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NTSF:SD:SUV season 3

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12 episodes (454 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Paul Scheer, Martin Starr, Rebecca Romijn, June Diane Raphael, Kate Mulgrew, Brandon Johnson, Alex Russell, Curtis Gwinn, Elizabeth Ann Koshak, Jerry O'Connell, Karen Gillan, Rob Riggle Genre:Action, Comedy Channel:Adult Swim Status:Ended

7.7 (13 votes)

Continuation of the story about the strike force to combat terrorism in San Diego. Terror never sleeps. Unless you put it to bed with a gun.

NTSF:SD:SUV season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Comic Con-Air (air date: 2013-07-26)

Comic-Con's worst villains get loose on a plane.

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Episode #2: Hawaii Die-0 (air date: 2013-08-02)

A commencement address poses a great danger to the President of the Navy.

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Episode #3: Extra Terrorist-rial (air date: 2013-08-09)

Trent's nephew befriends a seemingly benign alien, but the NTSF team think it's dangerous.

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Episode #4: Burn After Killing (air date: 2013-08-16)

Commander Kove's little black book is stolen.

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Episode #5: TGI Murder (air date: 2013-08-23)

The team try to save a restaurant owned by the President of the Navy.

Episode #6: The Great Train Stoppery (air date: 2013-08-30)

The Time Angels return for a mission in the Wild West.

360p (mp4 112.6 MB)
Episode #7: A Hard Drive to Swallow (air date: 2013-09-06)

S.A.M. is taken prisoner by an anti-robot group and NTSF must find a way to rescue him.

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Episode #8: Unfrozen Agent Man (air date: 2013-09-13)

An NTSF agent from the past is called upon to capture an escaped criminal.

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Episode #9: Trading Faces (air date: 2013-09-20)

Sam and Trent exchange faces to thwart a terrorist organization.

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Episode #10: U-KO'ed (air date: 2013-09-27)

When Alphonse is captured in an assassination plot, the team joins forces with their British counterparts in a special double-episode movie event. Shot on-location in London.

360p (mp4 118.0 MB)
Episode #11: How Piper Got Her Groove Initially (air date: 2013-10-04)

The story of how Piper became an NTSF:SD:SUV agent.

360p (mp4 250.3 MB)
Episode #12: Wreck the Malls (air date: 2013-12-20)

The mall is taken over by a terrorist Mall Santa, trapping Trent's children inside, and locking the rest of the team out of doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

360p (mp4 114.4 MB)

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