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Sanctuary season 1

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13 episodes (454 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl, Emilie Ullerup, Christopher Heyerdahl, Polly Walker, Jim Byrnes, Ian Tracey, Jonathon Young, Peter Wingfield, Vincent Gale, Agam Darshi Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Science-Fiction Channel:Space Status:Ended

8.1 (163 votes)

Sanctuary season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1:
Episode #2: Sanctuary for All (2) (air date: 2008-10-03)

As Will attempts to help Alexi cope with his abnormality, Helen gets a visitor from her past.

Episode #3: Fata Morgana (air date: 2008-10-10)

Dr. Helen Magnus, her daughter Ashley, and new to the Sanctuary, Dr. Will Zimmerman release three women from a mysterious crypt in Scotland, bringing them back to the Sanctuary for refuge. Unbeknownst to the team, and the women themselves, they have extraordinary powers. And their disappearance does not go undetected by a powerful cabal, resolute on reclaiming what it determines is theirs.

Episode #4: Folding Man (air date: 2008-10-17)

An investigation into a string of bizarre robberies leads Magnus and Will to a crime ring of thieves who seem to be able to slip between the cracks of the law…literally.

Episode #5: Kush (air date: 2008-10-24)

Returning with an abnormal captured in the Himalayas, Magnus and Will are stranded from civilization and aid after their plane goes down in a desolate mountain range. While anxiously waiting for a rescue team, the surviving passengers begin to fall victim to vicious and deadly attacks throughout the night. It becomes chillingly apparent that surviving the cold is the least of their worries and no one, not even Magnus and Will, is above suspicion.

Episode #6: Nubbins (air date: 2008-11-07)

When a mating pair of cute, furry and seemingly harmless abnormals is brought in for scientific study, the Sanctuary team begins to exhibit some hidden animal attractions for one another.

Episode #7: The Five (air date: 2008-11-14)

While leading a covert meeting in Rome, Magnus encounters an old friend from her past who confides that the cabal has come to exact revenge on her for the events in "Fata Morgana."

Episode #8: Edward (air date: 2008-11-21)

A young artist with an uncanny ability to draw remarkably detailed pictures from memory may be the key to solving a case surrounding the suspicious death of his abusive father.

Episode #9: Requiem (air date: 2008-12-05)

Magnus and Will investigate a distressing call for help deep below the Bermuda Triangle resulting in a deadly battle to save Magnus’s life.

Episode #10: Warriors (air date: 2008-12-12)

Investigating the disappearance of an old college friend, Will finds himself caught in an underground fight club where the combatants are genetically engineered abnormals who fight to the death like modern day gladiators.

Episode #11: Instinct (air date: 2008-12-19)

Magnus and the Sanctuary team attempt to capture a rare and deadly creature - all under the watchful eye of a local news crew.

Episode #12: Revelations (1) (air date: 2009-01-02)

Abnormals in remote regions are subjected to an airborne biological agent that compels them to launch a violent string of murders

Episode #13: Revelations (2) (air date: 2009-01-09)

The Five, led by Magnus, attempt to find the secret labyrinth in the decimated city of Bhalasaam. Once located, they must complete a series of cryptic tests that can only be achieved using each of their unique powers.

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