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Reba season 3

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23 episodes (919 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Reba McEntire, Joanna Garcia, Steve Howey, Melissa Peterman, Christopher Rich, Scarlett Pomers, Mitch Holleman Genre:Comedy, Drama Channel:The WB Status:Ended

6.3 (6 votes)

Reba season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye (air date: 2003-09-12)

Kyra's decision to move in with Brock and Barbra Jean leaves Reba reeling while the rest of the family tries to sort out their feelings of hurt, anger, and guilt. A series of flashbacks revisits the turbulent milestones in the family history that led them to this point including when Barbara Jean first meets the Hart family, where we find out Brock used to find her really annoying and Reba thought she was nice.

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Episode #2: She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye (air date: 2003-09-12)

Cheyenne and Van go to Brock and Barbara Jean's new house to talk to Kyra, and it's flashback time. The first one talks about Cheyenne's pregnancy test which was revealed by Jake in the pilot episode, and the second one revealed how Reba and Brock got divorced.

Episode #3: War and Peace (air date: 2003-09-19)

Reba is happy to find out that she and Kyra are closer than ever since Kyra moved in with Brock and Barbra Jean. Kyra's behavior is driving Brock and Barbra Jean crazy. Meanwhile, Cheyenne's snoring is causing problems for Van.

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Episode #4: The Best and the Blondest (air date: 2003-09-26)

Cheyenne announces that she will pursue a career in ""dentisting"", so she can be like her Dad. Reba tries to point her in a less ambitious direction.

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Episode #5: Spies Like Reba (air date: 2003-10-03)

Barbra Jean becomes suspicious about Kyra's secretiveness and convinces Reba to hack in to Kyra's e-mail account. Barbra Jean and Reba discover that Kyra is planning to go to an unsupervised party and possibly go to the next level with a boy. Brock, Barbra Jean, and Reba all want to prevent Kyra from making the same mistake as Cheyenne so they stake out the party.

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Episode #6: Calling the Pot Brock (air date: 2003-10-10)

When Kyra asks Brock if he ever smoked marijuana, he is caught off guard and claims he never did. Brock's agonized confession that he did try pot, shocks Barbra Jean, while Reba is proud to say that she never used drugs. Meanwhile, Cheyenne makes a confession to Van about her own brush with the drug world.

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Episode #7: Encounters (air date: 2003-10-17)

Reba finally decides to clean up Kyra's room and send the stuff to her new house. Kyra sees this and suddenly becomes very secretive to Reba. Barbara Jean invites a counselor (Martin Mull) to help Brock and her communicate better. The rest of the family, excluding Jake, joins in on the session at Reba's house. Van feels that Cheyenne thinks he is incapable as a good father.

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Episode #8: The Ghost and Mrs. Hart (air date: 2003-10-31)

Reba convinces Barbra Jean her house is haunted by the previous owner, but the joke wears thin when Barbra Jean moves in with her. After a ""ghost-ridding"" ceremony, Reba finds out that after all this time Barbara Jean thinks she stole Brock from her.

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Episode #9: The Cat's Meow (air date: 2003-11-07)

Kyra and Barbra Jean hide a stray cat in the attic so Brock won't have an allergic reaction to the animal, but it turns out that Barbra Jean and Cheyenne are the ones who are really allergic to cats. Meanwhile, Reba and Brock use outrageous gifts to compete for Jake's affection.

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Episode #10: Regarding Henry (air date: 2003-11-14)

Van has a big away game coming up, but his superstistions for winning are getting on Cheyenne's nerves. The two of them ask Barabara Jean to watch Elizabeth while they're gone. After learning that Barabra Jean once lost Henry at the mall, Reba tries to take Elizabeth for herself. When that doesn't work, Reba offers to go to the zoo with Henry, BJ, and Elizabeth. At the end, Reba is forced to admit some of her feelings to Barabra Jean, who in turn, gloats in a Broadway-style song. Brock, Kyra, and Jake all only make 2 appearances in the show.

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Episode #11: The Great Race (air date: 2003-11-21)

When Reba agrees to compete against Brock in a 5K race to raise money for Jake's school, Van insists on coaching her to victory. Meanwhile, Barbara Jean tries to teach Cheyenne to cook.

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Episode #12: All Growed Up (air date: 2004-01-09)

When Van announces to the family that he's quitting school to tryout for Arena football, the family gets excited that this may be his chance to play professionally. However, a protective Reba lets Van know she thinks quitting school is a huge mistake. A nervous Van ends up not going to the tryout, which when Reba finds out she tries to get him a second chance. Meanwhile, Cheyenne passes her Dentistry test with a B+.

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Episode #13: The United Front (air date: 2004-01-16)

Over Brock and Barbra Jean's objections, Reba gives Kyra permission to go on her first date, then discovers the boy is 17 years old. As the three adults panic, they decide to spy on Kyra's date and end up ruining it. Meanwhile, Van believes that Jake is the victim of a classroom injustice and confronts the boy's teacher.

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Episode #14: To Tell You the Truth (air date: 2004-01-23)

Cheyenne sees Van getting a ride home from the team's attractive female publicist, and suspects he's cheating on her. An upset Cheyenne kicks Van out of the house, and admits to Reba that she's afraid her marriage will fail just like her parents.

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Episode #15: Brock's Mulligan (air date: 2004-01-30)

Van tells his football team that Reba is his and Cheyenne's maid because he's embarassed to admit he lives with his mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Brock tells Reba and Barabra Jean he wants to quit the dentistry business and play professional golf on the senior tour.

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Episode #16: The Shirt Off My Back (air date: 2004-02-06)

With Kyra's college fund at heart, Reba partners with Barbra Jean to sell handmade patchwork shirts after Barbara Jean convinces Reba to go into business with her. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is horrified when Van decides to shave his head for a football team ritual.

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Episode #17: Sister Act (air date: 2004-02-13)

Reba and Brock don't know whether to hug or ground Kyra after she admits to punching a classmate who called Cheyenne a slut. Meanwhile, Van gets a bit carried away helping Jake build a volcano for his science fair.

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Episode #18: Fight or Flight (air date: 2004-02-20)

The entire Hart clan goes into panic mode when Kyra disappears from Brock and Barbra Jean's house in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, an exuberant Van can't understand why Cheyenne is petrified at the thought of appearing with him on a cable sports show, but the tables quickly turn once the cameras start rolling.

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Episode #19: The Big Fix-Up (air date: 2004-03-19)

Reba is ready to ring Barbra Jean's neck after she finds out that the crazy blonde has secretly planned a blind date (guest star Leslie Jordan) for her favorite redhead. To make things even worse, Barbra Jean announces that she and Brock will be coming along on a double date. Meanwhile, Van gets carried away with his bonus money and buys a sports car without including Cheyenne in the big decision.

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Episode #20: The Good Girl (air date: 2004-03-26)

Reba, feeling her wild oats, decides she doesn't always have to be the responsible one and takes Van's new sports car out for a joy ride, only to end up scraping it. While trying to hide the imperfection from Van, Reba learns someone else might have damaged the car first.

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Episode #21: Happy Pills (air date: 2004-04-30)

Reba has problems with Kyra going out on a date alone with her 17 year old boyfriend, so she asks Cheyenne and Van to double date with them. Later, Kyra gets dump because she would not ""take the next step"" in the relationship. Meanwhile, Barbara Jean believes Brock is cheating on her and asks Reba to interrogate him. Reba finds out that Brock has been seeing a therapist and taking ""Happy Pills"". Barbara Jean is upset that Brock is doing this but comes to the conclusion that it's alright cause Reba did the same thing when Brock and her split up.

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Episode #22: Girl's Night Out (air date: 2004-05-07)

Cheyenne celebrates her 21st birthday with a Girl's Night out called Cheyenneoploza with Reba and Barbara Jean since they are the only ones over 21. Van wants Cheyenne to tell her what she wants for a gift but Cheyenne wants him to pick something she will like. Meanwhile Reba and BJ are fighting over Brock taking ""Happy Pills"". Reba finally comes to terms with Barbara Jean's craziness. Kyra comes to accept that her Dad is not perfect and is human too.

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Episode #23: Core Focus (air date: 2004-05-14)

Van & Cheyenne decide it's time to become more independant, so they go apartment shopping. They find the perfect place but they don't have enough money. They ask Reba to co-sign and she refuses. They forge her signature on the lease only to be turned down due to Reba's poor credit. Brock breaks down to Reba about all the stuff he's done and the people he has hurt and they embrace in a tearful hug only to be seen by Barbara Jean. Reba confronts Barbara Jean after BJ tells Kyra that she caught the two of them in bed. She tells BJ that Brock loves her and she has no reason to worry. Brock comes home to talk to BJ, but first asks BJ if he could first talk to Reba for a minute. BJ tells Brock that this better be an important mintute and that he better figure everything out as she stomps out of the room. Reba trys to convince Brock to run after her and tell her that it wasn't a mistake that he left Reba for BJ. Brock then tells Reba that he believes it was a mistake...

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