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Scandal poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
8.1/10(1671 votes)
Bellamy Bellamy as Mellie
Bellamy Young Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant
Brian Letscher Brian Letscher as Tom
Columbus Short Columbus Short as Harrison Wright
Cornelius Smith Jr. Cornelius Smith Jr. as Marcus Walker
Dan Bucatinsky Dan Bucatinsky as James Novak
Darby Stanchfield Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan
George Newbern George Newbern as Charlie
Guilhermo Guilhermo as Huck
Guillermo Díaz Guillermo Díaz as Huck

Everyone has secrets… and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation's elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope's team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these "gladiators in suits", who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand -- their own.

Scandal season 1

Scandal season 1 poster

The initial series of this series will attract your attention and you can not tear away from them. Olivia Pope is the main heroine of the history. She is a PR-specialist of the President Fitzgerald. This man is a lover of Olivia. She works in the White House, thanks to an alliance with Fitzgerald. These relations arose long ago. Olivia thought that this relations will continue. But after a while between Olivia and the president was a conflict. She decided that makes no sense to stay here. So she quit. This decision gave impetus to create her own project. The heroine opened the anticrisis agency. The competent national elite become the main clients of this agency. All them had a problems with tainted reputation which they want to restore. Other risky situations also was viewed not last. Such circumstances led to the shocking accusations towards President Fitzgerald. Now, the fate of the nation has a real threat. The lawyer Harrison Wright's, the investigator Abby Whelan, earlier, former CIA hacker Huck, as well the recruit Quinn Perkins will help to Olivia. They will become a real team that will deal of problems of the wealthy. They will work fine. But they can not solve their personal problems.

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Scandal season 2

Scandal season 2 poster

An interesting series of american-made with a gripping storyline and his unexpected twistsun returns to your screens. We recommend see the second season of this drama series. The story of Olivia Pope and her active work with the public continues. The girl managed to bring her idea into practice and it brought good results. Now Olivia has a good job and excellent reputation. Also the agents of her team continue to actively deal with the issues that come from influential people. They are so busy that they forget to organize their own lives. They pretend that they are fine and that their absolutely nothing disturbs. The team is trying to hide the slightest flaws so as not to arouse suspicion and thus avoiding disclosure. But suddenly Olivia began a relationship with Senator Davis. However, the development of these relations is not the best. Olivia has a suggestion that they come to an end. Also, the second season will show and other dynamic scenes. They entail clarification, intrigue and misunderstanding. Some of the characters of the series will be on the verge of significant changes.

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Scandal season 3

Scandal season 3 poster

Scandal is one of the most serious series. He received immense popularity. Dynamic of scenes so captures that from viewing is really impossible to put down. This story extended. And now we will reveal to you the secret of the events of the upcoming third season. Team agents brilliantly entered to the role in the previous two seasons. Most of the problems which resolved, behind. Many customers are satisfied their work and results as a whole. These people have become the only hope for the salvation of those who have stumbled. Many hours of daily labor days have not passed in vain. The activity and the desire to help, played a role. Heroes received a lot of reviews that confirm the quality of their work. They continue their flawless operation in the third season. Agents keep abreast always. They know where and when their help is needed. Of course they care about the confidentiality of information between them and the customers. They make utmost to help the customers. This is a real team of heroes that for the sake of others ready to forget about their own problems. Exactly this factor makes them better and provide a solid reputation for many years.

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Scandal season 4

Scandal season 4 poster

After two months of stay with Jake on the island alongshore of Zanzibar Olivia returns to Washington finding out about the Harrison’s death. There she gets to know that her colleagues concern themselves with other things: Quinn is a freelancer, Huck works in electronic store and finally Abby became a media relations officer in the White House. Cyrus blackmails Olivia in order to make her help him to return James and Liz who are considered to be military heroes. Meanwhile media find out about Mellie’s condition. Fitz promotes a control project of fire arms. This infuriates republicans and Elizabeth. At the same time Olivia does business with a new client, and Abby occupies herself with Mellie’s situation. Mellie and Fitz’s daughter appears to be shot in a sex-video, so she applies to Olivia to help in solving this problem. Meanwhile Jake is in Rowan’s crosshairs, he wants to frame Jake in killing Jerry. Thus Fitz retains Jake in the Pentagon and doesn’t admit Olivia to him. Don’t miss the next 23 episodes of Scandal. 

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Scandal season 5

Scandal season 5 poster

The fifth season of the political thriller Scandal promises to turn considerably the direction of the main story arc. The fourth season ended with President Fitz and Olivia getting on the Truman balcony of the White House without a backward glance. The season 5 will pick up exactly where it was left off. We’ll continue watching the show from those shocking moments when Mellie is kicked out from the White House, Quinn thinks of murdering Huck, etc. The whole concept is quite intriguing in the season five: Olivia and Fitz can finally come together because Mellie may be involved in some other relationship. With whom do you think? Still we have so many questions to be responded in new season of Scandal. Will there be a long expected presidential divorce? Will Associates and Olivia Pope renew? What will happen with B613? Who will be the new gladiators? And certainly Scandal will be zoomed in on the romantic plotline. So, what do you think about Olivia and Fitz’s relationship? Will they be finally together?

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Scandal season 6

Scandal season 6 poster

A girl named Olivia engaged in social activities is the central character of the plot of the series Scandal. Long ago, she worked with the President but after some time she has reached great heights in her field because joined with him in a loving relationship. In addition, Olivia has her agency team and reliable business partners. Many rich people are turning to her for help and Olivia always finds all the possible ways out of situations of any complexity. Thus, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the agency senior people are not in the business when it comes to just about them. As a result of the work we can confidently say that Olivia had chosen the right people for her team. Indeed, thanks to the work of the best PR agents the agency on the verge of prosperity. The main character disposes many links. She had the privilege of working with lawyers, public prosecutors, special agents and other important people which are ready to help at any time. One day, a certain woman comes to the agency on employment. While other workers will enter her into the swing of things viewers also have the opportunity to learn about the specifics of the job. Not a year, the agency reaches a new level of work. But as before, the heroine can not find time to arrange her personal life.

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Scandal season 7

Scandal season 7 poster

Scandal season 7 is the final season of a dramatic TV series on ABC channel about a former employee of the US presidential staff named Olivia Pope. Now she is a successful and influential woman who owns Olivia Pope & Associates. Olivia and her team solve the problems of political and public figures which are capable of provoking a scandal. Olivia is completely given to work. As a result, she does not have time for her personal life. Moreover, all of her relations are failing. Season 7 of Scandal will lead us to the logical end of the story about Olivia Pope. She will finally find herself and will move on, leaving the past behind.

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