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Saving Hope season 3

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18 episodes (2665 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Michael Shanks, Erica Durance, Daniel Gillies, Kristopher Turner, Benjamin Ayres, Tyler Hynes, Danso Gordon, Michelle Nolden, Stacey Farber, Wendy Crewson, Salvatore Antonio, Glenda Braganza, K.C. Collins, Julia Taylor Ross, Huse Madhavji Genre:Drama, Fantasy Channel:CTV Status:Continuing

8.3 (15 votes)

After being stabbed in the heart in the Season 2 finale, Dr. Alex Reid has a profound experience in the liminal space, while a desperate Charlie Harris and his ex – Dawn Bell race against the clock to save her life. Meanwhile, Dr. Joel Goran is pulled in to the ER to treat a suicidal patient that tests his duty as a doctor, and Maggie Lin makes a bold decision that changes her relationship with Gavin Murphy.

Saving Hope season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Heaven Can Wait (air date: 2014-09-22)

Charlie (Michael Shanks) tries to comfort spirit Alex (Erica Durance) in the OR as they watch Dawn (Michelle Nolden), Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross), and Reycraft (K.C Collins) struggle to repair her heart. Before spirit Alex can fully comprehend that she’s dying on the operating table and that Charlie really can see ghosts – she pops – waking up in a “dream” that takes her back to her childhood home in St. Catharines, Ont. A chance encounter with a lost loved one puts Alex face-to-face with a repressed memory that holds the key to her past, present and future. Meanwhile, Dawn (Michelle Nolden) manages to stitch the hole in Alex’s heart, only to be convinced by a passionate Charlie that something may still be wrong with Alex – leading the team to discover a deadly mistake that Dawn has only minutes to rectify. Joel (Daniel Gillies) is pulled to the ER to treat Alex’s assailant – and when his patient pleads to let him die – Joel’s morals as a man are tested against his ethics as a doctor.

Episode #2: Kiss Me Goodbye (air date: 2014-09-25)

Alex Reid (Erica Durance) is still in a coma, and her impatient spirit wants her to wake up. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) encourages spirit Alex to let her body recover and enjoy the time they have together in the ‘spirit-world.’ Charlie and Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) come face-to-face for the first time after their fight, and Alex feels for Joel, who still very much blames himself for her accident. Joel welcomes a distraction when he is called to treat the necrotic leg of an animated drug addict. Still searching for redemption, he makes a pact with the patient to see him through this ordeal, and when an unexpected obstacle arises, he finds himself deeper into his downward spiral. Meanwhile, Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) and her new boss, the militaristic and pragmatic Dr. Sydney Katz (Stacey Farber), treat a five-month pregnant woman who suffers an aneurysm in the hospital, which renders her brain-dead. The woman’s spirit pleads with Charlie to convince her husband to fight for the life of their son inside of her. After witnessing the couple’s parental love, Alex discovers she wants to become a mother.

Episode #3: Awakenings (air date: 2014-10-02)

Alex Reid (Erica Durance) is awake, but still not back to her old self. She feels like a stranger in her own hospital. Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden) has given strict orders for her recovery plan, much to the chagrin of a restless Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks). Throughout the day, Alex is visited by the staff of Hope Zion Hospital, but in the end, it is a patient who gives her the opportunity she needs to truly make progress. Meanwhile, Charlie and Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) square‐off over differing treatment options, when two fused-together burn victims are brought into the ER. More heat is added to the fire when Charlie discovers Joel has been visiting Alex on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions triggered from the fallout of her miscarriage, and it seems every doctor has their own ideas on how to best manage her outbursts. Plus, a menacing ghost presence has Charlie on edge.

Episode #4: Stand By Me (air date: 2014-10-09)

Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) and Alex Reid (Erica Durance) try to navigate their way back as a couple, as Alex faces her first day back on the floor as a doctor at Hope Zion Hospital. It is none other than the Chief of Surgery Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden) who will act as a “buddy colleague” during her rounds. During their time together, Dawn comes to realize that she may also have some unresolved issues of her own relating to Alex’s stabbing. Meanwhile, Charlie is visited by one of the happiest spirits he’s ever encountered, who reminds him what life can truly offer. While trying to be a Good Samaritan, Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a hostage situation at a local street clinic. He and the clinic’s tough, no‐nonsense doctor rely on their “street‐smarts” to save a very injured patient. Plus, psychiatrist Dr. Gavin Murphy (Kristopher Turner) meets a new colleague at Hope Zion, who is able to help him navigate his feelings – leading to some welcomed “enlightenment.”

Episode #5: Breaking Away (air date: 2014-10-16)

A car accident brings a ‘she‐bear’ mother and her son to the hospital. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) and Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) discover the mother is in need of a transplant – and her son is very adamant that he be involved in the surgery. Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden) instructs them on procedure and, before they know it, the trio are brought before an ethics panel – including one very unconvinced psychiatrist. Meanwhile, the mother’s spirit is determined to get Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) to do her bidding, which includes stepping out of his comfort zone when console her son. Then, Charlie finds himself pulled into the ER to help Zach Miller (Benjamin Ayres) with a patient whose obsession might cost him his life. Plus, new resident Rian (Danso Gordon) and Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) search the hospital for Hope Zion’s very first “code crown,” which results in having to answer to a shaken Dawn.

Episode #6: Joel 2:31 (air date: 2014-10-23)

Alex, Maggie and Joel face a mystery; Charlie meets a patient with an usual link; an unexpected visitor has Zach questioning his abilities as a dad

Episode #7: The Way We Were (air date: 2014-11-26)

Shahir and Alex attempt a radical surgery on an Alzheimer's patient; Tom discovers his mentor is keeping a secret; Charlie is torn between Dawn's wishes and the final requests of a dead con-man.

Episode #8: The Heartbreak Kid (air date: 2014-12-03)

Alex and Charlie perform a double surgery on a teenage girl; Joel works at the clinic; Maggie must pull through when she is reunited with the Zarb family.

Episode #9: The Other Side of Midnight (air date: 2014-12-10)

Alex and Joel are challenged with a marathon surgery. Charlie has a day off that's full of surprises. Dana, Zach and James are tested.

Episode #10: Days of Heaven (air date: 2014-12-17)

Celebrated neurosurgeon Thor MacLeod gives Alex an offer; Charlie deals with a fatigued spirit.

Episode #11: The Parent Trap (air date: 2015-01-07)

Charlie tries to treat two female MMA fighters; a fight between Dana and Molly ends up in the hospital; Dawn must save a woman's heart.

Episode #12: Hearts of Glass (air date: 2015-01-07)

Two patients need the same heart; a patient has never-before-seen orthopaedic hardware; Dr. Maggie Lin feels the pressure of the upcoming boards.

Episode #13: Narrow Margin (air date: 2015-01-14)

Alex encounters a trapped teenager during a hike in the woods; a woman refuses to see anyone but Joel; an exotic dancer comes to the ER

Episode #14: Trading Places (air date: 2015-01-21)

Alex and Maggie perform an intricate procedure; Joel thinks his dad is hiding something; Charlie suspects foul-play when he sees a boy and his grandmother

Episode #15: Remains of the Day (air date: 2015-01-28)

Alex asks for help in diagnosing a teacher with a mysterious illness; Charlie must explain his actions; Dawn must make a big decision.

Episode #16: A Simple Plan (air date: 2015-02-04)

Alex and Charlie try to save the life of a man on the run; a spirit won't leave Alex alone; Maggie and Zach try to help a couple; Joel and Shahir help a bride walk down the isle.

Episode #17: Fearless (air date: 2015-02-11)

Alex and Dana try to save a single mother's life; a hockey player's mobility is at stake; Charlie gets advice on winning back Alex; Sydney come clean

Episode #18: All the Pretty Horses (air date: 2015-02-18)

A devastating accident requires the help of Hope Zion Hospital’s doctors at an offsite army base, and Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) and Dr. Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) flip a coin to decide who will take the call. When Joel wins the toss, he and Dr. Zach Miller (Ben Ayres) depart for a heart‐pounding day as they attempt to save the life of a soldier in dire circumstances. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dr. Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden) work to save a victim of hypothermia, and it’s do or die time for Hope Zion Hospital’s surgeons-in-training when Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance), Dr. Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross), and Dr. Rian Larouche (Danso Gordon) finally face the future and their Surgical Boards. But for Alex, the biggest day in her career is also about to become the biggest day of her life.

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