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Nowhere Boys

Nowhere Boys poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Channel: ABC ME
Status: Ended
2.0/10(26 votes)
Ben Anderson Ben Anderson as Ken
Cecilia Tan Cecilia Tan as Lily
Damien Richardson Damien Richardson as Gary
Daniel Di Giovanni Daniel Di Giovanni as Vince
Darci McDonald Darci McDonald as Ellen
Dougie Baldwin Dougie Baldwin as Felix Ferne
Dougie Baldwin Dougie Baldwin as Felix Ferne
Heidi Arena Heidi Arena as Kathy
Jesse Williams Jesse Williams as Sammy
Joe Klocek Joe Klocek as Heath Buckland

Follow the action-packed adventure of four teenage boys who return from a school excursion to discover they're stuck in a parallel world into which they were never born.

Australian series Nowhere Boys season 3 continues to focus on the four main characters which went into the woods on a tour and suddenly came under mysterious hurricane. The guys were in a difficult situation. They could not get out from the woods, so having no chances of salvation, they spent the night in the forest. In the morning a fresh mind guys were able to find a way out from the forest to their city, as they thought. Upon arrival to the city, they began to notice around quite weird and inexplicable things. Parents and friends could not recognize them. The guys are starting to realize that they probably got in a parallel reality where they do not exist. Teens have decided to go home. The main task for them was to find the portal and understand the principle of its operation. They were able to reconstruct the sequence of events that occurred in the forest and carried them to a parallel world and come back home. After the teens have found that they can affect to the elements and learned that they were not the only ones who turned out in such situation. The guys are attempting to arrange their lives with the help of new natural features. One of the guys tried to attract attention of a girl, but suddenly emerged vortex pulls him into the sky. Friends are trying to find an explanation. They soon realize that they are dealing with the other enemy who has penetrated into their reality. Now the guys have to find out who it is and for what purpose here, adhering the power over the elements.

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The final season was called Battle For Negative Space. Children come back from summer vacation, but they didn’t have a rest, but trained to develop and control their supernatural forces. Now they have become much stronger. However, a new threat looms over the city. And their abilities may be the reason. A team of teenagers must find a balance between ordinary human life and their magical essence, because the existence of the entire multiverse depends on it.

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