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Please Like Me season 1

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Please Like Me season 1 poster
6 episodes (1078 views)
Air weekdate:Thursday
Cast:Josh Thomas, Caitlin Stasey, Thomas Ward, Emily Barclay, Keegan Joyce, Hannah Gadsby, Debra Lawrance, John, Renee Lim, David Roberts, David Quirk, Charlotte Nicdao, Denise Drysdale, Charles Cottier, Judi Farr, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard, David Quirk, Wade Briggs
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Channel:ABC Comedy
9.1/10(13 votes)

This is a wonderfully awkward and honest comedy drama that draws on Josh’s stand up and life. It sheds light on a variety of relevant issues that impact the Millennial audience and deal with topics including family relationships, sexuality and mental health.

Please Like Me season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Rhubarb and Custard (air date: 2013-02-28)

When Josh's girlfriend, Claire, dumps him and tells him she's pretty sure he's gay, he's mostly worried that the sundae for two that's just arrived at their table is suddenly pretty humiliating. Josh seeks out his best mate Tom who is planning to dump his own overbearing girlfriend, Niamh. They're interrupted when Tom's good looking colleague Geoffrey arrives. Geoffrey is upset and in need of someone to talk to. Josh has no idea how to deal with emotions, but he does know where the pop rocks are kept, so he and Geoffrey hit it off immediately. When Geoffrey not only invites himself to dinner, but also invites himself to stay for the night, Josh is terrified.

Episode #2: French Toast (air date: 2013-02-28)

As Josh tries to process a BIG night in his adult life, he discovers his mother Rose has overdosed on painkillers and is in hospital. With his mum in a fragile state, it looks like Josh might have to move back in to the family home to keep an eye on her. Josh's dad Alan is so convinced he's responsible for his ex-wife's predicament he insists on dropping his younger girlfriend Mae at the corner store before visiting Josh at the family home, in case he upsets Rose. Josh seems to be taking a different approach to his mum's recovery, and after throwing things at her to get her out of bed, he leaves her at her psychiatrist's appointment and heads off to visit Tom at his office. He runs into Geoffrey, who is keen to pick up where they left off before and invites Josh out on a date.

Episode #3: Portuguese Custard Tarts (air date: 2013-03-07)

When the God-fearing Aunty Peg catches Josh and Geoffrey making out, she wastes no time blackmailing Josh into going to church with her. Tom and his overbearing girlfriend, Niamh, get into a huge fight and Tom finally admits he's had enough. Josh receives a drunken phone call from his dad, desperate for Josh to rescue him and his new sports car. Alan gets to meet Geoffrey, who has no qualms telling Alan the truth about his relationship with Josh. Back at Tom's house, things are getting steamy between Tom and Josh's ex-girlfriend, Claire, but their night of passion is interrupted when Josh and Geoffrey arrive with a drunken father in tow. The next morning, somehow everyone agrees to go to church, where they find themselves listening to a priest delivering a fire and brimstone anti-gay sermon. Suddenly outraged, the usually pious and often prickly Aunty Peg rises to her feet to defend Josh and unwittingly outs him to his mum in the process. Afterwards, Josh is desperate for the focus to be taken off him, and right on cue, Tom arrives with some big news.

Episode #4: All You Can Eat (air date: 2013-03-14)

Josh has decided that Geoffrey is just too intense and has broken up with him. Meanwhile, Rose has decided she wants to try online dating. With some tips from Josh, it doesn't take her long to land a date. She meets Rod, an affable but not-very-interesting Rotarian with very few redeeming features, who takes her to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant for their first date. With his mum out on a date, Josh and Tom hijack Claire from a costume party and decide to head out for the sort of fun night they used to have before partners got in the way. But Josh hadn't counted on the budding romance between his only two friends. Josh does his best to make himself scarce by chatting to a nice guy at the bar. Everything looks to be going his way, until the bar guy's friends, who clearly don't approve of Josh, step in. A crestfallen Josh returns home alone, but his night may not be over.

Episode #5: Spanish Eggs (air date: 2013-03-21)

Rose confronts Alan about his younger girlfriend, Mae, which sparks a heated argument. Geoffrey surprises Josh with tickets for the footy. Josh tries to be polite and involved, but it's clear that he's out of his depth. Geoffrey, meanwhile, is having the time of his life barracking for his team. He gets carried away and finds himself and Josh ejected from the game. The humiliation is too much for Josh, and it's over between them... again. Meanwhile the arguing between Rose and Alan rages out onto the street, until Aunty Peg unwittingly puts an end to it all.

Episode #6: Horrible Sandwiches (air date: 2013-03-28)

Josh's 21st birthday is lost among preparations for a funeral. When Alan drops by to check up on Rose, he's pleased that she seems the most stable she's ever been. She is active, focused and surprisingly calm, and she insists on meeting Mae and inviting her to the funeral. In church, Claire entertains Rose with embarrassing stories about Josh to keep her distracted before the service. Niamh also arrives uninvited and sits up the back with Geoffrey, who has no choice but to comfort her. Back at Rose's house, the wake is an awkward affair. Dad has found himself in a conversation with Rod that can't be anything but a disaster, Niamh is annoying everybody, and Josh is happy for Geoffrey to be there, even though they have just broken up. While Rose's celebrations for Josh's birthday don't quite go according to plan, it's definitely going to be a birthday Josh won't forget.

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