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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty poster
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Channel: Adult Swim
Status: Continuing
9.3/10(3660 votes)
Brandon Johnson Brandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold
Cassie Steele Cassie Steele as Tammy Gueterman
Chris Parnell Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
Dan Harmon Dan Harmon as Birdperson
Echo Kellum Echo Kellum as Brad
Justin Roiland Justin Roiland as Morty
Justin Roiland Justin Roiland as Rick
Justin Roiland Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez | Morty Smith
Justin Roiland Justin Roiland as Rick|Morty
Kari Wahlgren Kari Wahlgren as Jessica

Rick is a mentally gifted, but sociopathic and alcoholic scientist and a grandfather to Morty; an awkward, impressionable, and somewhat spineless teenage boy. Rick moves into the family home of Morty, where he immediately becomes a bad influence.

In the third season of this exciting animated series you will again observe that Rick will hold his regular scientific experiments. And this time he will go very far. When he launched his own satellite in distant galaxies, he known what he does. But as on evil this experiment not failed. As it turned out he accidentally mistook something and it entailed unpleasant consequences. On the planet Earth arrived the alien creatures. They are the real humanoids from unknown worlds. And these aliens decided that their want to destroy. Now Rick is obliged to find an approach to them to establish a relationship with them and reassure them. He tries to explain that no one was going to start a war with them. That in fact it was a failed experiment that's all. As you see in the company of grandfather and his grandson never boring. Because Rick constantly inventing new experiments and necessarily draws here of his grandson, who at first refuses from this and then it is for him is exciting. In general, every day presents them new adventures and extreme.

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Growing up Morty (he turned 15 at the end of season 3) will begin to show much more resistance to Rick's eccentric antics in the new season. It becomes more difficult for a scientist to carry his grandson along with him. Nevertheless, the adventures of a close-knit family continue: together they will visit many planets, make several spatial leaps and put the world at least 5 times at risk! One of the episodes of the new part will be released in anime style. Moreover, Ricks from parallel universes have finally gone mad and are constantly disturbing the main characters.

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