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Preacher poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Channel: AMC
Status: Continuing
8.5/10(42 votes)
Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper as Jesse
Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper as Jesse
Joseph Gilgun Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy
Joseph Gilgun Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy
Amy Hill Amy Hill as Ms. Mannering
Anatol Yusef Anatol Yusef as Deblanc
Derek Wilson Derek Wilson as Donnie Schenck
Elizabeth Perkins Elizabeth Perkins as Vyla
Elizabeth Perkins Elizabeth Perkins as Vyla
Graham McTavish Graham McTavish as The Cowboy

What if an angel and a demon procreate? What would that offspring be? Would it be holy or demonic or both? Preacher is that tale. The offspring has no body, just a soul. That soul needs a body and chose Jesse Custer. A preacher from Texas with a loss of faith and a drinking problem. The offspring called Genesis bonds with Jesse, giving him the word of God. What he says is done.

Preacher season 1

Preacher season 1 poster

Preacher is the multi, fantastic, full of adventures, dramatic motion picture that tells the story of a religious minister. Jesse Custer inexplicably becomes the owner within himself a certain substance having the name Genesis. This is a living organism it is peculiar to develop in the womb of a man as a child and have great potential. It is a vicious combination of an angel with the demon to keep a light and dark side. With its appearance in the world it will be the only creature of boundless universe and can razed with the Almighty performing miracles for the good of humanity or destroy the Earth inhabited with its sinful people. At this time the Genesis still inside the cleric who forces exert its influence. With incredible power Jesse assembles a team of people and sent on a long journey to find the whereabouts of God. Ahead the team will face many difficulties are extremely dangerous. But through the power of Jesse Custer it will overcome them quite well. If you are curious to know what is the purpose of pursuing the characters and whether to reach a positive resolution in their search see this fascinating story.

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Preacher season 2

Preacher season 2 poster

Preacher season 2 is the continuation of the American tv series from AMC in the genre of fantasy and a black comedy. The main character is the preacher Jesse Custer, who is obsessed with a supernatural being Genesis. Preacher Jesse Custer and his fellow travelers will meet with a number of new characters in the upcoming episodes. The former preacher Custer more and more learns details about the essence of Genesis during season 2. He, along with Tulip O’Hare and Proinsias Cassidy, are close to unraveling of the existence of God, moreover the secrets of paradise. However, the hunter is following the trail of the company and probably will be able to stop the guys. In addition, old romantic feelings will flash with renewed vigor. The new season of the tv series “Preacher” will show will the main character succeed in fulfilling his mission, and to find his goal.

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Preacher season 3

Preacher season 3 poster

The protagonist will face the demons of the past and go to a place that he would like to forget about in the upcoming season 3. Moreover, fans of “Preacher” will get acquainted with the cruel Jesse’s grandmother and a couple of her faithful henchmen, the powerful Allfather D’Aronique and vampire Eccarius. Recall that Jesse and Cassidy went to the town called Angelville at the end of the second season in the hope that the Caster’s grandmother will be able to revive Tulip. However, there is one snag: now Jesse is a debtor of his own granny, and it is better not to mess with her and her friends… Also I want to say, the showman is ready to return to the most discouraging idea of the season 2. This is the idea that God, who is so desperately looking for Jesse Custer, actually has a rather specific taste and hides on the Earth in a dog suit. So, everything can happen in “Preacher” tv series. Moreover, drawings of the insane descendant of Christ named Humperdoo also indicated this. Apparently, not the most pleasant meetings await Custer and his friends in Angelville. What will come out of all this? And whether the characters will finally find God, the audience will learn in the season 3 of Preacher.

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