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Teen Wolf season 1

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Teen Wolf season 1 poster
12 episodes (11908 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Holland Roden, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Dylan O'brien, Gideon Emery, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Tyler Hoechlin, Arden Cho, Daniel Sharman, Colton Haynes, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Ian Bohen, Crystal Reed, Tamlyn Tomita, Froy Gutierrez, Sinqua Walls, Maya Eshet, Pete Ploszek, Victoria Moroles, Jill Wagner, Tom T. Choi, Adelaide Kane, Michael Hogan, Gage Golightly, Melissa Ponzio, Eaddy Mays, JR Bourne, Felisha Terrell, Michael Johnston, Keahu Kahuanui, Charlie Carver, Max Carver
Channel:MTV (US)
8.7/10(206 votes)

Teen Wolf is one of the latest modern versions of movies about werewolves. The main character of the series is Scott Mackoul. Tyler Posey played this role. Scott was a normal inconspicuous little guy. He went to school and played lacrosse. He was never a leader, but he always dreamed to show themselves. Scott lived and enjoyed life in a small house with her mother. The best friend came visit to him before the new school year. His name is Stiles Stilinski. Dylan O'Brien plays his role. He talks to Scott about the murder, which happened in the wood. Stiles learned the details from the Sheriff. Sheriff is his father. Guys are going to find the body together. Sheriff Stilinski finds his son in the wood after a while. But Scott moved on. A strange creature looks like a wolf attacks the guy. Scott managed to escape. But he discovers the bite mark on his body. And then the fun begins. Scott's behavior begins to change when the full moon is coming. He can't master his own body and doesn't understand how he must use the gift. Or maybe it's a curse? The werewolf bit's Scott. His name is Derek Hale. He is Alpha and he has his own pack. He returned to Beckon Hills and watching at Scott now. We offer You to plunge into the world of mysticism with us.

Teen Wolf season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Wolf Moon (air date: 2011-06-05)

When Scott suffers a werewolf bite, his strange new abilities begin to complicate his life - and his relationship with the new girl in town.

Episode #2: Second Chance at First Line (air date: 2011-06-06)

Scott struggles to balance his new life as a werewolf and the pressures of being a teen, all while avoiding werewolf hunters and trying to score a second date with Allison.

Episode #3: Pack Mentality (air date: 2011-06-13)

Scott and Allison end up in a group date; an animal attack has Stiles' sheriff father on the lookout.

Episode #4: Magic Bullet (air date: 2011-06-20)

A new hunter comes to town and shoots Derek, who is certain to die unless Scott can find the right kind of bullet that caused his injury.

Episode #5: The Tell (air date: 2011-06-27)

There's another animal attack involving Lydia and Jackson, raising more questions about wild animals. Meanwhile, Scott and Allison skip school and Derek must deal with the werewolf hunters on his own.

Episode #6: Heart Monitor (air date: 2011-07-04)

Scott tries to control his transformation so he can spend more time with Allison. Elsewhere, Derek continues trying to make an ally of Scott.

Episode #7: Night School (air date: 2011-07-11)

Scott and the others are trapped inside the high school as the Alpha draws near.

Episode #8: Lunatic (air date: 2011-07-18)

The hunt is on for Derek's whereabouts, meanwhile Stiles tries to help Scott with controlling his transformation when a second full moon is approaching.

Episode #9: Wolf's Bane (air date: 2011-07-25)

Jackson seeks out a specialist regarding the wound on his neck.

Episode #10: Co-Captain (air date: 2011-08-01)

Scott moves to protect his friends from the Alpha, meanwhile Stiles makes a discovery about Derek's family.

Episode #11: Formality (air date: 2011-08-08)

While Derek is still stuck in captivity, Scott's true identity might become public information.

Episode #12: Code Breaker (air date: 2011-08-15)

Caught in a war between hunters and werewolves, Scott seeks help from friends and enemies.

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