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Supernatural season 13

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Supernatural season 13 poster
23 episodes (9999 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert, Alexander Calvert, Mark Sheppard, Jim Beaver, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rob Benedict, Ruth Connell, Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Smith, Samantha Ferris, Alona Tal, Felicia Day, Osric Chau, Kim Rhodes, Kathryn Newton, Briana Buckmaster, Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Padalecki, Lauren Cohan, Richard Speight Jr., Emily Swallow, Curtis Armstrong
Channel:The CW
9.0/10(14565 votes)

TV series Supernatural season 13 continues to tell the story about two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. The main roles in the new season are still performed by famous favorites, American actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The final episode of season 12 left open many questions. The main one is what will happen to Castiel and Crowley. If Castiel’s story is not over yet, then Crowley completed his participation in the supernatural investigations. The demon committed his most disinterested act in the finale of the 12th season. He sacrificed himself to lure Lucifer into a trap and close the gap between the worlds. Nevertheless, show must go on… That’s why, Sam and Dean will go to conquer a new for them supernatural world in season 13. For example, the ways of Sam and Dean will intersect with Scooby-Doo in one of the upcoming episodes. The action will unfold in the animated world of the dog-detective.

Supernatural season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Lost and Found (air date: 2017-10-12)

Lucifer's son Jack escapes and goes out into the world, and Sam and Dean put things on hold to track him down.

Episode #2: The Rising Son (air date: 2017-10-19)

Donatello, the newest Prophet of God, senses God's power and comes looking for him. Meanwhile, a Lord of Hell decides to use Jack to unleash the foulest beasts of Hell. In the other universe, Lucifer and Mary meet the angels including the one who killed "his" Lucifer.

Episode #3: Patience (air date: 2017-10-26)

After a wraith kills a psychic, Missouri investigates the death of her friend and calls in Dean and Jody. They help track down Missouri's granddaughter, who also has "the gift" and is the wraith's next target. Meanwhile, Sam tries to help Jack develop his powers.

Episode #4: The Big Empty (air date: 2017-11-02)

Two people turn up dead, apparently killed by their deceased love ones. Sam convinces Dean to take Jack with them on the case, and they discover that both victims were seeing a grief counsellor, Mia Vallens. Meanwhile, Castiel meets the keeper of the void that he's trapped in.

Episode #5: Advanced Thanatology (air date: 2017-11-09)

Sam suggests that he and Dean work the case of a missing boy by themselves. Dean soon realizes that Sam is deliberately trying to be kind to him, while the Winchesters work a case of a deadly ghost and a house full of trapped spirits.

Episode #6: Tombstone (air date: 2017-11-16)

After the Winchesters find Castiel, they reunite him with Jack. Together, the group goes to Tombstone to check out a case of grave robbing, and Jack makes a serious mistake.

Episode #7: War of the Worlds (air date: 2017-11-23)

While Lucifer escapes from Michael and proposes an alliance with Castiel, Sam and Dean discover that someone is killing witches and find a familiar face is responsible.

Episode #8: The Scorpion and the Frog (air date: 2017-11-30)

To obtain a tracking spell that can locate Jack, Sam and Dean make a deal with the new king of crossroad demons. If the brothers steal a trunk for the new demon, Barthamus, then he'll give them the spell. However, things don't go quite as planned.

Episode #9: The Bad Place (air date: 2017-12-07)

An artist turns up dead, his eyes burned out, and the Winchesters suspect that Jack was responsible. However, they soon discover that Jack is trying to help them by finding a dreamwalker so that he can locate Mary for the brothers.

360p (mp4 243.9 MB)
360p (mp4 243.9 MB)
Episode #10: Wayward Sisters (air date: 2018-01-18)

When Sam and Dean go missing, Jody calls in Claire. The two of them, along with Patience, Alex, Kaia, and Donna, set out to find the Winchesters in the Bad Place and free them before the portal closes. However, creatures that have come through the portal have other ideas.

360p (mp4 257.4 MB)
360p (mp4 257.4 MB)
Episode #11: Breakdown (air date: 2018-01-25)

Donna's niece Wendy goes missing near a truck stop, and she calls on the Winchesters for help. They soon discover that Wendy's abductor is part of an online business providing food to monsters.

360p (mp4 213.6 MB)
360p (mp4 213.6 MB)
Episode #12: Various & Sundry Villains (air date: 2018-02-01)

Two young witches use a love spell to get what they want... and they want the Black Grimoire stored at the bunker. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Castiel try to escape from Asmodeus' imprisonment, and are forced to work together.

Episode #13: Devil's Bargain (air date: 2018-02-08)

After Castiel makes his way back to Sam and Dean, they set out to find Lucifer and gain an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds a cooperative angel and makes Heaven's angels an offer that they can't refuse.

Episode #14: Good Intentions (air date: 2018-03-01)

Donatello translates the spell and Dean and Castiel go to get the ingredients. Meanwhile, Mary and Jack escape Michael's captivity and meet an old friend for the first time.

Episode #15: A Most Holy Man (air date: 2018-03-08)

San and Dean go looking on the black market for the blood of "a most holy man", and become involved trying to recover the stolen skull of St. Peter.

Episode #16: Scoobynatural (air date: 2018-03-29)

After fighting a stuffed dinosaur, Sam and Dean are transported into a Scooby cartoon and soon realize that it's haunted.

Episode #17: The Thing (air date: 2018-04-05)

Sam and Dean get a lead on the last item they need to open the rift: the Seal of Solomon, at a Men of Letters chapterhouse in Rhode Island. They soon discover something else: a woman imprisoned there for over 80 years. Meanwhile, Asmodeus teaches Ketch his place in the demon prince's hierarchy.

Episode #18: Bring 'em Back Alive (air date: 2018-04-12)

Dean and Ketch arrive in the apocalypse world, and Dean sees a familiar face. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel try to reach Gabriel, while Lucifer grows bored in Heaven.

Episode #19: Funeralia (air date: 2018-04-19)

While Castiel goes to Heaven to try and recruit help, Sam and Dean learn that Rowena is killing people in Portland... and Death has an interest in stopping her.

Episode #20: Unfinished Business (air date: 2018-04-26)

Sam and Dean track Gabriel to Central City, Colorado, and find him on a trail of vengeance against the god and his sons who he claims betrayed him. Meanwhile, Jack is ready to take on Michael but Mary preaches caution.

Episode #21: Beat the Devil (air date: 2018-05-03)

When the group discovers that Gabriel's grace isn't sufficient to open the rift, they turn to another source: Lucifer. However, not all of them survive the trip to Jack and Mary's base.

Episode #22: Exodus (air date: 2018-05-10)

On Apocalypse World, Lucifer tries to bond with his son. Meanwhile, the Winchesters come up with a plan to get the resistance fighters to safety, but first they have to rescue Charlie and Ketch.

Episode #23: Let the Good Times Roll (air date: 2018-05-17)

Lucifer comes to take Jack on a tour of the universe, but all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, one of the refugees is murdered and the Winchesters try to find the killer.

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