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The 100

The 100 poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Channel: The CW
Status: Continuing
8.1 (125 votes)
Eliza Taylor Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Bob Morley Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
Thomas McDonell Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins
Adina Porter Adina Porter as Indra
Alessandro Juliani Alessandro Juliani as Sinclair
Alycia Debnam Carey Alycia Debnam Carey as Lexa
Chelsey Reist Chelsey Reist as Harper
Chris Larkin Chris Larkin as Monty Green
Devon Bostick Devon Bostick as Jasper
Dichen Lachman Dichen Lachman as Anya

Based on the books by Kass Morgan, this show takes place 100 years in the future, when the Earth has been abandoned due to radioactivity. The last surviving humans live on an ark orbiting the planet — but the ark won't last forever. So the repressive regime picks 100 expendable juvenile delinquents to send down to Earth to see if the planet is still habitable.

The 100 season 1

The 100 season 1 poster

The earth after a nuclear war. Nobody can live there. Everybody died... Only some could survive. They live in space, in the earth' s orbit. They are representatives of different countries. And already 97 years people are living in the space. But resources are scarce an that's is why people made very violent rules. Every crime and abuse was punished severely. There was only one punishment – death penalty. Women could have only few children. But this also didn't help and the government decided to check whether it is possible to go back to the earth and live there, because humanity wasn't at earth nearly 100 years.
That's why they decided to send a little group of people and see if they can survive in the earth. And the group was formed of children under 18 who committed crime. They don't know what they can expect in the earth after the nuclear pollution.
This film shows us not only the beauty of the world we live in but also the horrow of the war and what can happen if people begin to use nuclear weapon. Don't be violant, love your country, your world and its beauty. Because our world is really amazing and facinating, but weapon and wars heart it.
You'll like this facinating film.

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The 100 season 2

The 100 season 2 poster

The nuclear disaster has forced the world's inhabitants to seek safe shelter since there was is dangerous. And they found it on the space station. They were sure that this station the most suitable place to wait while the earth will become acquire the old conditions for life. Passed almost half a century before arriving at a small, only a few thousand people Colony decided to send one hundred offenders to the earth's dangerous surface, instead they served their sentence. As will be shown further developments, wild conditions which formed on the planet Earth, will not be the only difficulty with which these hundred people will have a deal. At this time in orbit unfolded a struggle for power, which destroyed the colony. The youth was eviction to the planet. Those who won a defeat discovered that the conditions in the world are not so sad how they expected. It turns out that people live there and go about their business. However, there was distasteful the fact that they were not set up to receive visitors and especially to establish a relationship with them. Ahead of the settlers expect more unexpected and unpleasant discoveries.

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The 100 season 3

The 100 season 3 poster

The third season of the 100 will astonish its fans again with an exciting science-fiction-packed plot without a hard-core space aspect, starting with a time jump between the seasons, several months after Clarke’s abandoning her people. The show runners promise that here we’ll meet Lexa and delve into the life of the Grounders clans, their mythologies and traditions. Mutated Grounders will also take part in the show. Clarke is going to cooperate with Lexa and this will be quite exciting. They will fight tooth and nail and not once. Clarke’s actions in the second season finale were very painful and she just decided to escape. Now she is really enraged. There is another curious moment concerning Clarke and Bellamy. Will they finally be together? With the help of Lincoln Octavia finds her place in the world. She became a real warrior because of the Grounders and it is difficult for her to return to the Arkers holding grudge against those people…

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