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Suits poster
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Legal
Channel: USA Network
Status: Ended
8.9/10(8251 votes)
Abigail Spencer Abigail Spencer as Dana Scott
Aloma Wright Aloma Wright as Gretchen
Amanda Schull Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett
David Costabile David Costabile as Daniel Hardman
David Reale David Reale as Benjamin
D.B. Woodside D.B. Woodside as Jeff Malone
Dulé Hill Dulé Hill as Alex Williams
Gabriel Macht Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
Gabriel Macht Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
Gina Torres Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his associate. As he becomes enmeshed in this unfamiliar world, Mike relies heavily on the firm's best paralegal Rachel Zane and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna Paulsen to help him serve justice. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bonafide legal credentials.

Suits season 1

Suits season 1 poster

Mike Ross, having excellent memory and the very extraordinary mind, has not graduated from college - he was expelled for fraud. In spite of such a failure, he has always been dreaming of becoming a lawyer. And once Mike escaped from police raid because of the failed attempt of drug selling, he tried to hide in the hotel, where he impersonated a graduate of Harvard. Due to this situation, one of the best corporate lawyers - Harvey Specter interviewed him. Harvey carefully chose candidates for the position of his assistant, as most of them were too boring and trivial, not even mentioning the fact that they did not have sufficient skills and knowledge. When Harvey was nearly at the edge of losing hope to find a suitable candidate and was very tired of pointless task, he met Mike Ross. On the one hand, the guy did not graduate from high school, had some problems with law, but on the other hand he had an innate talent, encyclopedic knowledge of the legislation and photographic memory. Besides, he was also a self-taught lawyer. So, looking at the background of boring applicants, Mike and his brilliant ability seemed to Harvey Specter to be a decent option, though risky one. Was the appointment of Mike for the position of assistant worth doing, because this daredevil reminded him of himself so much, when he was the same age? In such a way the tandem of the most successful and creative lawyers in New York was born.

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Suits season 2

Suits season 2 poster

Mike is entrusted to lead a huge lawsuit, whereas Harvey has to decide whether he should dismiss Mike or not, because Jessica is aware of a “Harvard secret”. The firm’s co-incorporator Daniel Hardmann returns after five-year absence. But in this period his wife dies and be becomes quite another man. Jessica lines up with Harvey against Hardmann. Meanwhile Harvey tries to convince the department of Paul Porter to return to Jessica and sets to their bankruptcy case. But in the final analysis Harvey goes so far that violates instructions and uses his own methods. Hardmann tries to gain Louis over with the help of presents and promises. Harvey and Daniel are at feud during the lawsuit of a hospital against the Chief of nurse’s trade union and Mike is in the center of this fight. Meanwhile the Harvard consultant Sheila arrives to firm who appears to be a female embodiment of Louis. Rachel thinks that Mike conceals a secret from her. Harvey’s Secretary Donna convinces Rachel to leave her feelings for Mike and helps her to fill in a form on a dating site. Find out the next developments in the season two of Suits!

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Suits season 3

Suits season 3 poster

This fantastic serial began in 2011 and kept In tention its lovers for three years. This story is about a very suceeded student who wanted to become a lawer. But his career comes to end when he was kicked out of the collage for selling student the answers of math's test. The previous two seasons where interesting and full of adventures and unexpected moments.
The third season is about the final decision of the main hero. Mike – one of the main heroes in this serial, understands, that he will never suceed in legal sphere, when his fraud discovers. And that's why he makes a very difficult dicision: he changes his career and accepts an offer to become an investment banker. He jokes with Harvey and makes him believe that he is working at him.
This is a really facinating film about people's relationships, about what people can do for reacheing their aim, how they can act and how they can lie to each other. This is a film about our everyday live. We all are in it. There are no eternal friends and enemies. This film shows not only our everyday life, but also teaches us how to live right, how to be real and how to become succeeded and reach our aims. That is the main reason why this serial is so popular.

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Suits season 4

Suits season 4 poster

The new fourth season of Suits opens with Harvey and Mike seeking for their fresh approaches. Whereas they uncompromisingly argue about the issues of Mike’s investment banking attempts their new customer may not stand this long. So this heavy struggle may easily play off Mike against Harvey. This may aggravate in case of Mike's relations with Rachel. At the same time Louis is partnering with former SEC defector Jeff Malonein that doesn’t mean that in the nearest future they may not have a big misunderstanding. Pearson Specter’s customer Logan Sanders tries to iron difficulties between Harvey and Mike. Mike is ready to make a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. But whether the personal relations with Louis and Harvey weigh down the scale or not this is for you to discover. Rachel brings ugly news whereas Jessica wants Louis to choose his own prize if he manages to bring a palm-tree to the firm. See the true attorney’s everyday life and be amazed of the atmosphere of eternal blackmail and threats.

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Suits season 5

Suits season 5 poster

Harvey takes on a new secretary to replace Donna, who seems to be her very reverse. But still he cannot forget Donna. His panic attacks become more and more frequent and dangerous, but it is very challenging for him to discover himself to a mental specialist. But after a while Harvey begins to open his mind and tells about his mother… In the meantime Louis is worried that Donna may return to Harvey. He wants to agree with Jack to modify the scheme of firm’s compensation system in order to compromise Harvey. Will he manage to do it? The real intrigue starts when Louis makes Harvey promise not to sleep with his sister, when she visits the firm seeking for a legal assistance. Will her appearance cause a real clash between these adversaries or go unnoticed? Meanwhile, Soloff gets advice from Daniel Hardman and receives the last chance from Jessica to split a bond with Daniel. Mike and Rachel try to hide their engagement from Harvey, when he is so upset about Donna’s leaving. Follow new turns and twists with the season 5 of Suits!

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Suits season 6

Suits season 6 poster

The series is called Suits became one of the most successful stories over the past decade. It aired from 2011. The fifth season of this picture was presented in 2015. After watching the last series of the season, fans were concerned when the extension of the exciting stories appear. As you remember, the plot revolves around a self-taught lawyer named Mike Ross. Another attempt to promote the drug game ended in failure for Ross. Mike was forced to be off once again, to avoid suspicion. So he invented a whole new way of graduates of prestigious universities of Harvard. This, Mike gave himself a chance at a good future. Mike Ross was invited for an interview to the best lawyer in New York Harvey Spectr. And he manages to make a good impression on this professional legal adviser, who is very tired of the same type of people which have a great desire to serve the law faithfully. Harvey takes Mike to work. However, he accepts that decision is not casual. Harvey noticed that the guy has a real talent and a photographic memory. And it is very important indicators. Now the city of Manhattan is in the hands of a very controversial union which is embattled. Any task too tough for them. More interesting continuation of this history fans will be able to see in the summer of 2016. Mike and Harvey will continue to surprise the audience with their unsurpassed Events for 16 new episodes.

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Suits season 7

Suits season 7 poster

Suits season 7 is a continuation of the popular American drama about the New York law firm Pearson Darby Specter. Mike returns to Pearson Darby Specter in the new season, but already as a qualified lawyer. Therefore, we will see his life in a new quality. The team came together, but the participants changed. Mike is no longer a newbie. He is also no longer a con man. Now he not only wears expensive suits, but also suits to such high rank as a lawyer. How will his relationships develop under the new conditions? Mike gets everything he wants in his new “legal” status: a large salary and an opportunity to take matters on gratuitous basis. Meanwhile, Louis Litt is not doing very well. Tara broke off relations with him. Because Louis knew, that Mike was a fraud, and even used it. The new life of the company will begin without Jessica in season 7 of the TV show Suits. Harvey became a managing partner. He spends a lot of time and energy trying to restore Mike’s reputation. The main theme of the TV show “Suits” for 6 seasons was that Mike Ross is a fraud. However, this situation was resolved. What will be the show without this intrigue?

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Suits season 8

Suits season 8 poster

Suits season 8 is the continuation of the legal procedural about lawyers, not all of which graduated from prestigious universities. “Suits” lost just two of its stars for the season 8: Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, who exchanged an acting career for family happiness with the British prince Harry. There will be an attempt to understand in the new episodes how Mike’s departure affects the rest of the company, especially on Harvey! So, married Mike and Rachel left to run a company in Seattle, and tv series will focus on the history of Harvey now: a workaholic, a rival who does not take captives, not a romantic. He is a head of the renamed (once again) Zane Specter Litt. The most noticeable new dynamics is related to the arrival of Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) to the firm. She is Robert Zane’s protege. Spectators will first see her not in the courtroom or in the office, but as a ruthless kickboxer in the ring. This is a sign that, despite all her beauty and brilliance, she is a formidable player primarily. Because Robert and Harvey will fight for power in the firm now. The creators promise that the aesthetic component of the show, quick and audacious dialogues, bright fashion and the spirit of competition inside and outside the company, everything will remain untouched in the upcoming season 8 of Suits tv series.

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Suits season 9

Suits season 9 poster

The 9th and the last season continues to tell about legal life in the New York city. There will take place more and more surprises and unexpected turn events. In the final season come back almost all heroes. In the 9th season, the legendary lawyer and COO will balance their work and personal life. They want to save the reputation of the company together with partners like Louis Litt, Alex Williams, Katrina Bennett and Samantha. Meanwhile this season will show the personal life of the heroes very deeply.

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