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Ridiculousness season 18

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42 episodes (723 views)
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Ridiculousness season 18 episodes list:

Episode #1: Chanel and Sterling CCIII (air date: 2020-09-15)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo discuss what makes bulls angry in ANY COLOR WILL DO, the cooking mistake that causes FOOD BOMBS, and those who would be FIRST TO GO on a deserted island.

Episode #2: Chanel and Sterling CCIV (air date: 2020-09-16)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo go toe-to-toe with BAD MOTHER BUSKERS, share a meal with some STRESS EATERS, and find out what buildings are NOT A DRIVE THRU. 

Episode #3: Chanel and Sterling CCV (air date: 2020-09-17)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo try to extinguish some people who have been FIRE WORKED, breath through their mouths with NOSE THANK YOU and celebrate festival love with CONCERT CONNECTIONS.

Episode #4: Chanel and Sterling CCVI (air date: 2020-09-18)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo get weird with disguises in MASKED MANIACS, have tough times on the farm in HARD OUT THERE FOR A SHEEP, and feel the full noodle passion of RAMEN WARRIORS.

Episode #5: Chanel and Sterling CCVII (air date: 2020-09-21)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo fear for the youth in WARNING SIGNS, confront ceiling monsters in FAN-TASM, and peak around the main cabin for some IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. 

Episode #6: Chanel and Sterling CCVIII (air date: 2020-09-22)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo let out the inner beast in ALL THE RAGE, create brand new moves in DANCE GENIUSES, and explore the latest men's fashion trend in D-STRINGS.

Episode #7: Chanel and Sterling CCIX (air date: 2020-09-23)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo take to the sky in BIG LITTLE AIR, eat whatever whenever with ANYTHINGTERIANS, and learn sometimes the smallest creatures are the weirdest in ANTS, MAN!

Episode #8: Chanel and Sterling CCX (air date: 2020-09-24)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo party with some JEAN QUEENS, learn the consequences of being selfish in SHARE OR ELSE, and watch the drama unfold in BRUNCH OPERA.

Episode #9: Chanel and Sterling CCXI (air date: 2020-09-25)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo break their falls in FACE BRACE, have strange arguments in YOU'RE BOTH WRONG, and learn the consequences of kicking in KICKBACKS.

Episode #10: Chanel and Sterling CCXII (air date: 2020-09-28)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo get horny with some HONK DONKEYS, play around with a couple GAME LAMES, and get a bad case of TIRE-RRHEA.

Episode #11: Chanel and Sterling CCXIII (air date: 2020-09-29)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo catch a few STREET RECEIVERS, break into the reception with other SUSPECTED CRASHERS and laugh at golfers getting TEED OFF. 

Episode #12: Chanel and Sterling CCXIV (air date: 2020-09-30)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo fear the stairs in EVIL ESCIES, get in the mood with LIQUOR UP FOR LOVE, and make a stylish exit in WINDOWS ARE FOR WINNERS.

Episode #13: Chanel and Sterling CCXV (air date: 2020-10-01)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo break down the newest sport, known as DRUNNING, they salute THE ODDEST COUPLES, and following the advice of some tutorials, they learn HOW TO: F*CK UP YOUR HEAD. 

Episode #14: Chanel and Sterling CCXX (air date: 2020-10-02)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo conjure up some PSYCHIC ENERGY, hold it in for as long as possible in the PEE O.V. LANE and call out desperation in REEKS OF THE D.

Episode #15: Chanel and Sterling CCXVI (air date: 2020-10-05)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo see that crime doesn't pay with BAD BAD GUYS, find out what you can't buff out in THAT'S TOTALED and advise on who to send to voicemail in BLOCKED CALLERS.

Episode #16: Chanel and Sterling CCXVII (air date: 2020-10-06)
Episode #17: Chanel and Sterling CCXVIII (air date: 2020-10-07)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo meet some quack-tastic DUCK BUDDIES, ask to be excused in DINNERTIME DYSFUNCTION and experience toilet wisdom in PORCELAIN PERSPECTIVES.

Episode #18: Chanel and Sterling CCXIX (air date: 2020-10-08)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about the age at which you're TOO OLD TO SKATE, the age when you can become DIRTY RASCALS and people who simply see their phones as PHONETENSILS.

Episode #19: The 500th Episode (air date: 2020-10-09)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate their milestone 500th episode with NAKED CHAOS, get hit from behind in BOOTY SHOTS and make it happen when it counts in EXTRA CLUTCH.

Episode #20: Wells Adams (air date: 2020-10-12)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by "Bachelor Nation" favorite Wells Adams to witness some PLAYA DRAMA, cringe at some WORST IMPRESSIONS and demand TACOS EVERY DAMN DAY.

Episode #21: Chanel and Sterling CCXXI (air date: 2020-10-13)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo take a trip down the STAIR SLOPES, celebrate the HAPPY BRAWLDAYS and learn how bad getting air can be when the MATH WAS OFF.

Episode #22: Lauv (air date: 2020-10-14)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome music sensation Lauv to talk about FIGHTING MODERN LONELINESS, kids who are RUNNING UP THE BILL and people who are doing nothing but MAKING IT WORSE in a relationship.

Episode #23: Chanel and Sterling CCXXII (air date: 2020-10-15)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo defy it all in ODDS GODS, get soaked with RAIN PAIN and experience Russian childhood in RUSSIAN REARING.

Episode #24: Chanel and Sterling CCXXIII (air date: 2020-10-16)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo get stuck in the SUCK CYCLE, redefine the term RED-LINING and meet some SAUCY AUSSIES.

Episode #25: America's Sweetheart (air date: 2020-10-26)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo dedicate an entire show to Chanel's new album, "America's Sweetheart," by hitting the track for a 40-YARD CRASH, checking out some VINTAGE VINYL and chilling at home with NO PLANS.

Episode #26: Chanel and Sterling CCXXIV (air date: 2020-10-27)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo try and figure out the latest trends in GENERATION WHY?, give advice on how to bail in ESCAPE THE DATE and strike a pose in WAX JOBS.

Episode #27: Chanel and Sterling CCXXV (air date: 2020-10-28)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about what it means to be STAIRED STRAIGHT, the public nuisance they call RULE TOOLS and the danger of NAP ATTACKS.

Episode #28: Chanel's Birthday (air date: 2020-10-29)

Rob and Steelo celebrate Chanel's birthday with BAD SURPRISES, send in a carload of INSTA-CLOWNS, and put her detective skills to the test on some UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.

Episode #29: Lamorne Morris (air date: 2020-10-30)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo are joined by actor Lamorne Morris as they celebrate some PRANK SINATRAS, figure out whether or not they're SEEIN' SHIT and find out why CATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS.

Episode #30: Chanel and Sterling CCXXVIII (air date: 2020-11-02)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo talk about the concept of "Success Through Failure," the nightmare known as "Roasted Nuts," and they take a look at clips that make them ask "What's Going On Here?"

Episode #31: Chanel and Sterling CCXXX (air date: 2020-11-04)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo see who's doing "Anything For Applause," "Get Clubbed," and "Try Big."

Episode #32: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXI (air date: 2020-11-05)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo say a few prayers while they "Preach Free," get "Fully Committed," and feel the "Weight of the World."

Episode #33: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXII (air date: 2020-11-06)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo learn the true definition of "Nomophobia," try and fix the GPS in "Took a Wrong Turn" and encounter the most terrifying dinos of all, "Dadosaurus Ricks."

Episode #34: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXIII (air date: 2020-11-09)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get weird with disguises in "Masked Maniacs," have tough times on the farm in "Hard Out There For a Sheep," and feel the full noodle passion of "Ramen Warriors."

Episode #35: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXIV (air date: 2020-11-10)

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo hit the beach with "Sea Puppies," get stuck on repeat in Over and Over Again," and have a Russian Mother's Day in "Mother Russians."

Episode #36: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXV (air date: 2020-11-11)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo witness the "Revenge of the Exes," hit the lake with some "Boat Dopes", and judge a prestigious show of "Pedigree People."

Episode #37: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXVI (air date: 2020-11-12)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo learn about "The Gift of Power," meet some people who want nothing more than to "Hit That Angle," and others who don't need ink and paper when they can make "Creative Contracts."

Episode #38: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXVII (air date: 2020-11-13)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo find who's "Seat Stumped," mail out some "People Packaging," and make "One Trip Max."

Episode #39: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXVIII (air date: 2020-11-16)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo meet some dudes who are "Odd Alphas," fall through the cracks in "On Thin Ice," and overestimate the abilities of children in "I Forgot You’re a Kid."

Episode #40: Chanel and Sterling CCXXXIX (air date: 2020-11-17)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about the time when people realize "College Is Not For You," people who need to lay off fast-food employees and "Just Eat the Food," and horses that want nothing to do with people.

Episode #41: Chanel and Sterling CCXXVI (air date: 2020-11-18)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate the little-known art of "People Tipping," check out some kids who have been "Chored to Death," and give credit to some of the "World’s Smartest Idiots."

Episode #42: Chanel and Sterling CCXXIX (air date: 2020-11-19)

Rob, Steelo, and Chanel see who’s "Following Thru," get swept up in "Mattress Mayhem," and find out who’s saying those "Three Little Words."

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