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People of Earth

People of Earth poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Comedy, Science-Fiction
Channel: TBS
Status: Continuing
6.8 (6 votes)
Wyatt Cenac Wyatt Cenac as Wyatt Cenac
Alice Wetterlund Alice Wetterlund as Kelly Grady
Ana Gasteyer Ana Gasteyer as Ana Gasteyer
Björn Gustafsson Björn Gustafsson as Don the White
Brian Husky Brian Husky as Richard Shenk
Daniel Sherman Daniel Sherman as Ennis
Da'Vine Joy Randolph Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Yvonne Watson
Debra McCabe Debra McCabe as Nancy
Drew Nelson Drew Nelson as Kurt the Reptilian
H. Jon Benjamin H. Jon Benjamin as Officer Glimmer

Journalist Ozzie Graham is skeptical when he investigates a support group for oddballs who think they have been abducted by aliens -- yet the more he learns, the more confused, intrigued, and seduced he becomes.

The truth is out there – and it’s being washed down with stale coffee and doughnuts. TV show “People of Earth” focuses on an unbeliever reporter Ozzie Graham, who infiltrates a support group led by Ana Gasteyer for folks who believe they’ve had alien encounters. Graham never believed that aliens exist, considering it complete nonsense. The more Ozzie talks to members of the strange group, the more he sees the truth in their words. After some time, he begins to suspect that he was once abducted by aliens.

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People of Earth season 2 on TBS channel continues to follow the life of a progressive melancholic named Ozzie Graham. This man is indecisive and does not know how to make decisions. But on the other hand Ozzie acts quickly in all crisis situations. The main character of the TV show People of Earth, being a journalist, always considered that stories about alien kidnappings of people are just fairy tales. He considered, that all these stories are ridiculous and his attitude towards them was always very skeptical. However, once he goes during a journalistic investigation to communicate with people who were allegedly abducted by aliens. Initially, the main character perceived these stories, like all the previous ones, with laughter. But the more he listened to these people, the more empathy appeared inside him. In the end, he himself began to think about whether the aliens had kidnapped him many years ago? Ozzie has to learn the truth and make a fateful decision in his life in season 2 of the sci-fi TV series People of Earth.

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