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NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Channel: CBS
Status: Ended
8.0/10(1124 votes)
CCH Pounder CCH Pounder as Loretta Wade
Daryl Mitchell Daryl Mitchell as Patton
Lucas Black Lucas Black as Christopher Lasalle
Necar Zadegan Necar Zadegan as Hannah Khoury
Rob Kerkovich Rob Kerkovich as Sebastian Lund
Scott Bakula Scott Bakula as Dwayne Cassius Pride
Scott Bakula Scott Bakula as Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride
Shalita Grant Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy
Vanessa Ferlito Vanessa Ferlito as Tammy Gregorio
Zoe McLellan Zoe McLellan as Meredith Brody

NCIS: New Orleans is a drama about the local field office that investigates criminal cases involving military personnel in The Big Easy, a city known for its music, entertainment and decadence. Leading the team is Special Agent Dwayne Pride, a.k.a. "King," a native of New Orleans who is driven by his need to do what is right. Working with Pride is Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, who plays hard but works harder and former ATF agent Sonja Percy, who is still adjusting to the team after years of solo undercover assignments. Supporting them is coroner Dr. Loretta Wade, who is as eccentric as she is smart; her brilliant, quirky Forensic Scientist, Sebastian Lund; and Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plame, an animated and talented hacker. New to the team is Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, a tough, acerbic FBI agent with a mysterious past in New Orleans, who is sent from D.C. to investigate the NCIS team, but also work with Pride when high-risk cases threaten the city. This colorful city that harbors a dark side is a magnet for service personnel on leave, and when overindulgence is followed by trouble, Pride's team is at its best

We encourage you, dear readers, to see a new series called NCIS: New Orleans in the crime genre, based on the motif of the spin-off NCIS. Hero stories Merry Brody, changes location and service, to become one of those who reveals the most sensational crimes and confusing city. We can say that the main character was lucky with the Chief Duane Pride, which has the authority not only among ordinary people in the county but also in high-ranking officials. Forge a reputation over the years, now it allows to reap the benefits of decent behavior and help the needy. The first investigation for Merry becomes incident associated with the murder of a young sailor, who once saved himself from the bad influence of street gangs. In this situation, drawn, many of the ideas and guesses, but detectives understand that this ugly truth, distorts the true reality. The worst is that the detectives can not find the necessary evidence that would confirm the involvement of the suspects in this crime. But Pride, sees in this an additional motivation for more success.

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The sophomore season of NCIS: New Orleans repeats the style of its predecessor. It is still full of crime and violence on the streets of New Orleans. The story picks up where it ended, with Special Agent Dwayne Pride getting information about the ports being breached… The second season will feature the Broussard Crime Family again causing problems in the Crescent City. In the first episode a military convoy is attacked with the aim of stealing a missile. The team members will protect the city and go undercover. Patton Plame, a computer specialist and Sonja Percy, the former ATF Agent, who prefers to work alone, will become regular characters in the second season. She will have to overcome herself being the part of a big and friendly team. Patton and Sonja will cooperate with Pride, Brody and LaSalle to destroy the military enemies. The team always gets assistance from Sebastian Lund and Doctor Loretta Wade in the laboratory, who are the only ones capable to solve the tasks and unravel mysteries to guard New Orleans and its inhabitants!

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Track series of NCIS long ago gained popularity has found its loyal fans and created several spin-offs to the original stories in recent years. At the center of this branch of events imposed separation of the Marine Police to perform their duties in the territory of New Orleans. The viewer plunge into their daily lives which often presents a variety of challenges and the causes faced with the most dangerous criminals. Marine Police team composed of five characters each of which has his own specialization needed in the work of this department. One criminologist, engineering master well versed in the intricacies of computer technology. Three of them are mainly involved in the field work and medical expert finds out the cause of death and help find clues to the victim's body and many other things necessary for the investigation. If you look closely it becomes clear that New Orlean is not so sunny and colorful city. In this area the most powerful criminal organizations have oriented in order to conduct their shady dealings. It maritime police of New Orlean has the most good for the capture and punishment of such criminals. Over the years the service the Marine Police team has learned to track down the perpetrators even in the diverse crowd. The new season will give you a new research and unexpected plot twists.

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TV show NCIS: New Orleans season 4 continues to follow up police officers from Naval Criminal Investigative Service which is still territorially located in New Orleans. The staff of this Service investigate crimes not only in New Orleans. The long arms of the New Orleans naval police will reach even to Texas. New Orleans is rich in binge, fun and debauch. So this city is very popular among military personnel, especially those who are on vacation here. Well, there are many problems where there is a holiday and fun. A new investigation with gunfights, fights and chases begins in every new episode of season 4 NCIS: New Orleans. Moreover, the law will always triumph in the end of every episode.

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NCIS: New Orleans season 5 is a continuation of the story about the activities of Naval Criminal Investigative Service conducting investigations from Mississippi to Texas. Pride is restored in the ICU after an attempted murder. At this time, his team is busy searching for the culprit in this crime. However, except this, they are waiting for loud and very scandalous deeds, intrigues, confrontation with local mafia groups, crimes and chases. Moreover, they are given a new chief special agent Hannah Khoury for the time of Dwayne Pride absence. The season 5 of NCIS: New Orleans will be such intense as the previous ones, because new tasks have been set for the officers of Naval Criminal Investigative Service. And as always, each episode will be dedicated to a new investigation.

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NCIS: NEW ORLEANS” is an American drama and criminal serial by TV channel CBS and the premiere of new season will be very soon. The sixth season will be on September 25, 2019. The continuation will be about the employees of the Orleans Department who conduct complex criminal investigations to solve crimes. Very soon lots of hard cases will wait them and under the control of special agent Dwayne Pride they will need to find causers. As in the previous seasons they will risk themselves, take part in chases and use all their talents to defeat crime. So we will observe their adventures this autumn.

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The team continues to work under the leadership of Mr. Pride, who takes care of every employee. Moreover, it looks like Rita Devereaux will spend more time with Pride and the team. Chelsea Field will be a regular in Season 7. Pride believes that cops shouldn't risk themselves just like that. And so he carefully plans how the next operation to arrest the criminal will go. The guys are grateful to him for this, but they believe that the time has come for an unreasonable risk. After all, their opponent this time is not an ordinary criminal.

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