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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy poster
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Channel: FX
Status: Ended
8.9/10(7958 votes)
Adam Arkin Adam Arkin as Ethan Zobell
Ally Walker Ally Walker as June Stahl
Annabeth Gish Annabeth Gish as Althea Jarry
Benito Martinez Benito Martinez as Luis Torres
Billy Brown Billy Brown as August Marks
Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller
Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller
Christopher Douglas Reed Christopher Douglas Reed as Filthy Phil
Danny Trejo Danny Trejo as Romero "Romeo" Parada
David Labrava David Labrava as Happy Lowman

Sons of Anarchy is an American television drama series created by Kurt Sutter, about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional town in California's Central Valley. The show centers on protagonist Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam), initially the vice president of the club, who begins questioning the club and himself.

In a small American town Charming exists bikers club “Sons of Anarchy”, whose members take it upon himself to fight against drug trafficking. City officials, including the police, call it a “gangster justice” because they are involved in illegal arms sales and keep at bay the whole district. The plot – a controversial figure Jax Teller, son of the founder and former president of the club, John Teller, Jax’ mother and his stepfather.

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In season 2, biker clubs want to achieve recognition of people and expand their influence throughout the United States. After all, people think of bikers, drug addicts, drunkards and pimps. In fact, the bikers want to protect the city from the influence of drugs, gangsterism and prostitution. Although sometimes they still break the law. Sons of anarchy fight with biker club "Mayans". But they enlisted the support of corrupt police. Sons of anarchy too. The young Vice-President of the club, Jackson Teller try to change the situation of the club. But parents do not support his. Ethan Strum with his League kidnap Gemma and rape her, to punish the Sons of anarchy. But she doesn't say anything to her family and takes pills of depression. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to establish partnerships with Luan.Otherwise, the war could not be avoided. He wants to profit from the development of pornography. Will can he implement his plan? And Clay Morrow leave the town and try to establish the supply of weapons, to profit from the business. Between two clubs continues the feud. Jackson and Glue preparing the attack on the League of American nationalists. Who will win in this confrontation?

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Here is a description of the third season of Sons of Anarchy TV series about the biker community which is one of the most successful projects. Events series, based around the famous in Charlinge biker club called Sons of Anarchy. Club members are not law-abiding members because they do not neglect the trade in arms and engaged in other deals. One of their advantages is that they are bright opponents drugs. Club team tries to prevent the spread of narcotic potions in the city. In addition the bikers are trying to fight back neo-Nazism which gradually flows into the life of the city Charling. Responsibility for this process assumed the club president Clarence Morrow a former soldier, a criminologist who has seen a lot of horror in his life. Another protagonist of the series Jackson Teller became a pupil of the club. Respected Jackson, has long proclaimed the next president of the biker education. Baker have the honor to call him Prince. The sight of Jackson get the note his father. Outlined in their thinking raise doubts on the part of the protagonist. He sees the current political vagueness arrange club which leads to conflicts with her mother and Kleem. Despite the fact that Jackson was a regular mechanic he would not put up with the rules that are contrary to his views. Of course, we advise you to watch this crime drama about the life of bikers shrouded in an aura of romance, presented in all its glory.

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The new season of the series won’t leave you indifferent as usual! Here you’ll see Clay having killed Piermont Winston, one of the club’s founder and Vietnam veteran. The latter one has time to pass John Teller’s manuscript to Jax. The most remarkable club member Juan Carlos «Juice» Ortiz, intelligence officer, tries to hang himself on the tree. Otto rats the whole club out to federal agents in exchange for his fast death penalty. By doing this he takes revenge on Bobby “Elvis” for making love with his wife Luann. It has now transpired that Clay Morrow is involved in murder of Jax’s father and that Gemma has covered this accident. The club members “Sons of Anarchy” vote for the new president, but are interrupted by assault of Lobos Sonore’s gang. The directors of the fourth season have made one episode more from the creative point of view in order to follow this saga’s chapter to its logical end. This is a perfect bonus for the Sons of Anarchy’s fans! Don’t miss it!

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The events of the 5th season continue to progress in the town of Charming, where the confrontation between a group of bikers and drug dealers is only increasing. The bikers keep on leading the war with drug and weapon dealers. They do their best to to pacify those who do not respect their word. Besides, the chief of the bikers, Morrow, does not lose a chance to earn money selling weapon. At first, it seems that this hero does not stand out of herd taking his moral principles into consideration as once he was imprisoned, but, at the same time, deep in his heart he clearly sees the permitted edge. Morrow lives according to his own principles, and his morality is really pretty high. He together with the club of the bikers guards the town from drug dealers and the other, who wish to obtain the absolute power in the town of Charming. The methods in such cases are straight and often strict, but thanks to this approach the bikers manage to retain the power from invaders. In this season the audience, as it is always, look forward to the unexpected turns of events, intense clashes and battle for the complete control over the town.

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There is a small town called Charming somewhere far from the main roads. It’s just a simple ordinary town but for one thing. There is a special club out there. A club that unites the lovers of top speed, motorcycles, leather jackets and bandannas. Those strong people have got their own laws of honour and their club is their second family and very often the second one substitutes the real one in all ways.
“Sons of Anarchy” are not just a biker club though. They are something like the town’s volunteer guardians and the old traditions keepers.
They are the very power that protects their hometown from all the evils besetting the modern world. They are the last barrier that defends Charming from the huge avalanche of drugs that has already occupied the whole United States. They terminate any kind of harm threatening the dwellers of their town. Because every person living there is like a dear family member to them.
With all the good they do to their town, unfortunately they are mere mortals and also have their sins and skeletons in the cupboards. Their sin is weapon trafficking and this business is very far from what we call a safe way of breadwinning.
Is season the main character  Jackson "Jax" Teller  is faced with a challenge: he tries to get the club life running smoothly while other leaders Tara and Clay are under arrest. Both of them are approached by the police people and offered to share information about the club in exchange on some privileges in their positions. While Tara is adamant, Clay gives in unwilling to meet the prisoners who have long wanted to take revenge on him for some of his past deeds. Then there appears a group of porn-makers from Iran who the club wants to get rid of. And more trouble for Jax are on the way connected to the club’s main business – weapon supplies. See how Jax is able to cope with all this!

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This season will uncover the new upheavals in the plot of “Sons of Anarchy” recounting the story of an unauthorized biker club. It breaks the law selling arms but for all that dreams of emptying the town of drug dealers and Mafioso. After Tara’s death the main hero Jax Teller firmly resolved to avenge for her. So, he begins his bloody hunt for her murderers. There is also Gemma weaving her own plot and misguiding Jax. This season also unravels a new love story of one of the Sons, new intrigues between the alliances, war with Chinese, crime at Stockton Ports, disintegration of the fragile peace of the Charming gangs and many other events. Juice keeps on hiding and gets a nervous breakdown. In the atmosphere of betrayal and scheming Jackson will discover an ugly truth. Track his reaction and the consequences of all revelations of the new season of Sons of Anarchy.

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