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Queer as Folk (US) season 2

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20 episodes (2100 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Sharon Gless, Peter Paige, Randy Harrison, Scott Lowell, Michelle Clunie, Harris Allan, Thea Gill, Robert Gant, Jack Wetherall, Chris Potter, Sherry Miller, Dean Armstrong, Mitch Morris, Matt Battaglia, Peter MacNeill, Makyla Smith Genre:Drama Channel:Showtime Status:Ended

9.1 (28 votes)

Queer as Folk (US) season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Home Is Where the Ass Is (air date: 2002-01-06)

After a month of rehab in the hospital Justin is given to his mother to take home. Brian visits Justin every night in the hospital but will not let the nurse tell Justin he was there. Lindsay, Melanie, Ted and Emmett go to Lindsay's sister's wedding and while giving the toast Lindsay ask Melanie to marry her. Justin goes in search of Brian and finds him at Woody's with Michael. Justin and Brian go back to his place where Brian talks about what happened to Justin on that night. Justin tells Brian it was not his fault and the two embrace. Justin then returns to home to a angry mother. The next day Daphne, Brian, and Justin are outside throwing a ball to help Justin get use of his hand when Justin's mom shows up and tells Justin she wants to talk to Brian alone. She then tells Brian to return her son back to him and to never see Justin again. Brian hands her the tennis ball and gets in his jeep and pulls away.

Episode #2: All Better Now (air date: 2002-01-13)

The boys are stuck. Ted's stuck in a career he no longer wants. Michael's stuck with the prospect of returning to his dead-end career at the Big Q. Emmett's decided he's stuck with an ass that needs surgical enhancement. Justin's stuck in the worst situation of all. Since the attack, he has nightmares about Chris Hobbs, and he recoils from physical contact. Jennifer is having trouble not only reaching, but even touching her son. Deb hints that Brian may be best suited to the job, but Jennifer refuses. When Justin throws a violent tantrum at home after Brian won't see him, Jennifer asks Brian to do whatever it takes to reach him. Seeking advice from a former trick (also a psychiatrist), Brian is told that Justin must relive the experience in order to process it and move on. But, Brian's best efforts to recreate the fateful prom night for Justin are ineffectual. Another day at the office means another day for Ted to surf It's his last day, after Mr. Wertshafter catches him.

Episode #3: Hypocrisy: Don't Do It (air date: 2002-01-20)

Ted's favorite author is in town, while Michael tries to reconnect with Brian.

Episode #4: Pride (air date: 2002-01-27)

Brian, Michael, Justin, Emmett, Ted, Lindsay, Melanie, and Debbie overcome obstacles to show their PRIDE.

Episode #5: ...Wherever That Dream May Lead You (air date: 2002-02-03)

Still afflicted with tremors in his right hand as a result of his assault, Justin struggles in his art classes and soon drops out of college. Despite Brian's attempt to rekindle Justin's interest in drawing, a depressed, angry Justin turns to alcohol and sex to soothe his pain. Finally, Lindsay takes Justin to an art gallery where the paintings on exhibition have been created by a wheelchair-bound woman with limited use of her hands. Meanwhile, Emmett, Michael and Brian intervene to help Ted, whose addiction to pornography has left him housebound for days. Brian arranges a job interview at his advertising agency for Ted. The company hires Ted, but he quits almost immediately to start his own porno Web site. Michael also quits his job and sells a rare first-edition comic book to raise money to buy his own business—a comic book store.

Episode #6: Mixed Blessings (air date: 2002-02-10)

Ben Bruckner, a customer at Michael's comic book store, teaches a gay studies course at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University. Invited by Ben to give a lecture on homoeroticism in superhero comics, Michael doubts his own intellectual abilities and fails to appear. Later, Ben reassures Michael, who, speaking from his heart, charms the students. Attracted to each other, Ben and Michael kiss as a prelude to sex, but Ben stops to warn Michael that he is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Ted and Emmett enlist well-endowed porn star Zack O'Tool to appear live on Ted's failing, pornographic Web site, but he cancels at the last minute. Desperate, Ted persuades Emmett to perform in Zack's place, and, surprisingly, Emmett's appearance generates big revenue for Ted. Lindsay expresses disgust for pornography, but she becomes sexually aroused by Melanie's photos, taken during college, in an old men's magazine. Justin moves out of Brian's condo, but Brian asks him to return. The two negotiate certain ground rules.

Episode #7: The Leper (Hath the Babe Not Eyes?) (air date: 2002-02-17)

Debbie abandons her usual liberal rhetoric when she learns that Michael's new boyfriend, Ben, has HIV. She tells Michael to stop dating Ben, and her harsh attitude causes a rift between Debbie and Uncle Vic (recurring guest star JACK WETHERALL). Michael continues his relationship with Ben despite the pleas of his mother and friends. But when the moment arrives for Ben and Michael to consummate their relationship, Michael has a change of heart after seeing the multitude of prescription bottles in Ben's medicine cabinet. Meanwhile, Lindsay's parents, the Petersons, refuse to contribute financially to Lindsay and Melanie's wedding because it's "not real." Invited to brunch by Lindsay and Melanie, the Petersons cancel at the last minute. Brian transforms the depressing brunch into a swinging party by spiking the punch with the drug Ecstasy, and Lindsay finally decides she does not need her parents' acceptance of her lifestyle. Emmett and Ted quarrel about who is responsible for the success

Episode #8: Love for Sale (air date: 2002-03-03)

Justin's Mother tries to talk to Justin into going to a party, with people his own age. He brushes her off at first, but decides to go to the party. He gets bored, and cruises people. But when a girl cruises him, he hides. He finds a guy who he know is gay and they later go upstairs, and start to have sex. The guy then starts to develop a crush on Justin (sound familiar?) and with his evil Brian Kinney ways, Justin gives the guy an intimate kiss. Michael tries to find his perfect match, by trying those online match makers.

Episode #9: Accentuate the Positive (air date: 2002-03-10)

Michael fights to get Ben back into his life - he has to prove he can handle the HIV-positive situation. Brian is introduced to his mother's minister - but they've already met (not in church). Ted has a really hard time dealing with some performance enhancing drugs.

Episode #10: Priorities, Please! (Beat the Time) (air date: 2002-03-17)

Michael is distraught over the comic book death of his hero (Captain Astro) and sets out on a holy quest (petition) to bring him back to life. Debbie is shocked to discover the body of a boy Justin's age in a dumpster behind the diner. She is even more shocked however when she sees how little regard the others are all paying the situation. Michael soon begins to realize how shallow they are all being and begins to mourn the death of the nameless boy. Emmet wants George to come out and meet his friends, and see Babylon after he learns that George had only been into a gay bar once thirty years ago in San Francisco. He convinces him to join him, and the two have a lovely time. When Emmet wants George to come the next night however he confides he is tired. The two decide to go to the opera (Emmet's first) and the first in years for George. After coming out he put himself into voluntary exile and refused to go, even though it was one of his favorite things to do. During intermission George's ex-wife shows up and the two exchange words before Emmet, fed up with her insinuations puts her in her place. Melanie is not amused with Lindsay's extravagant ideas for their wedding, not wanting to be a wet blanket she must balance her feelings for Lindsay and the wedding, with her feelings of responsibility to the bottom line. Lindsay's mother calls her and explains that she will not allow her late grandmother's dress to be worn by a lesbian, saying that her grandmother never would have allowed it. Lindsay, furious with this, enters her parents house when they are out and tries to steal the dress for herself. Rather than locating the dress however she finds a small satchel of letters from a woman Lindsay had never heard about. As she and Melanie begin to read them they realize that her grandmother was gay, and during the war had an affair with another woman. Justin is now starting to develop a fascination with the murder, saying he and Brian are being too irresponsible, and that it could have just as easily have been them killed. Brian engages Justin in a very disturbing bit of role playing when he begins to choke him momentarily to illustrate a point. Later, at the bar Justin catches up with Brian as he's leaving with another trick, of whom he doesn't even know the name of. Justin expresses his concern, but Brian, in his typical manner blows him off.

Episode #11: The Wedding (air date: 2002-03-31)

It's days before Lindsay and Melanie's wedding. At a pre-wedding celebration, their friend Leda offers them a tarot reading from Marilyn. Marilyn warns them that they cannot get married on their wedding day because astrological reasons will cause certain disasters to occur. Unwilling to listen to Marilyn, Lindsay and Melanie continue with their wedding plans. However, everything goes wrong: wedding cake is delayed, Lindsay's wedding dress is ruined by the drycleaners, the wedding rings are missing, and the hall that they rented has shut down for salmonella poisoning. Lindsay also has a few panic attacks, and later concludes that these disasters were happening because the world was trying to tell them that they should not get married because they are gay. Brian, who won at free trip to the white party in Miami, decided he would rather skip the wedding and go get laid. But when things go wrong for the two brides, he gathers up everyone to save the wedding.

Episode #12: One Degree of Brian Kinney (air date: 2002-04-07)

Still upset about finding the body in the dumpster, and outraged by the aparent lack of progress Debbie sets out to do some detective work on her own. Her quest eventually pays off and she is able to notify the police of her findings. Meanwhile, Michael is distraught to learn that Ben has slept with Brian two years back.

Episode #13: It's Because I'm Gay, Right? (air date: 2002-04-14)

Michael wonders what his connection is to a celebrated Drag Queen who shares a past with Debbie; Justin decides to become a go-go dancer to pay his tuition.

Episode #14: The Dangers of Sex and Drugs (air date: 2002-04-28)

Justin is rolling in money, but his schoolwork suffers; Carl asks Debbie out; George asks Emmett to accompany him on a world tour.

Episode #15: Rage Against This Machine (air date: 2002-05-05)

Brian is jealous when Michael and Justin decide to start a comic book; Leda offers to renovate Mel and Lindsay's attic; Emmett is barred from George's funeral.

Episode #16: You Say It's Your Birthday! I Couldn't Care Less! (air date: 2002-05-12)

For his birthday, Melanie and Lindsay take Justin to a violin recital, where he meets a sexy new guy.

Episode #17: You Can Leda Girl to Pussy (air date: 2002-05-26)

Brian tries to impress his new boss; Emmett inherits a large gift from George.

Episode #18: Sick, Sick, Sick (air date: 2002-06-02)

Michael faces a nightmare after Ben is taken to hospital; Justin thinks Brian isn't as romantic as Ethan; Emmett receives a tempting offer to not reveal his relationship with George.

Episode #19: Bowling for Equality (air date: 2002-06-09)

Michael debates whether to tell Brian about Justin's unfaithfulness; Melanie and Lindsay decide that they've had enough of Leda.

Episode #20: Out With a Whimper (air date: 2002-06-16)

Justin must decide who he should be with, Brian or Ethan; Ben tells Michael he is going away for six months; Ted reveals his true feelings to Emmett.

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