4 277.4 MB)
Episode #6: Nazis on the Moon (air date: 2015-05-13)

A Russian probe uncovers something has disturbed the lunar soil before the US or the USSR got there; scientists may have detected a laser signal from a planet capable of supporting life; and if space has its own Bermuda Triangle.

360p (mp4 277.1 MB)
Episode #7: Lethal Weapons (air date: 2015-05-20)

A comet that the Hubble Space Telescope made to look like an alien spacecraft; whether Earth has been invaded by alien organisms; and a mysterious force that is destroying a near-Earth asteroid.

360p (mp4 309.5 MB)
Episode #8: Revenge of the Fireflies (air date: 2015-05-27)

Possible damage done to the brains of astronauts; so-called space fireflies; and a bizarre glowing spiral in the skies over Norway.

360p (mp4 289.5 MB)
Episode #9: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 213.9 MB)
Episode #10: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 270.3 MB)
Episode #11: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 250.7 MB)
Episode #12: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 298.7 MB)
Episode #13: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 260.4 MB)
Episode #14: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 244.6 MB)
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Episode #15: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 246.5 MB)
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Episode #16: (air date: 2016-09-29)
360p (mp4 228.9 MB)
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