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Smallville season 9

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21 episodes (2486 views)
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Channel:The CW
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Smallville season 9 episodes list:

Episode #1: Savior (air date: 2009-09-25)

Season 9 opens with Clark ready to begin his training with Jor-El, who instructs him to first end things with Lois. Elsewhere, Lois returns to work with no memory of where she's been and meets a new reporter while on assignment; Clark refuses Chloe's request to turn back time to save Jimmy; Zod visits the Luthor home; and Oliver's dark turn continues.

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Episode #2: Metallo (air date: 2009-10-02)

John Corben is mysteriously transformed into a man-machine with superhuman strength after being hit by a truck. He uses his new powers to hunt down the Red-Blue Blur and in the process kidnaps Lois, who is investigating the Blur on her own.

Episode #3: Rabid (air date: 2009-10-09)

Lois is infected by a zombie plague unleashed on the city by Zod. Its cure lies in the blood of a Kryptonian, and Chloe begs Clark to help, even though he would risk revealing his identity to Zod.

Episode #4: Echo (air date: 2009-10-16)

The Toyman crashes a Queen Industries party that Oliver is attending, and threatens to bomb the gala if Oliver doesn't admit he killed Lex. Meanwhile, Jor-El gives Clark the ability to hear what people are thinking.

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Episode #5: Roulette (air date: 2009-10-23)

Oliver is kidnapped by a woman named Victoria, aka Roulette, who warns him his life is in danger. Later, Oliver is arrested after Victoria is found dead, prompting him to seek help from Chloe. Meanwhile, Lois is upset with Clark for not telling her about Oliver's attempted suicide.

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Episode #6: Crossfire (air date: 2009-10-30)

Oliver is double-crossed by Mia, aka Speedy, a young girl he tries to get off the streets by offering to train her. Meanwhile, Lois turns to Clark for help pursuing an on-air position, and they end up being offered a job as a team.

Episode #7: Kandor (air date: 2009-11-06)

Jor-El meets Chloe at the Kent farm while searching for Clark. Meanwhile, Zod sets out to track down Jor-El, whom he believes is the Blur, and Clark tries to find his father before Zod does.

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Episode #8: Idol (air date: 2009-11-13)

Clark decides to admit he is the Blur after botched crime-fighting assistance from superhero twins Zan and Jayna lands him in trouble with the law.

Episode #9: Pandora (air date: 2009-11-20)

Lois is kidnapped by Tess and forced to reveal what she learned during the weeks of her disappearance. She witnessed a future with Metropolis controlled by Zod and Clark left without his powers because of the red sun. With this information, Clark makes a big decision about Zod.

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Episode #10: Disciple (air date: 2010-01-29)

Oliver squares off against the Dark Archer, his revenge-minded former mentor, whose nefarious plans endanger Lois, Chloe and Mia.

Episode #11: Absolute Justice (air date: 2010-02-05)

Clark and Chloe discover that someone is stalking and killing former criminals. Further research uncovers that the "criminals" are heroes of the last generation, framed by the government for crimes they didn't commit. Now new heroes must band with the old heroes--the Justice Society of America--if they hope to stop the killer.

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Episode #12: Warrior (air date: 2010-02-12)

Clark runs into the magician Zatanna at a comic-book convention, where a magical comic book is stolen by a young man who develops special powers. Calling himself the Warrior Angel, he rescues Chloe from an accident. Meanwhile, Lois grows envious of Clark and Zatanna's connection.

Episode #13: Persuasion (air date: 2010-02-19)

Clark is unwittingly infected with wish-fulfilling Kryptonite on Valentine's Day. When he tells Lois he wishes they had a more conventional relationship, she moves in with him and begins to plan their nuptials. And Clark has a wish for Chloe as well: to better protect him. She responds by targeting Lois.

Episode #14: Conspiracy (air date: 2010-02-26)

A once-dead doctor used by the Kandorians for experiments escapes with hostages to prove that aliens exist on Earth. Lois ends up kidnapped by the doctor when she refuses to write about his mission. Meanwhile, Zod discovers the doctor's lab, where he is shot just as Clark arrives.

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Episode #15: Escape (air date: 2010-04-02)

A romantic getaway turns awkward when Clark and Lois bump into Chloe and Oliver at a bed-and-breakfast. Things grow worse when the Silver Banshee arrives and targets Clark and Oliver. Meanwhile, Tess and Zod have a showdown.

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Episode #16: Checkmate (air date: 2010-04-09)

Tess kidnaps the Green Arrow and leaves him in the hands of Amanda Waller, but he escapes with his secret identity intact. Oliver, Clark and Chloe return to the scene to investigate the kidnapping and find John Jones doing the same. Later, Waller threatens Chloe's life to get information on the Justice League.

Episode #17: Upgrade (air date: 2010-04-16)

John Corben rescues Lois from an explosion at one of Tess' labs. While investigating the explosion, Clark is infected with red Kryptonite and under its influence takes Zod to the fortress. Later, Chloe agrees to help Tess by sending John to the fortress to keep Clark from exposing the truth.

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Episode #18: Charade (air date: 2010-04-23)

The Blur's picture is snapped while rescuing Lois from a gun-wielding Raymond Sacks, the former DA she was questioning about his early prison release. While trying to intercept the photo's sale, Lois and Clark run into Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord, who is also hunting down the Blur's identity. Meanwhile, Chloe figures out Zod's secret.

Episode #19: Sacrifice (air date: 2010-04-30)

Chloe becomes trapped inside Watchtower with Tess and tries to stop the Kandorians from accessing information on Watchtower's servers. Meanwhile, Clark learns that Zod's soldiers have superpowers, and a confrontation with Zod leaves Oliver near death and branded with a Z.

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Episode #20: Hostage (air date: 2010-05-07)

Martha surprises Clark when she returns to town with her boyfriend, Perry White; Chloe and Clark search for the Book of Rao, which may help them stop Zod; and Lois and Perry run into trouble while researching a story on the Red Queen.

Episode #21: Salvation (air date: 2010-05-14)

In the Season 9 finale, Zod claims to be the Blur and asks Lois to steal the Book of Rao from Clark; Lois asks Clark for full disclosure, but he refuses; Oliver disappears while he and Chloe attempt to fight the Kandorians by reconnecting Watchtower's satellites; Tess is seriously injured after confronting Zod; and Clark and Zod have a showdown as they battle for Earth.

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