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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Channel: MTV (US)
Status: Continuing
8.7 (189 votes)
Dylan O'Brien Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski
Holland Roden Holland Roden as Lydia Martin
Tyler Hoechlin Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale
Tyler Posey Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
Arden Cho Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura
Dylan Sprayberry Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar
Ian Bohen Ian Bohen as Peter Hale
Shelley Hennig Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate/Hale
Charlie Carver Charlie Carver as Ethan
Cody Saintgnue Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot

The series revolves around social outcast Scott McCall, a high school student living in the town of Beacon Hills. Scott's life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf, becoming one himself. He must henceforth learn to balance his problematic new identity with his day-to-day teenage life. The following characters are instrumental to his struggle: Stiles, his best friend; Allison, his love interest who comes from a family of werewolf hunters; and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past. Throughout the series, he strives to keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal relationships with them.

Teen Wolf season 1

Teen Wolf season 1 poster

Teen Wolf is a present version of the well-known 80’s feature with Michael J. Fox. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) who tends to be a strange and unnoticed person is trying to dispose of having such an anonymous status back at school. After Scott’s best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) convinces him to help the police and go to the woods at night in order to find the dead man’s body, Scott faces a weird creature in the dark. Even though he escaped, he got injured, and as the next day brings some new surprises to Scott, he realizes that his life won’t ever be the same. Also starring Christal Reed as Allison Argent, a new mysterious girl in the town, and Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, the oldest and, probably, the most dangerous werewolf.

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Teen Wolf season 2

Teen Wolf season 2 poster

Scott was just a regular guy, until one sting has not changed his life forever. Now he struggles to understand who he is and what he can become. Only time will tell whether he should take his newfound power, or fear them.

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Teen Wolf season 3

Teen Wolf season 3 poster

New season will pick up three months after the events of the season-two finale, which left Jackson nearly dead and resurrected baddie werewolf Peter Hale. Scott McCall, Stiles, Lydia Martin and Allison Argent begin their junior year of high school, unaware of the new pack of Alpha wolves infiltrating Beacon Hills. Their objective: to bring Derek Hale into their group. Twin werewolves Ethan and Aiden will be raising double trouble in Beacon Hills. Also in the third season will be Kali, a “ruthless, sexy” alpha wolf and “mysterious” Cora.

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Teen Wolf season 4

Teen Wolf season 4 poster

In season 4 still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia, integrate back into society. But Kate Argent’s surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor.

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Teen Wolf season 5

Teen Wolf season 5 poster

In the recent past Scott McCall a very ordinary pupil and not very good lacrosse player. But the life of the main character changes completely after his evening hike in the woods and bitten by some sort of an unknown beast. For several years, Scott is in the form of a werewolf while having incredible strength and ability. Since then, his life changed very much because he learned of the existence of not only the werewolves but also of other creatures. In addition to this, the hero constantly overcome difficulties because from time to time many flocks or hunters begin to hunt like Scott werewolves. Scott is experiencing not only for his own life. He also protects the lives of his friends which helped him get through a lot. The new season of the series will give Scott and the other heroes of the new problems and new challenges. They will be in such a critical situation the output of which can be found only through the joint efforts of the heroes. Scott and his friends get into a vicious circle of serious evil which does not stop at nothing yet not finish his mission until the end. Will the heroes of strength and courage to defeat a new and very powerful enemy and not to incur losses?

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Teen Wolf season 6

Teen Wolf season 6 poster

It seemed that the life of such a cheerful and kind guy named Scott, who lived the same life as his peers, not portend anything wrong. He spent time with friends, trying to learn, love to dream, fall in love and find meaning in extreme sports and rock music. But one day changes looked into his life. Normal walking in the forest under the night ended with a meeting with a real werewolf. This caused Scott distraction, because he certainly did not expect to meet any werewolf. Unknown Man being bitten and quickly departed. The protagonist of relief exhaled and persuaded himself that like nothing had happened, and therefore have nothing to worry about. But despite the positive attitude, his health began to deteriorate. The process reached a peak and will soon become a man wolf. Now he felt on - to another, he said adding forces and suddenly appeared angry. Hero realized that if he give a weakness, this rage can roam at full power and lead to dire consequences. So Scott decided to gather all his strength "fist" and do not allow to escape all this out. He found it difficult to resist his emotions and tame himself, because he knew he could hurt others. But with each successive day, the task was given to him much more difficult, because the instinct quickly took possession of his mind.

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