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Reno 911! season 4

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14 episodes (1051 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Carlos Alazraqui, Cedric Yarbrough, Kerri Kenney, Niecy Nash, Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Wendi Mclendon-Covey, Mary Birdsong Genre:Comedy Channel:Comedy Central (US) Status:Ended

7.7 (23 votes)

Reno 911! season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Wiegel's Pregnant (air date: 2006-07-09)

In a short resolution to season three's cliffhangers, it turns out that Garcia and Dangle are pulled out of the car safe (and naked), and, unfortunately, the call placed to the prison was a wrong number, so Craig is killed. Six months later, Wiegel comes back from her "personal leave" pregnant. It turns out that it was not Craig that impregnated her, but rather via a sperm bank that Junior and Dangle may or may not have contributed to. Also, Carrot Top goes insane in a Harrah's hotel, throwing furniture out of the presidential suite, shooting at people and stealing police cars.

Episode #2: The Junior Brothers (air date: 2006-07-16)

Garcia goes undercover to bust employers who hire undocumented alien workers, and Junior spends a day with his brothers.

Episode #3: Jet Ski Blues (air date: 2006-07-23)

Competition among the deputies for a jet ski inherited by the department turns ugly.

Episode #4: Rick's On It (air date: 2006-07-30)

When a crime wave floods the streets of Reno, the Sheriff's Department is helped by Citizens Patrolman Rick.

Episode #5: Spanish Mike Returns (air date: 2006-08-06)

"Spanish Mike" Alvarez returns to wreak havoc on the Reno Sheriff's Department.

Episode #6: Son of a Chechekevitch (1) (air date: 2006-08-13)

After Sheriff Chechekevitch is killed in the line of duty, the deputies swear vengeance.

Episode #7: The Investigation Continues (2) (air date: 2006-08-27)

The deputies continue investigating the murder of Sheriff Chechekevitch at his funeral.

Episode #8: The Department Gets a Corporate Sponsor (air date: 2007-04-01)

Hotty's Restaurants become the corporate sponsor for the Reno Sheriff's Department.

Episode #9: Christian Singles Mixer (air date: 2007-04-08)

Kimball takes Clementine to her Christian Karaoke singles' mixer.

Episode #10: Proposition C (air date: 2007-04-15)

As Raineesha and Trudy consider trying to get raises in the election for deputies, Jones and Garcia tangle with a drug dealer who may be a D.E.A. agent.

Episode #11: Reno Mounties (air date: 2007-04-22)

Jones and Garcia get transferred to mounted patrol, only to discover that not just anyone can dispense justice from horseback.

Episode #12: Hodgepodge (air date: 2007-04-29)

Kimball tries arresting a magician performing without a permit, who cano get out of whatever restraint she places on him. Dangle accidentally releases a child killer free. A customer wants to file a complaint against the brothel for fraud. Junior and Jones deal with a drunk at a Renaissance Festival.

Episode #13: Ex-Wife and Her New Husband (air date: 2007-05-06)

Dangle visits his ex-wife and her new husband on their anniversary. Meanwhile, Trudy, Clementine, Raineesha, and Cheresa stake-out a lecherous Meth Dealer and his girlfriends.

Episode #14: Dangle's Wedding (air date: 2007-05-13)

Dangle accepts a wedding proposition from his ex-wife's husband, but before he ties the knot, Wiegel gives an even bigger surprise than she planned.

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