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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.6/10(25 votes)
Sophie Lowe Sophie Lowe as Alice
Peter Gadiot Peter Gadiot as Cyrus
Emma Rigby Emma Rigby as The Red Queen
John Lithgow John Lithgow as The White Rabbit
Michael Socha Michael Socha as The Knave of Hearts
Millie Brown Millie Brown as
Naveen Andrews Naveen Andrews as Jafar
Sean Maguire Sean Maguire as Robin Hood

In Victorian England, the young and beautiful Alice tells a tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole. An invisible cat, a hookah smoking caterpillar and playing-cards that talk are just some of the fantastic things she's seen during this impossible adventure. Surely this troubled girl must be insane, and her doctors aim to cure her with a treatment that will make her forget everything. Alice seems ready to put it all behind her, especially the painful memory of the genie she fell in love with and lost forever -- the handsome and mysterious Cyrus . But deep down Alice knows this world is real, and just in the nick of time the sardonic Knave of Hearts and the irrepressible White Rabbit arrive to save her from a doomed fate. Together the trio will take a tumble down the rabbit hole to this Wonderland where nothing is impossible.

A young and smart girl Alice delighted of the fact that she saw. She argues that exist very unusual and mysterious world on the other side of the rabbit hole. Alice saw a large cat who addressed to her very politely. Also, her just impressed of his ability to disappear. Besides, a girl saw an amazing caterpillar, which somehow smoked a hookah. She never and nowhere such did not see. Her seemed that go out of this fantastic world is simply unrealistic. All the characters, with which Alice met, gave her a unforgettable feelings. But when the doctors heard a such very strange story they decided that in a girl is not all okay with the psyche. And they recommend that she go to the hospital and get treatment that forever will rid her from all those memories. Alice does not resist. She wants to forget all, that connected with it, but at heart she all the same believes that this world certainly there.

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