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Sons of Anarchy season 4

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Sons of Anarchy season 4 poster
14 episodes (3767 views)
Air weekdate:Tuesday
Cast:Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, Johnny Lewis, Mark Boone Jr., Kim Coates, Adam Arkin, Titus Welliver, Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi, Ryan Hurst, Dayton Callie, David Labrava, William Lucking, Michael Ornstein, Jimmy Smits, Drea de Matteo, Niko Nicotera, Winter Ave Zoli, Kurt Sutter, Emilio Rivera, Rockmond Dunbar, Kenneth Choi, Timothy V. Murphy, Christopher Douglas Reed, Danny Trejo, Benito Martinez, Ray McKinnon, Ally Walker, Donal Logue, Taylor Sheridan, Harold Perrineau, Peter Weller, Billy Brown, Robin Weigert, Kim Dickens, Annabeth Gish
8.9/10(7958 votes)

The new season of the series won’t leave you indifferent as usual! Here you’ll see Clay having killed Piermont Winston, one of the club’s founder and Vietnam veteran. The latter one has time to pass John Teller’s manuscript to Jax. The most remarkable club member Juan Carlos «Juice» Ortiz, intelligence officer, tries to hang himself on the tree. Otto rats the whole club out to federal agents in exchange for his fast death penalty. By doing this he takes revenge on Bobby “Elvis” for making love with his wife Luann. It has now transpired that Clay Morrow is involved in murder of Jax’s father and that Gemma has covered this accident. The club members “Sons of Anarchy” vote for the new president, but are interrupted by assault of Lobos Sonore’s gang. The directors of the fourth season have made one episode more from the creative point of view in order to follow this saga’s chapter to its logical end. This is a perfect bonus for the Sons of Anarchy’s fans! Don’t miss it!

Sons of Anarchy season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Out (air date: 2011-09-06)

As Season 4 begins, Clay, Jax and the other jailed SAMCRO members are released after a 14-month stretch and return to Charming—and a rude welcome from the new sheriff (Rockmond Dunbar) in town. Also new in town (and gunning for SAMCRO): Asst. U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), who's probing SOA ties to Russian gunrunner Putlova (Keith Szarabajka). Meanwhile, Jax gets a warmer welcome from Tara (and their toddler), and makes a promise in return. And Opie and Lyla are getting married.

Episode #2: Booster (air date: 2011-09-13)

Clay makes a deal with the Mayans that won't be easy to sell to the club, and the Russians aren't exactly in his corner, either. Meanwhile, Gemma worries about what Jax might have learned about her past when he was in Belfast, and the new sheriff, Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar), makes his presence felt at SAMCRO's clubhouse.

Episode #3: Dorylus (air date: 2011-09-20)

While Clay and Jax campaign with club members for the Mexican-cartel deal, the Feds think that they might have found a way to take SAMCRO down. Meanwhile, Gemma confronts Tara about the note she found; and Kozik is challenged to a game of basketball.

Episode #4: Una Venta (air date: 2011-09-27)

SAMCRO's first foray in its new business venture, a trip to Tucson, is complicated by a dispute with the local SOA chapter, SAMTAZ. Back in Charming, meanwhile, Gemma makes a new ally in her fight against Charming Heights.

Episode #5: Brick (air date: 2011-10-04)

Sheriff Roosevelt leans on Juice for more information; Piney confronts Clay over John Teller's letter; and Bobby and Jax enlist a porn producer (David Hasselhoff) to help them solve the killing of Otto's wife, Luann, after a police report on the killing surfaces.

Episode #6: With an X (air date: 2011-10-11)

SAMCRO's ties to the cartel are jeopardized when an important package is compromised. Meanwhile, Opie and Lyla face a crisis in their marriage; one of Tig's daughters shows up with an urgent request; and Clay asks Romeo for a favor.

Episode #7: Fruit for the Crows (air date: 2011-10-18)

SAMCRO deals with the fallout from a death threat against Tara while confronting another implication of the drug-mule deal with the cartel. Meanwhile, Potter pushes Sheriff Roosevelt to pressure Juice even more.

Episode #8: Family Recipe (air date: 2011-10-25)

SAMCRO must put off an important vote to deal with an external threat.

Episode #9: Kiss (air date: 2011-11-01)

The Niners have made a new alliance that causes problems for SAMCRO. Meanwhile, Tara asks Margaret Murphy for a favor but soon realizes that she won't be able to help; Gemma finds Piney's body and comes to a disturbing conclusion about how he died; and Linc has a clear-the-air meeting with Juice.

Episode #10: Hands (air date: 2011-11-08)

Jax and Tara taste life after SAMCRO, but discover just how hard it is to escape it. Meanwhile, Gemma discovers that Clay has emptied out the safe at their house; no one in the club can locate Juice; and Sheriff Roosevelt confronts Lincoln Potter.

Episode #11: Call of Duty (air date: 2011-11-15)

A powerful foe threatens SAMCRO's business with the cartel. Meanwhile, Jax confronts Clay over his mother's beating; Wendy (Drea de Matteo) returns to Charming, wanting to reenter Abel's life; Otto (Kurt Sutter) makes a deal with Linc; Bobby conducts some business with Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold); Juice comes clean to Chibs; and Opie finds out about his father's death.

Episode #12: Burnt and Purged Away (air date: 2011-11-22)

SAMCRO must negotiate with the Irish Kings to secure the club's future. Meanwhile, Opie goes first to Gemma after learning about his father's death; Clay meets with Tara, and Jax meets with Wendy (Drea de Mateo); and Otto signs his agreement with Potter.

Episode #13: To Be, Act 1 (air date: 2011-11-29)

In Part 1 of the two-part Season 4 finale, Jax faces a new challenge that threatens his family and SAMCRO. Meanwhile, Gemma lays out some facts to Tara; and Tig gets in a tussle with the Niners.

Episode #14: To Be, Act 2 (air date: 2011-12-06)

In the conclusion of the Season 4 finale, Jax meets with the Irish Kings to complete the cartel gun deal. Meanwhile, the Charming city council prepares to vote on Charming Heights; and the implications of Tig's dustup with the Niners become clear.

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