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22 episodes (1395 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Roger Bart, Justin Hartley, Max Martini, Gina Torres, Brian Hallisay, Elena Satine, Karine Vanasse, Amber Valletta, Dilshad Vadsaria, Margarita Levieva, Barry Sloane, James Tupper, Christa B. Allen, Joshua Bowman, Henry Czerny, Nick Wechsler, Ashley Madekwe, Connor Paolo Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.2 (126 votes)

Revenge is a suspenseful American series about a girl, whose life was once ruined and many years on she returns to get back at the guilty ones. Her father is accused wrongfully of a crime. Anyway the evidence is against him and he gets a life sentence. Amanda’s careless life comes to an end, and she has to pursue her goals on her own. Many years on, she finds out that her father’s allegation was fabricated. By this time Amanda Clarke turns into Emily Thorne, and the elapsed time changes her appearance a lot. The girl decides to go to Hamptons, the town where she spent her childhood and where live the persons, who are guilty in ruining Amanda’s life. The Grayson family lives in Hamptons. They are well received in the best houses and have a considerable weight in the district. When a beauty, Emily Thorne, appears in the town, the Graysons accept her at their place without any misgivings that this is the daughter of that one Clarke whom they framed up long ago. Emily has a cunning plan of revenge….

Revenge season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2011-09-21)

Emily Thorne rents the Southampton home she once shared with her father and sets her plan in motion.

Episode #2: Trust (air date: 2011-09-28)

Emily gets to work on her next target, a former family friend who testified against her father; Victoria tries to find more information on Emily.

Episode #3: Betrayal (air date: 2011-10-05)

With help from her new ally, Emily seeks to destroy the district attorney who convicted her father; grieving Victoria tries to confirm her suspicions about Emily's past.

Episode #4: Duplicity (air date: 2011-10-12)

A charity event for mental health allows Emily to seek payback from the therapist who had her committed when she was a child. Meanwhile, the Porter brothers face more problems with the family bar; and Conrad sneaks off to see Lydia.

Episode #5: Guilt (air date: 2011-10-19)

Victoria feels regret as she reflects on David’s downfall, and a fight with Charlotte weighs on her. Meanwhile, Lydia wants to get even with Emily and the Graysons; and Daniel rethinks his goals in the wake of Tyler and Conrad’s betrayals.

Episode #6: Intrigue (air date: 2011-10-26)

The Grayson 4th of July parties are legendary, but this year's festivities ignite the wrong kind of fireworks when an incriminating surveillance video pops up and breaks the bond of trust between the Graysons and their head of security, Frank. Frank won't go down without a fight, which will spell trouble for Nolan and Emily. Meanwhile, the tension between Emily and Tyler will come to a head, Daniel can't seem to catch a break, and both of the Porter boys make bold moves to get their girl.

Episode #7: Charade (air date: 2011-11-02)

The Graysons’ quiet anniversary plans go off track and are replaced by an explosive family dinner. Meanwhile, Frank unearths some info on Emily in an attempt to prove his devotion to Victoria.

Episode #8: Treachery (air date: 2011-11-16)

Emily’s plot further unravels and Victoria’s unstable relationship with her family grows increasingly more tense when an unwanted pawn in Emily’s game heads to the Hamptons with questionable intentions. Meanwhile, Lydia’s memory is a growing concern for the Graysons and a recently embittered friend begins to play dirty, on “Revenge,”

Episode #9: Suspicion (air date: 2011-11-23)

Having discovered that her most valuable ally has turned against her, Emily desperately reaches out to her mentor for advice. Victoria's worst nightmare comes true when she finds herself totally alone both in her life and her home, while the threat of Tyler's negative influence continues to grow.

Episode #10: Loyalty (air date: 2011-12-07)

Emily questions Nolan's loyalty when she discovers a secret of his. Meanwhile, Amanda makes herself more comfortable in the Hamptons as word of her presence spreads. Victoria regains some power, and things get very ugly between her and Conrad.

Episode #11: Duress (air date: 2012-01-04)

An unstable visitor crashes Daniel's intimate birthday celebration; Conrad and Victoria use Charlotte as a pawn in their bitter divorce battle; Emily's plan starts to unravel.

Episode #12: Infamy (air date: 2012-01-11)

Emily sets her sights on a new target when a famed author who has deep ties with both the Graysons and the Clarkes returns to town and Conrad proves how dirty he's willing to get when Daniel gets dragged into the divorce.

Episode #13: Commitment (air date: 2012-01-18)

Daniel's romantic proposal may come with dire ramifications; Charlotte is forced to move back in with her mother; Jack's life is in jeopardy when a person he adores betrays him; Nolan makes Emily think cautiously about her actions.

Episode #14: Perception (air date: 2012-02-08)

In the excitement over Emily and Daniel's engagement party, things start to unravel for everyone; Victoria uses Conrad's father against him; Jack gets more involved; Charlotte and Emily both face problems.

Episode #15: Chaos (air date: 2012-02-15)

Emily's vendetta takes a dark turn at her and Daniel's engagement party, putting everyone in mortal danger; Jack decides to track down Amanda; Charlotte goes to extremes to relieve the pain of her family's betrayal.

Episode #16: Scandal (air date: 2012-02-29)

The murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party rocks the Hamptons, and someone has to take the fall. The devastating turn of events call for desperate measures, as the Graysons form a united front, Emily grows more anxious, Ashley steps up for the family, and Jack is not the only one wondering where Amanda has gone.

Episode #17: Doubt (air date: 2012-04-18)

Daniel's imprisonment sends Victoria to depths that no one thought possible, as the surprise return of a past love provides a destructive but welcome distraction from her family's struggles. Meanwhile, Jack's search for Amanda grows more desperate as he comes under suspicion for murder.

Episode #18: Justice (air date: 2012-04-25)

Whether or not she intended it to happen, Victoria's pawns are caught in the middle of an insidious cover-up and have to pay the ultimate price when Emily discovers the identity of the mysterious man who murdered her father. Meanwhile, Declan's testimony marks the beginning of the end of his relationship with a self-destructive Charlotte.

Episode #19: Absolution (air date: 2012-05-02)

The impending release of Daniel has everyone on edge as the press grows more and more hostile; the SEC begin their investigation on Grayson Global; and Emily discovers a new photo taken of her father on the day of his death, leading her to more clues about how he died -- and also to a mystery woman and an ominous new target.

Episode #20: Legacy (air date: 2012-05-09)

Back in 2002, Amanda Clarke starts reading her father's journals and begins staking out the Grayson's home. As her anger and determination grow, she forms a plan to seek justice -- as Emily Thorne.

Episode #21: Grief (air date: 2012-05-16)

A painful loss forges a stronger bond between Emily and Jack, Victoria forms a new alliance that could seal Conrad’s fate, and Charlotte sets out on a vendetta of her own with Declan as her target.

Episode #22: Reckoning (air date: 2012-05-23)

With the end in sight, Emily fearlessly pushes forward, closing in on the final phases of her plan for revenge, while the Graysons continue their downward spiral into the rabbit hole of self-destruction. But a big, explosive event leaves much hanging in the balance, courses are altered and even more is left in question.

Episode #23: (air date: )
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