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Preacher season 3

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10 episodes (1171 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Graham McTavish, Ruth Negga, Derek Wilson, Noah Taylor, Lucy Griffiths, W. Earl Brown, Ronald Guttman, Dominic Cooper, Anatol Yusef, Julie Ann Emery, Joseph Gilgun, Tom Brooke, Malcolm Barrett, Ian Colletti
8.5/10(1248 votes)

The protagonist will face the demons of the past and go to a place that he would like to forget about in the upcoming season 3. Moreover, fans of “Preacher” will get acquainted with the cruel Jesse’s grandmother and a couple of her faithful henchmen, the powerful Allfather D’Aronique and vampire Eccarius. Recall that Jesse and Cassidy went to the town called Angelville at the end of the second season in the hope that the Caster’s grandmother will be able to revive Tulip. However, there is one snag: now Jesse is a debtor of his own granny, and it is better not to mess with her and her friends… Also I want to say, the showman is ready to return to the most discouraging idea of the season 2. This is the idea that God, who is so desperately looking for Jesse Custer, actually has a rather specific taste and hides on the Earth in a dog suit. So, everything can happen in “Preacher” tv series. Moreover, drawings of the insane descendant of Christ named Humperdoo also indicated this. Apparently, not the most pleasant meetings await Custer and his friends in Angelville. What will come out of all this? And whether the characters will finally find God, the audience will learn in the season 3 of Preacher.

Preacher season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Angelville (air date: 2018-06-24)

Jesse takes Tulip to Gran'ma and makes a deal to have her resurrected.

Episode #2: Sonsabitches (air date: 2018-07-01)

When Tulip captures FJ and Lara, Jesse secretly turns them loose as a bargaining chip to get Starr to return his soul. Meanwhile, Tulip deals with the aftermath of her resurrection, and the Boyds pay Angelville a visit.

Episode #3: Gonna Hurt (air date: 2018-07-08)

Jesse falls back on his old ways, while Tulip goes to the Boyds in an attempt to find a way to break Jesse's blood compact with Marie.

Episode #4: The Tombs (air date: 2018-07-15)

Jesse tries to get Cassidy out of the Tombs, while Sabina tells Tulip about her history with Jesse and the L'Angelles. In Hell, Satan has a talk with the Saint.

Episode #5: The Coffin (air date: 2018-07-22)

Jesse is put in the Coffin and tries to find a way out. Meanwhile, Tulip plots to kill Marie, Cassidy goes on a date, and Starr gets a call from his superior.

Episode #6: Les Enfants du Sang (air date: 2018-07-29)

Jesse convinces Jody and T.C. to help him and Tulip rob Sabina's bank to get the souls to keep Marie--and Tulip--alive. Meanwhile, Eccarius shows Cassidy what a vampire can do when he puts his mind to it, and Starr continues plotting his coup against Allfather.

Episode #7: Hilter (air date: 2018-08-05)

Jesse brokers a deal between Starr and Marie: souls for Marie, freedom for Jesse. Meanwhile, FJ takes a squad of priests after Cassidy, and the Saint finds Hitler.

Episode #8: The Tom / Brady (air date: 2018-08-12)

Allfather captures Jesse and tries to transfer Genesis from him into Humperdoo. Meanwhile, Tulip, Lara, and Jody steal the souls while Satan makes a new deal with Marie.

Episode #9: Schwanzkopf (air date: 2018-08-19)

Jesse engages in Allfather in final battle to determine the fate of the world. Meanwhile, Eccarius turns the Children against Cassidy, and Tulip plots to escape a trip to Hell.

Episode #10: The Light Above (air date: 2018-08-26)

Jesse avenges his father and gives Marie her just due; Tulip faces off against Nazis; and Cassidy accepts Eccarius' offer.

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