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Preacher season 2

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13 episodes (2356 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Graham McTavish, Ruth Negga, Derek Wilson, Noah Taylor, Lucy Griffiths, W. Earl Brown, Ronald Guttman, Dominic Cooper, Anatol Yusef, Julie Ann Emery, Joseph Gilgun, Tom Brooke, Malcolm Barrett, Ian Colletti
8.5/10(1248 votes)

Preacher season 2 is the continuation of the American tv series from AMC in the genre of fantasy and a black comedy. The main character is the preacher Jesse Custer, who is obsessed with a supernatural being Genesis. Preacher Jesse Custer and his fellow travelers will meet with a number of new characters in the upcoming episodes. The former preacher Custer more and more learns details about the essence of Genesis during season 2. He, along with Tulip O’Hare and Proinsias Cassidy, are close to unraveling of the existence of God, moreover the secrets of paradise. However, the hunter is following the trail of the company and probably will be able to stop the guys. In addition, old romantic feelings will flash with renewed vigor. The new season of the tv series “Preacher” will show will the main character succeed in fulfilling his mission, and to find his goal.

Preacher season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: On the Road (air date: 2017-06-25)

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road in search of God, and quickly realize they're being stalked by a killer cowboy from Hell.

Episode #2: Mumbai Sky Tower (air date: 2017-06-26)

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy find Fiore working as a magician in Las Vegas, and try to convince him to answer their questions about the Cowboy.

Episode #3: Damsels (air date: 2017-07-03)

While Jesse searches jazz clubs in New Orleans for God, Cassidy finds a play for them to crash. However, Tulip soon realizes that she can't escape her past. Meanwhile, Eugene suffers in Hell.

Episode #4: Viktor (air date: 2017-07-10)

Jesse spots the actor who played God in an infomercial and tracks him down. Meanwhile, Tulip meets with Viktor.

Episode #5: Dallas (air date: 2017-07-17)

As Jesse considers what to do with Viktor, he and Tulip remember the past after they lost the baby.

Episode #6: Sokosha (air date: 2017-07-24)

Jesse and his friends discover what the Cowboy wants, and are forced to deal with him when he captures Denis.

Episode #7: Pig (air date: 2017-07-31)

Tulip has nightmares of the Cowboy's touch, and finds a unique way to deal with them. Meanwhile, Jesse seeks out a doomsday preacher for advice on selling 1% of his soul, and the origin of Herr Starr's entry into the Grail is revealed.

Episode #8: Holes (air date: 2017-08-07)

While Cassidy considers what to do with Denis, Tulip spackles the bulletholes that the Cowboy left in the walls. Meanwhile, Jesse goes to a video store to try and determine whose gun was used to kill Mark Harelik.

Episode #9: Puzzle Piece (air date: 2017-08-14)

After the Grail's first assault on Jesse and his friends fail, they unleash BRAD. Meanwhile, Tulip's PSD continues to get worse, and Denis revels in his new health.

Episode #10: Dirty Little Secret (air date: 2017-08-21)

Jesse finally meets the Messiah face-to-face, but he isn't what Jesse expects. Meanwhile, Lara works to create a divide between Tulip and Jesse, while Denis gives in to his new appetites.

Episode #11: Backdoors (air date: 2017-08-28)

Jesse realizes where God is and goes to find Him, but discovers that He is already gone. Meanwhile, Hitler shows Eugene a way out of Hell, and Tulip resolves to destroy the Cowboy's guns.

Episode #12: On Your Knees (air date: 2017-09-04)

After the Grail frees the Cowboy, he comes looking for Jesse. Meanwhile, Eugene comes to terms with his past so that he and Hitler can escape Hell.

Episode #13: The End of the Road (air date: 2017-09-11)

Starr puts Jesse on the path to messiahdom. Meanwhile, Cassidy deals with Denis and Tulip finds out who has been spying on them.

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