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The 100000 Dollar Pyramid

The 100000 Dollar Pyramid poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Game Show
Channel: ABC (US)
Status: Continuing
6 (1 votes)
Michael Strahan Michael Strahan as Host

In $100,000 Pyramid, contestants are in teams of two. The goal of the game is to help your partner guess an answer, by listing items that would be included in said answer, or synonymous. For instance, if the answer is “Things That Bounce”, clues would be “Po-Go Sticks”, “Kangaroos”, “Basketballs”, etc. To add to the challenge, the contestant who is giving the clues has their hands strapped to their chair, so they’re unable to gesture in order to help the guessing process. The show is hosted by Michael Strahan.

The 100,000 Dollar Pyramid season 1 is an American game show having multiple versions of the domestic market and internationally. The game features two members, each of which is paired with what that celebrity. The challenge rivals is that they need to try to guess a series of words and phrases based on the description given to them teammates. The name of the show refers to the pyramidal playing field representing six categories arranged in a triangular form. Viewers which have shown a desire to enjoy the details of the show will not be bored especially when such a famous TV host Michael Strahan will win their attention. His appearance on television ensures a large part of the success. We are sure that you will also be interesting to see the most famous personalities from across the country who have come here to surrender to the war of words to take part in high-speed races and of course to try to get a win. It is important to mention that some of the issues of the series won the Emmy award for such an outstanding show than only confirmed its perfection. This show will intrigue you from the very first episode. Where else can you see so much excitement, dynamics, vivid characters, great humor and positive atmosphere ?! Therefore, do not waste time and soon join our company where you will always be welcome.

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