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Paranormal Witness season 4

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13 episodes (471 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Syfy Status:Ended

7.2 (9 votes)

Paranormal Witness season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Motel (air date: 2015-08-26)

In the Season 4 premiere, the owners of an abandoned motel are pushed to the brink of evil.

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Episode #2: Nightmare on Chestnut Street (air date: 2015-09-02)

Three female college students claim that they are being terrorized by a demon woman hell-bent on tearing their lives apart.

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Episode #3: The Molech (air date: 2015-09-09)

A Pennsylvania politician finds himself doing battle with the ghost of a murderous doctor that haunts his home, and also an ancient pagan god that the doctor once worshipped.

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Episode #4: Suzy Doll (air date: 2015-09-16)

A family claim they are being torn apart by a life-size doll, which they fear is possessed and after their 6-year-old daughter's soul.

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Episode #5: Poppy's Revenge (air date: 2015-09-23)

A woman who is consumed by guilt over her grandfather's death believes he is haunting her and her family.

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Episode #6: The Dark Pond (air date: 2015-09-30)

A family are fearful of what they describe as a darkness that lurks beneath the inky water of a pond at the back of their property.

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Episode #7: Demon House (air date: 2015-10-07)

A family's dream "forever" home turns into a nightmare when they discover satanic symbols carved into the floorboards and start to believe that a dark, terrifying demon is after one of their souls.

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Episode #8: Sacred Ground (air date: 2015-10-14)

A stroke victim and her family seek a fresh start in a new country home, but instead end up fighting for their lives and sanity when they encounter what they believe to be a band of terrifying Native American spirits.

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Episode #9: The Fireplace (air date: 2015-10-21)

A woman suspects that something evil is hiding behind a boarded-up fireplace in her apartment in Washington, Mo., which she once thought of as a sanctuary, but now fears is haunted by a witch.

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Episode #10: The Real Conjuring (air date: 2015-10-28)

The parents of five girls claim that malevolent forces terrorized them physically and even put a life-threatening curse on the family, which resulted in a near-fatal incident.

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Episode #11: When Hell Freezes Over (air date: 2015-11-04)

Three brokenhearted women renting an old house together seek a fresh start, but instead get what they believe is a supernatural tormentor who is preaching about hell and brimstone.

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Episode #12: Beneath the Rock (air date: 2015-11-11)

The story of eight Marines who were sent to guard an ancient and much fought-over outpost in Afghanistan, where they claim they faced a ghostly enemy.

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Episode #13: Ashes to Ashes (air date: 2015-11-18)

In the Season 4 finale, a couple feel blessed to move into a home that once belonged to their daughter's great-grandmother. That is, until they come to fear that another deceased relative wants them gone.

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