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Sailor Moon season 4

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39 episodes (14 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Mitsuishi Kotono, Aya Hisakawa, Megumi Ogata, Keiko Han, Rica Fukami, Emi Shinohara, Chika Sakamoto, Kae Araki, Chiyoko Kawashima, Masako Katsuki, Michie Tomizawa, Narumi Tsunoda, Shiho Niiyama, Toru Furuya, Yasuhiro Takoto, Yuko Minaguchi Genre:Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy Channel:TV Asahi Status:Ended

8.6 (28 votes)

Sailor Moon season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Meeting of Fate! The Night where a Pegasus Flies (air date: 1995-03-04)

Chibiusa is in a trance, and is lead to follow a young male voice...suddenly winding up in a crystal forest. Chibiusa meets a white unicorn named Pegasus, and they talk. Usagi wakes her up, and they go out on the town, to hang with Mamoru, Motoki, and Motoki's sister Unazuki. Usagi tries to spook Chibiusa about eclipses, when suddenly a tent appears in the area after the eclipse has taken place. In the tent, we see Madame Zirconia ruling over her Amazon Trio, Hawk Eye, FIsh Eye and Tiger Eye, and they discuss the dream mirrors. Naturally, the target is Unazuki. On a bus, Tigers Eye attacks Unazuki, and the s hear her shrills and run to her aid. Karakuriko is the lemure used, so Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon fight her off, and save Unazuki's dreams.

Episode #2: Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power (air date: 1995-03-11)

Thanks to the mysterious pegasus, Usagi gains the power of Super Sailor Moon.

Episode #3: Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon (air date: 1995-03-18)

Usagi has a fight with Chibiusa, Shingo and Ikuko over lemon pie (very Usagi like) and despite Ami and Rei's attempts to calm her, she stays angry. Hawkseye takes his turn, and goes after his new target, Ikuko! Ikuko is with Chibiusa when she is attacked, so Chibiusa fetches Usagi's help. They transform, and try to fight Hawkseye, and his lemure, off but no dice. Pegasus grants Sailor Moon a new attack ""Moon Gorgeous Meditation"", which works like a charm...and Ikuko's dream is saved.

Episode #4: Capture the Pegasus! The Amazon's Trap (air date: 1995-03-25)

Usagi and the girls try to help Naru and Umino, when Naru becomes the target of Tigers Eye. She gets trapped into Tigers Eye's cage, but Pegasus helps save her, and her dream is saved. Sailor Moon and the soliders use their attacks, and are able to defeat the lemures.

Episode #5: A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love (air date: 1995-04-15)
Episode #6: Artemis' Affair!? A Mysterious Kitten Appears! (air date: 1995-04-29)

When a cat from the future appears to the past, Luna thinks Artemis cheated on her and had a kitten.

Episode #7: Makoto's Friendhip! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus (air date: 1995-05-13)
Episode #8: Hearts that Communicate! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus (air date: 1995-05-20)
Episode #9: Protect Mammoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja (air date: 1995-05-27)
Episode #10: Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy (air date: 1995-06-03)
Episode #11: Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams (air date: 1995-06-10)
Episode #12: Try for the Best of Japan! The Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordman (air date: 1995-06-17)

A young ignored warrior girl attempts to pursue her dream as the strongest warrior in Japan, that is until Tigers Eye attempts to destroy her dream mirror.

Episode #13: Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Soldiers (air date: 1995-07-01)
Episode #14: Storm of Love! Minako's Grand Two Timing Plan (air date: 1995-07-08)

Trouble stirs up when both Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye go after the same dream mirror, Minako's.

Episode #15: Mansion of Secrets! The Men of Love to You (air date: 1995-07-15)
Episode #16: Time to Believe the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers (air date: 1995-07-22)
Episode #17: Sparking Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze (air date: 1995-08-12)
Episode #18: Ami for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet (air date: 1995-08-19)

It's a battle for best ballerina! Who can win? The stunning, beautiful but natural clumsy Usagi or the villionous Fish Eye?

Episode #19: Holiday in Juban City! A Carefree Princess (air date: 1995-08-26)
Episode #20: The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence (air date: 1995-09-02)
Episode #21: Shadows of the Great Evil! The Trio is Concerned (air date: 1995-09-23)

Zirconia gives Fish Eye the photo of a man to attack, and Fish Eye goes after the target. The target is Mamoru.

Episode #22: Mirror of Dreams! Amazon's Final Stage (air date: 1995-10-21)

Fish Eye is devasted to learn that he will not get to be a human with beautiful dreams anymore after the next full moon. He poses as a female, and wants to be with Mamoru before he gets transported back to a fish. Mamoru is to loyal to Usagi to accept. Fish Eye still wins a kiss. Fish Eye is depressed about not getting his love, and winds up going to Usagi's house to seek shelter from the rain. He is shocked to find out, Usagi is Super Sailor Moon and best of all, Pegasus is in Chibiusa's care. Zirconia is ready to replace the Amazon Trio with the Amazon Quartet, and they send out a demon to berid of Tigers Eye, Hawks Eye and Fish Eye. The remaining 2/3's of the trio come down to Earth, and there they attack Usagi for her mirror. Fish Eye explains his wish of having dreams, and everyone agrees they want to be full human. The Quartet's demon attacks Fish Eye, but Hawks Eye saves him by stepping in the way, and is killed. With the power of Pegasus, the demon is killed but the full moon s

Episode #23: Amazoness! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror (air date: 1995-10-28)
Episode #24: The Power Explodes! Ami's Song of the Heart (air date: 1995-11-04)
Episode #25: Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack (air date: 1995-11-11)

Usagi sees Rei on a cover of a popular magazine and sees that at the shrine she is overly popular. A little girl decides to dress up like Rei and help her. This girl idolizes Rei! Rei tells the other girls that she is annoyed by her, and she is sad and runs away. One of the Amazon Quartet girls takes her dream. Moon and team defeat the youma.

Episode #26: A Dentist of Terror? Pallapalla's House (air date: 1995-11-18)

Para-para is sent on a job to open a dentist job in order to steal dreams. Usagi and Chibiusa, along with many people, have cavities and go to that dentist. Mamo notices that many people come into the dentist place, but no one comes out. Usagi and Chibiusa are attacked and Mamo as Tuxedo Kamen goes to save them. Para-para is sad to know it has all failed. Ikuko sends the two girls to the Juuban Dentist because theit cavities are real!

Episode #27: Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendhip (air date: 1995-11-25)
Episode #28: Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom (air date: 1995-12-02)
Episode #29: Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror (air date: 1995-12-09)
Episode #30: Pegasus is Gone!? Swinging Friendships (air date: 1995-12-16)
Episode #31: The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of Dream World (air date: 1995-12-23)
Episode #32: Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love (air date: 1996-01-13)
Episode #33: Dream to be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment (air date: 1996-01-20)
Episode #34: Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach (air date: 1996-01-27)
Episode #35: The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus (air date: 1995-02-03)
Episode #36: Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibi-Moon Captured (air date: 1996-02-10)
Episode #37: The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehenia's Spell (air date: 1995-02-17)
Episode #38: Time for the Crystal to Shine! Beautiful Power of Dreams (air date: 1996-02-24)
Episode #39: Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky (air date: 1996-03-02)
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