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Rizzoli and Isles

Rizzoli and Isles poster
Genre: Crime, Drama, Suspense
Channel: TNT
Status: Ended
8.5/10(2219 votes)
Adam Sinclair Adam Sinclair as Kent Drake
Angie Harmon Angie Harmon as Det. Jane Rizzoli
Angie Harmon Angie Harmon as Jane Rizzoli
Brian Goodman Brian Goodman as Lt. Sean Cavanaugh
Bruce McGill Bruce McGill as Det. Vince Korsak
Colin Egglesfield Colin Egglesfield as Tommy Rizzoli
Idara Victor Idara Victor as Nina Holiday
Jordan Bridges Jordan Bridges as Det. Frankie Rizzoli Jr.
Lee Thompson Young Lee Thompson Young as Det. Barry Frost
Lorraine Bracco Lorraine Bracco as Angie Rizzoli

On Rizzoli & Isles, Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are complete opposites and good friends who solve crimes and bust some of Boston's most notorious criminals. Jane, the only female detective in Boston's homicide division, is a tough and gutsy cop who doesn't let her guard down (except with Maura), dodges her overprotective mother, and is better at basketball than her brother. Maura, meanwhile, is usually more comfortable among the dead than the living. She is always impeccably dressed in designer duds with a steady, sometimes icy temperament. Jane and Maura often find themselves working together as both use their brilliant minds and expertise to figure out the "who done it" as well as the "how done it" of Boston's most complex cases.

Detective Jane Rizzoli serves in the Boston Police Homicide. Best Jane’s friend is working in the police – pathologist Dr. Maura Isles. The friends, despite the different personalities are complement each other and together investigates bloody crimes. Rizzoli – assertive, decisive and sometimes rude. Isles – combining intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge remains with the feminine. They refute the notion that the work of the police – not for women. Jane and Maura successfully reveal the most intricate cunning crimes and cruel murderers.

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In Rizzoli & Isles season 2 Jane gets wounded while carrying out a dangerous task and is honoured as a hero at a public event. Sergeant major Casey Jones suddenly appears in Jane’s life as a ghost from her school past and is ready to help Jane handle her emotions. Rizzoli family is falling apart: Angela is getting divorced with Frank and is moving to Maura’s guest house. During her next investigation Maura finds out that her biological father is an Irish criminal authority. Once he told her own mother that their newly born daughter is dead and she had all reasons to believe this story: Maura saw a little gravestone with her name at the cemetery. She finds consolation in Tommy’s company to Jane’s horror. At the same time, FBI agent Gabriel Dean comes back to town hoping to renew his relationship with Jane Rizzoli.

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Jane and Maura’s friendship suffers following the shooting of Maura’s biological father, gangster Paddy Doyle. Jane also finds herself in the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation. And her relationship with Agent Dean is exposed. Tensions continue to mount between Jane and Maura, causing those close to them to be caught in the middle. But they must put aside their differences and continue to work together.

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The story line of Rizzoli & Isles season 4 centers on daily life of Boston Police Department and private lives of the 2 characters: detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles. Frankie Rizzoli gets a promotion and now he proudly bears the title of detective. Jane takes advantage of her position in the police in order to save her brother Tommy from court while Maura becomes the prime suspect in killing a mysterious guest at a charity event. Casey Jones’ unexpected visit brings shocking news. Lieutenant Rafael Martinez who Jane cooperated with in Drug Department comes back to Boston. This news is a little disappointing for Jane.

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In season five, Jane and Maura will investigate more complex and dangerous cases than ever before, including the murder of a jogging mother that leads to the search for her missing baby, the pursuit of a killer who uses online ads to lure in the perfect candidate for murder, and the investigation of a man killed in his supposedly impenetrable doomsday shelter. The team will also deal with the loss of a dear friend and colleague as they say goodbye to Detective Barry Frost.

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TV series turns around two women: Jane Rizzoli and Sea Isles. Rizzoli is a detective in the police department. Isles works as pathologist after Boston Cambridge, she decided for themselves what is legal medical expert. Together they investigate the mysterious murders taking place in Boston. We have Rizzoli teammate Barry Frost, but sometimes it comes to the aid of her former colleague Vince Korsak. They are completely different: Rizzoli is a typical woman with Italian roots – hot-tempered and resolutely Isles – boring, but it does not prevent them skillfully reveal the most complicated case of Boston!

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Two friends - Jane Rizzoli and Maura, Isls - talented defender of the rule of law, working at the Boston police Department. They are very different from each other, but as real fans of their work, successfully hyping the most intricate and mysterious crime, to whom give up many colleagues by the police. Despite the contradictions and acute situations, crime in the face of a female police officer received a powerful fighter. Fascinating and stunning plot twists will not leave you indifferent to the very end of the film. The audience will constantly unravel - what still puzzles the made series movie. Fascinated by the view, you say in confidence - that women police officers is really cool!

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