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Ravenswood poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama, Horror
Channel: ABC Family
Status: Ended
8.6 (5 votes)
Tyler Blackburn Tyler Blackburn as Caleb
Brett Dier Brett Dier as Luke Matheson
Britne Oldford Britne Oldford as Remy Beaumont
Merritt Patterson Merritt Patterson as Olivia Matheson
Nicole Gale Anderson Nicole Gale Anderson as Miranda Collins
Meg Foster Meg Foster as Carla Grunwald
Haley Lu Richardson Haley Lu Richardson as Tess
Laura Allen Laura Allen as Rochelle Matheson
Steven Cabral Steven Cabral as Raymond Collins

Ravenswood is a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars. Ravenswood is a town near Rosewood. The town has been suffering from a curse for generations. Five strangers suddenly feel connected by this fatal curse and feel the need to dig in the town's mysterious and horrible history before it's to late for each one of them.

Ravenswood season 1

Ravenswood season 1 poster

The dramatic story of Ravenswood got its name from a town where the events of the series take place. This is a very strange and extraordinary town. Every time some very queer phenomena happen that don’t have any explanation. And what is more – the locals are not surprised with them. They also go with periodical deaths which come up from time to time. People tell that the events in Ravenswood are connected with ancient curse on the town. And exactly this curse disturbs the peace and doesn’t allow the locals to live their common lives. But the majority of citizens treat these stories as a fairy-tale or myth and simply underrate them. Among them we may see five young men – the protagonists of the series. They are not familiar with each other but are brought together in a random way. As it turned out they are connected with this horrible curse. To get rid of it they should find out what is going on in the town and on whom and by who the spell is cast. Discovering their past the main characters unravel a huge quantity of mysteries and secrets. Is there any way to lift the curse or the town is doomed?

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