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Queer as Folk (US) season 4

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14 episodes (1930 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Sharon Gless, Peter Paige, Randy Harrison, Scott Lowell, Michelle Clunie, Harris Allan, Thea Gill, Robert Gant, Jack Wetherall, Chris Potter, Sherry Miller, Dean Armstrong, Mitch Morris, Matt Battaglia, Peter MacNeill, Makyla Smith Genre:Drama Channel:Showtime Status:Ended

9.1 (28 votes)

Queer as Folk (US) season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Just a Little Help (air date: 2004-04-18)

This heartwarming season opener picks up more or less where the previous season left off. Having lost his job, and a pile of money keeping Stockwell away from the mayoral position, Brian finds himself falling on hard times financially, though he refuses to admit it. Though he is offered his old job back, Brian passes because of a contractural obligation that would force him not to work for a competitor. When Brian tries to start his own agency (lovingly named ""Kinnetic"" by Justin,) all his clients turn him down, forcing him to accept donations from a fund raising put together by his friends. Ted, still not able to put his life back together, leaves rehab, despite being ""clean"". A visit from Em provokes nothing but further fights between the two, partially revolving around Ted's now-rather-close-relationship to Blake. The audience is left unsure if they will ever reconcile. When Micheal and Hunter finally return from their road trip, Ben and Micheal struggle to win custody of Hunter fro

Episode #2: Stand Up for Ourselves (air date: 2004-04-25)

Brian struggles to obtain a new list of clientelle, but discovers he can win back one of the accounts his old firm has by re-inventing their ad campaign. Justin struggles to deal with the gay-bashing of his friend, and decides to join the group of gay rebels, ""The Pink Posse"", in order to protect the citizens of libery avenue from gay bashing. Ted leaves rehab, but doesn't manage to leave Blake behind, when Blake willingly hands over his phone number, urging Ted to ""call anytime"". Blake comes over to help Ted throw out his ""triggers""- things that might cause Ted to have painful memories or things that might tempt him to use again. Blake offers to crash at Ted's place for the night to make sure Ted will be okay, and he sleeps on the couch, leaving the lingering tension between them at a standstill. Emmett and Michael join the ""fairies"", a strange sort of gay wilderness retreat. Emmett struggles at first, finding himself unable to ""believe in the fairy magic"" until he talks things over w

Episode #3: Starting a Whole New Life (air date: 2004-05-02)

Now out of rehab, Ted and Blake discuss what Ted will do with his life now. When Ted confesses that he'd always dreamed of being an opera singer, Blake offers encourgement, motivating Ted to get a job as a singing waiter at an Italian restaurant. Michael, in an attempt to reconnect with Ted and show his support, gets the gang together for a surprise visit to the restaurant. Upset with the fact that everyone has been offering support for Ted and not him, Emmett refuses to go. As he's about to sing, Ted spots the gang at the restaurant and freezes. He becomes angry and upset that they came to see him unannounced and uninvited. Jennifer shows Brian a few upscale spaces for his new company, Kinnetik, but Brian wants a space that reflects his abstract way of thinking. When she shows him a former bathhouse space, Brian agrees that's it's perfect for Kinnetik's new headquarters. Vic and Rodney aren't finding much time to be alone, due in part to Debbie. They decide to get a place together an

Episode #4: Escalating Violence (air date: 2004-05-09)

Brian achieves success, as the headquarters for Kinnetik are finally set up and ready to go. However, Brian runs into a dilemma when he recieves news that the funds for a client's ad in Heat Magazine have yet to obtained; Brian worries about getting the payment in by the deadline and enlists the last minute help of Ted, who solves this problem with ease and total efficiency. Thinking he could use this kind of help at the agency, Brian offers Ted a position; Ted, just beginning his new life, feels he is not ready and declines. Also,in an effort to ""beef up"" the Pink Posse and get the Posse prepared to take on ""trouble before it starts"", Cody pursuades Justin and the rest of the Pink Posse to train in a boxing ring. Justin, however, has his doubts as does the rest of the Posse, who walk out in an effort to keep themselves out of trouble and from getting themselves hurt; Cody decides to take Justin to hear a preacher speak about the sins of homosexuality at a nearby church, to help subsid

Episode #5: How Far You Can Go (air date: 2004-05-16)

Cody decides to take Justin to a firing range; while they are there, Justin tells Cody the story of Chris Hobbs and the incident surrounding Brian, himself and the assault. Cody shocks and surprises him by bringing him to the construction site where Chris Hobbs works so that Justin has the chance to confront him about what he did. Justin, however, feels unprepared, and backs down. Convinced that Justin has to confrot Chris Hobbs for what he put him through, they go to his house, where Justin demands an apology. Seeing no reason to apologize and holding no remorse, Chris refuses, until Cody hands Justin a gun, which he uses to force Chris Hobbs to his knees to make him apologize; he does, yet Cody tells Justin that it is not enough and urges him to do more than simply make him apologize. Justin says that an apology is all he needed and, realizing Cody has gone too far, hands him the gun, and leaves. Melanie, meanwhile ,is shocked and offended when her clients agree to let her partner, L

Episode #6: Death In the Family (air date: 2004-05-23)

Michael and Justin receive a letter from a famous action film director by the name of Brett Keller, who is interested in turning ""Rage"" into a live-action feature film! Michael and Hunter are thrilled, but Ben is less than enthusiastic, stating that he's not interested in Brett Keller's ""world of mindless entertainment"". Justin and Michael, however, decide they'll consider Keller's offer, but Justin has second thoughts when Ben tells him that once Keller owns the rights to ""Rage"", he could do whatever he pleases,including making Rage a straight character. When Brian and Justin each think that a new guy they spot in Babylon is checking them out, they make a bet to see which one he's interested in. If Justin wins, Brian will take him on a trip to Ibiza. And if Brian wins, Justin will go back to school. Within a few days, Brian is winning the bet but receives shocking news when the guy, a doctor, tells Brian he has a lump on his testicle. Lindsay discovers that artist Sam Auerbach is in t

Episode #7: Preponderance of Death (air date: 2004-05-30)

Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer. The prognosis, however, is good; once the afflicted testicle is removed he'll have a 99% chance of survival. Brian is also warned that if he opts not to have surgery, the cancer will spread. Brian decides to keep the news to himself and begins to push everybody away-including Justin. Knowing Ted needs to focus on himself right now, Blake decides not to continue a physical relationship with him. Feeling dejected, Ted visits Babylon where his old crystal buddies tempt him. He discreetly purchases a vial from Dr. C, but rushes out of the club when he spots Emmett and Justin at the bar. Michael and Ben catch Hunter smoking a joint. Later, he gets into a fight with a fellow student at school. They begin to understand Hunter's self-destructive behavior after he indicates that Vic's death has confirmed his own mortality. Ben helps him understand that HIV is not a death sentence-he's going to be around for a long time. It's the day of Vic's funeral, a

Episode #8: Two Kinds of Lies (air date: 2004-06-06)

Brian returns from the hospital but leads everyone to believe he'd been in Ibiza. Justin discovers the truth when he overhears a message for Brian from the hospital's oncology department. He asks Michael if he knows anything about it, but Michael is just as shocked as Justin. Knowing that if Brian wanted anyone to know he would've told them, they decide to keep Brian's secret to themselves. Michael, however, later admits to Brian that he knows about his testicular cancer and that Justin is the one who told him. Michael and Justin meet with Brett Keller, a Hollywood producer who wants to make Rage into a feature film. Michael and Justin are pleased to learn that Brett has no intention of compromising Rage's sexuality. Later at Babylon, Ben meets Brett, who he tells he's not a fan of the ""mindless entertainment"" Brett produces. Michael is furious at Ben for insulting Brett. When Ben tells Michael he thinks Brett is a sell-out, Michael accuses him of being jealous. In another attempt to m

Episode #9: Have Some Balls (air date: 2004-06-13)

Justin is furious with Michael for breaking their agreement and telling Brian that they know he's sick. Brian has thrown Justin out and doesn't want to see him again; Justin is at first fine with this decision, but when Justin finds out that it's because Brian doesn't want him to see him sick, Justin goes to the loft to take care of him. Justin plans to stand by Brian and their commitment. Michael receives two checks for ten thousand dollars each for he and Justin; Brett Keller has officially optioned to make Rage a feature film. At the same time, a rejection letter arrives for Ben from a publisher who seemed interested in his latest book. In an attempt to lift his spirits, Michael buys Ben a new computer but Ben refuses Michael's consolation prize. Emmett caters pro football player Drew Boyd's engagement party. When the macho athlete calls Emmett a flamer behind his back, Emmett confronts him. The following day, however, when Emmett arrives to pick up his check, he finds hunky Drew al

Episode #10: The Snake In Paradise (air date: 2004-06-20)

Brian and Justin are wrapped up in the heat of their passion when Brian has a flashback of his surgery. Needless to say, it changes the mood and Brian's passion is easily cooled. Brian finds his frustration and confusion growing after the incident, especially when his mother, Joan, pays him a visit after Debbie tells her about his illness. Her visit with Brian escalates into a heated argument, but his fury somehow gets Brian back into the groove he was looking to find. Michael and Ben plan an evening with Hunter at the mall, but when a former student of Ben's by the name of Anthony, who is also an aspiring writer and admirer of bens work, invites him to attend a lecture by a respected author, Ben cancels the plans with his family. Anthony attempts to get intimate with Ben, but Ben lets him know he has the wrong idea. Anthony explains he's always admired Ben and wanted to be like him. That's why he wants Ben to give him ""the gift"" - to make him HIV positive. At Kinnetik, Brian and Ted h

Episode #11: Gay or Straight? That's the Question (air date: 2004-06-27)

The Center has hired top fund-raiser, Jeffrey Pendergrass, to help them raise money for the 2004 Liberty Ride. The proceeds will benefit Liberty House Hospice, which is currently in danger of shutting down. After seeing money being spent frivolously at the lavish kick-off party, Brian grows skeptical of Pendergass' motives. Realizing Pendergass seems to be the only one benefiting from the proceeds, Brian does some investigative work. When Brian reveals to Pendergass that he's discovered his questionable history with other fund-raising organizations, the top fund-raiser leaves town-claiming the money raised thus far in Pittsburgh will cover his expenses--barely, leaving nothing for the hospice. Hunter has repeatedly missed his curfew leading Michael and Ben to wonder if he's hustling again. When they confront him, he tells them he's been studying with a friend. They continue to press him, and he finally admits the truth that he's been seeing someone. Michael and Ben are thrilled and tel

Episode #12: Irritation and Separation (air date: 2004-07-04)

Brian's oncologist gives him a clean bill of health but insists that he take it easy. However, in an attempt to repair the devastation of the fund-raiser Jeffrey Pendergrass left in his wake, Brian decides to obtain Remson Pharmaceuticals' sponsorship (in the amount of $100,000) to participate in the Liberty Ride. Against his concerned friends' wishes, Brian starts to train for the Ride but quickly becomes exhausted and has trouble keeping up with the others in his spin class. Emmett makes an attempt to forget Drew, which is no simple task now that images of him as the Brown Athletics underwear model are plastered all over town. It seems to be just as hard for Drew to forget Emmett, as his game has been off and he has trouble sleeping (among other things), and keeping Emmett off of his mind. He finds Emmett at Debbie's and tells him he misses him. Later at the motel, Emmett asks Drew when he plans on telling Sierra about them; Drew doesn't think anyone has to know. Emmett finds he is i

Episode #13: Proposal of Two Kinds (air date: 2004-07-11)

Michael, Ben, Hunter, Ted, and Justin are preparing for the Liberty Ride. Justin is surprised to find Brian has been secretly training in order to go with them. Justin supports him and is very proud and excited that they'll be riding together. However, Justin is ultimately the one who will have to bow out when Brett Keller requests that he fly to Hollywood to help him pitch Rage to the execs of the studio. While in spin class, Ted overhears a couple of guys excitedly talking about how last year's Ride included plenty of ""sex and drugs"". Worried he won't be able to stay sober without the support of the 12-step meetings he's become dependent on, Ted decides he won't be going on the Ride. When Emmett hears of this, he quickly decides to join the Ride to support Ted. Melanie, bed-ridden and still angry & disappointed with Lindsay, has become comfortable ordering her around. Lindsay, on the other hand, feels as though she's been being treated like hired help. When she confides her situation

Episode #14: Liberty Ride (air date: 2004-07-18)

The Liberty Ride continues on to the US border. Michael and Ben have filled out a joint immigration form—just as all married couples do—however, US immigration won't recognize their Canadian marriage. Michael and Ben had expected this but attempted to cross the border as a married couple to prove a point. Debbie, on the other hand,is outraged. When Horvath asks Debbie about their wedding plans, she explains that she loves him, but she won't get married in a country where her son can't. Ted's 12-step birthday falls during the Ride, and he's begun to feel the anxiety he'd expected after being away from his support system in Pittsburgh. Emmett finds a local meeting that they can attend, while still being able to rejoin the ride. However, Ted's anxiety is only fueled when they get lost in the woods. Emmett calms him by setting up an impromptu meeting—Emmett will be his audience. Reluctantly, Ted speaks. He thanks his good friends for standing by him. Back in Pittsburgh, Lindsay and Melanie

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