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Ripper Street season 4

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7 episodes (5996 views)
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Channel:BBC Two
8.3/10(1267 votes)

Brilliant three seasons of the series already behind. They gave the audience a variety of emotions, experiences and fear. And now come a time to show you that the author prepared for next season. Together with this to present another batch of new emotions. As you remember, the events unfolding in the capital of Great Britain in the late 19th century. In the territory of the city acts very brutal, ruthless killer. He already deprived of life of many people. Who else will suffer against the hands of the offender it's unknown. And for the time being can not to prevent these crimes, since this killer consistently escapes and destroys all evidence which might help the investigation. In this season, you will see the replenishment of a number of crimes so-called of Jack the Ripper. The series again will dip you in a long journey by Victorian London. You will see even more exciting events of this detective series in excellent traditions of british cinema. The most striking and mysterious storylines already expected you. Do not miss the continuation of this exciting story. Take some time for yourself and immerse yourself in new experiences which are ready to open for you to series Ripper Street.

Ripper Street season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Strangers' Home (air date: 2016-01-15)

Reid must return to Whitechapel to covertly re-investigate a case made by Drake and Jackson.

Episode #2: Some Conscience Lost (air date: 2016-01-22)

Reid struggles to adapt on his first day back at H Division under Drake's command.

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Episode #3: A White World Made Red (air date: 2016-01-29)

One month has passed since Inspector Reid returned to H Division. Drake and Reid are working once more in harmony but Whitechapel is forever haunted, and this time by a spectre with a taste for blood.

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Episode #4: Men of Iron, Men of Smoke (air date: 2016-02-05)

Just as it seems that Reid and Drake have found their working dynamic once more, they are forced to engage with a difficult murder case that threatens to open old wounds.

Episode #5: No Wolves in Whitechapel (air date: 2016-02-12)

Drake's life unravels as he questions whether he sent an innocent man to the gallows.

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Episode #6: Edmund Reid Did This (air date: 2016-02-19)

The walls close in on Reid as a secret from his past threatens to destroy his future in Whitechapel.

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Episode #7: (air date: 2016-02-26)
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