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Ridiculousness season 20

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Ridiculousness season 20 episodes list:

Episode #1: Chanel and Sterling CCLXVII (air date: 2021-02-08)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get burnt in FLESH FLAMBÉ, suck it up and PARTY THROUGH THE PAIN, and meet some kids that are absolutely KID-FURIATING.

Episode #2: Peyton List (air date: 2021-02-09)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo welcome actress Peyton List to find out who is NOT QUITE COBRAS, experience 27 MESSES, and rev it up with some EXTREME GRANDMAS.

Episode #3: Brendan Schaub V (air date: 2021-02-10)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo welcome comedian Brendan Schaub to watch nature run wild in TAKING IT BACK, get moving with MOMS PER HOUR, and pedal through the pain in THICCC BOY BIKE BRUISES.

Episode #4: Jo Koy (air date: 2021-02-11)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo are joined by comedian Jo Koy to talk about people coming in FAR TOO HOT, video game RAGE QUITTERS, and they celebrate people we call QUEEN DENISES.

Episode #5: Chanel and Sterling CCLXVIII (air date: 2021-02-12)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo protect their butts in ATTACK OF THE CHAIRS, give the evil eye in IF LOOKS COULD KILL, and lack strength in numbers in WEAK LINKS.

Episode #6: Jaleel White (air date: 2021-02-15)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome actor Jaleel White, to get clumsy in "You Definitely Did That"; "Messing With Mom"; "Bee-Ware."

Episode #7: Brendan Schaub VI (air date: 2021-02-16)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome comedian Brendan Schaub to get hit square in the "Leg Testicles," get a deep whiff of "The Stanky One" and learn sometimes life wants you to just "Stay at Home."

Episode #8: Chanel and Sterling CCLXIX (air date: 2021-02-17)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo smile for the camera with some baby "Born Cheesers," feel the breeze in "Windiest City" and learn how to live "The Handlebar Way."

Episode #9: Chanel and Sterling CCLXX (air date: 2021-02-18)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo find out what happens when things go "From Zero to Oh No," try and avoid some "Poison Footballs" and give a listen in "Cool Story Bro."

Episode #10: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXI (air date: 2021-02-19)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo feel the pain of "Discount Dismounts," see who's at work with "Minimum Rage" and get "Left in the Dust."

Episode #11: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXII (air date: 2021-02-22)

On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo watch parents causing serious KIDLATERAL DAMAGE, meditate with some ZEN MASTERS, and lend a hand to people with ZERO BALANCE.

Episode #12: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXIII (air date: 2021-02-23)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo take flight in "Flipped Off," quiz a class of "Home School Legends" and imagine their own personal "Happy Places."

Episode #13: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXIV (air date: 2021-02-24)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about living life with "No Regrets," the age-old rivalry of "Man vs Bug" and going to the beach to get "Two-Toned."

Episode #14: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXV (air date: 2021-02-25)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo catch some Z's in "Slumber Partiers," lose some valuables in "Loose Pockets" and soak up some suds in "Adult Bathtime."

Episode #15: Chanel and Sterling CCLXXVI (air date: 2021-02-26)

Rob, Chanel and Steelo enter "The Bladezone," discuss what it's like being from ”Cornhole Country" and warn viewers not to hire "The Break Your S**t Moving Co."

Coming soon:
Episode #16 2021-03-05 Chanel and Sterling CCLXXVII
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