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Paranormal Witness season 3

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20 episodes (81 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Syfy Status:Continuing

7.2 (9 votes)

Paranormal Witness season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Long Island Terror (air date: 2013-06-05)

Season 3 begins with the story of a firefighter's widow who feared for the safety of her daughters after unknowingly purchasing a home that once belonged to devil worshipers.

Episode #2: The Lost Boy (air date: 2013-06-12)

A couple with no children feel like they are being haunted by the son they never had.

Episode #3: The Curse of Lonergan Farm (air date: 2013-06-19)

Three brothers share their experience of reuniting on a family farm and the disturbing memories they each encountered from their childhood.

Episode #4: Dining With the Dead (air date: 2013-06-26)

The owners of a restaurant in El Paso are convinced that during renovations to the place they inadvertently opened a portal to the spirit world

Episode #5: Deliver Us From Evil (air date: 2013-07-10)

A devout Baptist family from Indiana's alleged battle with demonic forces is recalled.

Episode #6: The Hospital Hauntings (air date: 2013-07-17)

Medical professionals from different hospitals in the U.S. reveal their alleged encounters with ghosts.

Episode #7: The Manson Curse (air date: 2013-07-24)

A newly built home in California becomes a hotbed of paranormal activity, the spirits in question turn out to be the victims of Charles Manson and his cult.

Episode #8: The Bad Man (air date: 2013-07-31)

A family who moves into a home in a small southern town experience activity caused by a malevolent entity named "The Bad Man" who in life was a child molester.

Episode #9: The Wolf Pack (air date: 2013-08-07)

Five werewolves hold a family hostage in their own home.

Episode #10: The Saint of Death (air date: 2013-08-14)

An innocent man is haunted by the face of the saint of the criminal underworld.

Episode #11: The Lynchville Secret (air date: 2013-08-21)

A ghostly mayor from the Wild West battles a mother and her daughters.

Episode #12: The House on the Lake (air date: 2013-08-28)

The story of a property developer who turned an old lakeside mansion into apartments unaware that the home was once used as a refuge for tuberculosis sufferers in the 1920s.

Episode #13: A Ghostly Affair (air date: 2013-09-11)

An academic and his wife buy a Southern home only to learn that a jilted socialite committed suicide there and is now believed to haunt the house.

Episode #14: Through the Eyes of a Killer (air date: 2013-09-18)

The story of a psychic detective who helped track down a serial killer in New Jersey.

Episode #15: The Innocent (air date: 2013-09-25)

A family believe they are being haunted by a homicidal foster father and a sister trying to prove she's innocent of murdering her brother.

Episode #16: The Coven (air date: 2013-10-02)

The story of a coven of witches who supposedly trapped people in a Southern plantation house that's now allegedly haunted.

Episode #17: The Visitors (air date: 2013-11-06)

Bill Vaile, a former NASA engineer comes face to face with the paranormal.

Episode #18: The Harpy (air date: 2013-11-13)

A young family claim that they were terrorized by a malevolent spirit masquerading as a child.

Episode #19: The Exorcist (air date: 2013-11-20)

The story of a senior exorcist who was trained at the Vatican in Rome.

Episode #20: The Rendelsham Files (air date: 2013-11-27)

Several senior American airmen, including a lieutenant colonel, describe seeing what they believe were UFOs near a nuclear weapons base in Suffolk, England, in the third-season finale.

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