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The A-Team season 1

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14 episodes (1972 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz, Marla Heasley, Melinda Culea, William Lucking, Lance LeGault, Robert Vaughn, Eddie Velez, Charles Napier, Carl Franklin Genre:Action, Adventure Channel:NBC Status:Ended

7.8 (46 votes)

The A-Team season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1:
Episode #2: Mexican Slayride (2) (air date: 1983-01-23)

Part 2 of the pilot episode in which the A-Team have been captured by a group of guerillas and the gang leader they were sent to fight. In the final battle they are assisted by the villagers and with their help, the A-Team is able to overthrow the guerillas, save the reporter and make their way home. Once home, Amy Allen blackmails her way onto the team.

Episode #3: Children of Jamestown (air date: 1983-01-30)

After the A-Team rescues a girl from a crazed cult leader, they are captured by the man's followers and made the quarry of a death hunt.

Episode #4: Pros and Cons (air date: 1983-02-08)

B.A.'s friend is held in a prison where the warden holds fight-to-the-death-boxing matches whose winner receives short-lived freedom.

Episode #5: A Small and Deadly War (air date: 1983-02-15)

Hannibal plays cat and mouse with a renegade S.W.A.T. A-Team that's committing murders for hire.

Episode #6: Black Day at Bad Rock (air date: 1983-02-22)

While treating a seriously wounded B.A., a suspicious small town doctor notifies the sheriff, who fears that B.A. may be part of a biker gang returning to free its jailed leader.

Episode #7: The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas (air date: 1983-03-01)

The A-Team gets involved in a mob power play when two girls ask them to find their college professor who went to Las Vegas with a perfect gambling system and never came back.

Episode #8: The Out-of-Towners (air date: 1983-03-15)

The A-Team takes up the cause of New York shopkeepers against neighborhood protection racketeers.

Episode #9: Holiday in the Hills (air date: 1983-03-22)

B.A.'s fear of flying is justified when the A-Team's plane crashes in the backwoods where they must battle mountain men to keep a man from being burned at the stake.

Episode #10: West Coast Turnaround (air date: 1983-04-05)

The A-Team delivers produce to the market for a farmer who is slowly being driven out of business by a land-hungry rancher.

Episode #11: One More Time (air date: 1983-04-12)

The US government recruits the A-Team to rescue a general and his daughter from guerillas in Borneo.

Episode #12: Till Death Do Us Part (air date: 1983-04-19)

The A-Team has to rescue a reluctant bride being forced to marry her late father's business partner.

Episode #13: The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing (air date: 1983-05-03)

Hannibal's plan to free a hijacked airborne 747 requires a bit of adjustment when B.A. becomes cataleptic and Murdock temporarily blinded.

Episode #14: A Nice Place to Visit (air date: 1983-05-10)

The A-Team comes to the aid of a small town being terrorized by a murderous family.

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