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Sons of Anarchy season 7

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Sons of Anarchy season 7 poster
14 episodes (17928 views)
Air weekdate:Tuesday
Cast:Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Mark Boone Junior, Ryan Hurst, Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates, Maggie Siff, Jimmy Smits, David Labrava, Dayton Callie, Drea de Matteo, Johnny Lewis, Annabeth Gish, Kim Dickens, Robin Weigert, Billy Brown, Peter Weller, Harold Perrineau, Taylor Sheridan, Donal Logue, Ally Walker, Ray McKinnon, Benito Martinez, Danny Trejo, Christopher Douglas Reed, Timothy V. Murphy, Kenneth Choi, Rockmond Dunbar, Emilio Rivera, Kurt Sutter, Winter Ave Zoli, Niko Nicotera, Michael Ornstein, William Lucking, Titus Welliver, Adam Arkin
Channel:FX (US)
8.9/10(287 votes)

This season will uncover the new upheavals in the plot of “Sons of Anarchy” recounting the story of an unauthorized biker club. It breaks the law selling arms but for all that dreams of emptying the town of drug dealers and Mafioso. After Tara’s death the main hero Jax Teller firmly resolved to avenge for her. So, he begins his bloody hunt for her murderers. There is also Gemma weaving her own plot and misguiding Jax. This season also unravels a new love story of one of the Sons, new intrigues between the alliances, war with Chinese, crime at Stockton Ports, disintegration of the fragile peace of the Charming gangs and many other events. Juice keeps on hiding and gets a nervous breakdown. In the atmosphere of betrayal and scheming Jackson will discover an ugly truth. Track his reaction and the consequences of all revelations of the new season of Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy season 7 episodes list:

Episode #0: Sneak Peak of Season 7 (air date: 2014-08-30)
Episode #1: Black Widower (air date: 2014-09-09)

In the wake of Tara’s death, Jax makes vengeance a club priority.

360p (avi 607.6 MB)
Episode #2: Toil and Till (air date: 2014-09-16)

SAMCRO solicits help from another Charter to get a messy job done.

360p (avi 419.4 MB)
Episode #3: Playing with Monsters (air date: 2014-09-23)

SAMCRO exploits an opportunity to secure an important alliance.

360p (avi 428.6 MB)
Episode #4: Poor Little Lambs (air date: 2014-09-30)

A past effort to help one ally leads to trouble with another.

360p (avi 404.1 MB)
Episode #5: Some Strange Eruption (air date: 2014-10-07)

Looking for the source of a betrayal leads to violence at the Stockton Ports.

360p (avi 447.8 MB)
Episode #6: Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em (air date: 2014-10-14)

Jax settles a score by taking advantage of shifting alliances.

360p (avi 495.7 MB)
Episode #7: Greensleeves (air date: 2014-10-21)

SAMCRO forges an unlikely partnership in order to undermine a powerful enemy.

360p (avi 484.4 MB)
Episode #8: The Separation of Crows (air date: 2014-10-28)

With the search for a missing member at a standstill, focus shifts to flushing out an internal rat.

360p (avi 452.5 MB)
Episode #9: What a Piece of Work Is Man (air date: 2014-11-04)

The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large.

360p (avi 494.9 MB)
Episode #10: Faith and Despondency (air date: 2014-11-11)

SAMCRO members fall in love, but death is in the air.

360p (avi 567.8 MB)
Episode #11: Suits of Woe (air date: 2014-11-18)

The SOA organization bears down on SAMCRO and Jax comes face to face with an ugly truth.

360p (avi 560.0 MB)
Episode #12: Red Rose (air date: 2014-12-02)

With tensions mounting and truths finally revealed, Jax must make the ultimate decision.

360p (avi 638.0 MB)
Episode #13: Papa's Goods (air date: 2014-12-09)

Ghosts loom large as Jax makes the final moves to fulfill his father's legacy.

360p (avi 622.3 MB)

Sons of Anarchy season 7 promo

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