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Rosewood poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Drama, Crime, Medical
Channel: FOX
Status: Ended
6.8/10(573 votes)
Anna Konkle Anna Konkle as Tara Milly Izikoff
Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick Lombardozzi as Captain Ira Hornstock
Eddie Cibrian Eddie Cibrian as Capt. Ryan Slade
Gabrielle Dennis Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy Rosewood
Jaina Lee Ortiz Jaina Lee Ortiz as Det. Villa
Kamal Angelo Bolden Kamal Angelo Bolden as Joo Joo
Lisa Vidal Lisa Vidal as Daisie Villa
Lorraine Toussaint Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood
Manny Montana Manny Montana as Marcos
Manny Montana Manny Montana as Marcos

Meet the Beethoven of private pathologists... From executive producer Todd Harthan, Rosewood is the story of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., the most brilliant private pathologist in Miami. Using his wildly sophisticated autopsy lab, he performs for-hire autopsies to uncover clues that the Miami PD can't see. His new partner-in-crime is Detective Villa a Miami PD detective with attitude and demons to spare. While she's impressed by Rosewood's incredible abilities, his constant optimism is more annoying than it is infectious. But somehow, week-to-week, this unlikely tag team will solve many crimes together. Joining Rosewood in his practice are his sister and "toxicology queen," Pippy; and DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff aka TMI, who is Pippy's fiancée. Plagued with his own set of medical ailments, Rosewood sees that every moment of life should be embraced and lived to the fullest. And those moments of victims' lives that will never be are what drive him the most.

Rosewood season 1

Rosewood season 1 poster

The series Rosewood this is a real find in the genre of drama. He undoubtedly will cause your attention and interest. The american project will tell you a story about a normal, fun and charming a merican guy whose name Beaumont Rosewood. His profession pathologist. Beaumont lives and works in Miami. Here he has laboratory in which he conducts his investigations. The laboratory has all the necessary and modern equipment with which he is able to do any experiment. Also, to achieve the desired results him helps his professionalism. Beaumont has a medical degree and very good skills in the work. During his career, he has managed to win over a lot of people who have learned about him as an experienced specialist. Besides the main character takes part in police investigations. Quite often his medical education and special skills help to find the necessary evidence and go out on the trail of the perpetrator. His operating principles rather unique. Seemed he establishes a connection with the dead, and it gives an opportunity to learn useful information for the investigation. He is always sure of himself and he was not afraid of even the most complex tasks. The hero is ready to help in any situation. These facts allow us to admire by the main character even more.

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Rosewood season 2

Rosewood season 2 poster

Recently, for the audience it was made available a wide range of TV series on the medical theme which is not the pathologists that virtually none. But Rosewood series tells the story of a man who has chosen for himself is a profession. He is young has a good education and a lot of experience which help him to achieve success in his career. The protagonist Beaumont lives in the beautiful city of Miami where the actual substantiated his ultra-modern laboratory. He has equipped it with the most advanced technology to give it an opportunity opens up complex crime with greater precision. Of course, the local police noticed such a professional and start working with him. Rosewood is different from the others in that he knows his job better than anyone else and he is the only one who is able to find a needle in a haystack. In appearance a small hook very often the root of the change of the investigation process and helps out on the trail of each offender. To all this, the main character has a tremendous intuition which often helps him to do anyway. Beaumont is working together with his co-worker detective. He is always sure of this young and charming girl which has managed to establish herself with a good hand. Despite the sympathy of Beaumont in her address she nevertheless does not try to respond to him in return.

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