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The Addams Family season 2

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30 episodes (1005 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:John Astin, Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan, Ken Weatherwax, Marie Blake, Lisa Loring, Felix Silla, Ted Cassidy Genre:Comedy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

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The Addams Family season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: My Fair Cousin Itt (air date: 1965-09-17)

Gomez has written a play for the Family to celebrate Wednesday's birthday.

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Episode #2: Morticia's Romance (1) (air date: 1965-09-24)

On Morticia and Gomez's thirteenth wedding anniversary, Morticia tells the children a bedtime story of how she and Gomez met.

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Episode #3: Morticia's Romance (2) (air date: 1965-10-01)

Wednesday and Pugsley refuse to go to sleep until they are told the rest of the story of their parents' romance.

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Episode #4: Morticia Meets Royalty (air date: 1965-10-08)

Princess Millicent von Schlepp arrives for a visit in her sedan chair.

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Episode #5: Gomez, the People's Choice (air date: 1965-10-15)

Gomez is insulted by his latest tax bill, which is only $84, and complains to Mayor Henson, who misunderstands and offers him a rebate, convincing Gomez and Morticia that he's incompetent.

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Episode #6: Cousin Itt's Problem (air date: 1965-10-22)

Cousin Itt is shedding hair, and the family is worried that he'll lose his great good looks along with his hair. Fester gets out his chemistry set to produce a batch of hair restorer and prevent a disaster.

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Episode #7: Halloween - Addams Style (air date: 1965-10-29)

It's Halloween and, despite salamander sandwiches and a fresh porcupine taffy, Wednesday's upset.

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Episode #8: Morticia, the Writer (air date: 1965-11-05)

Morticia disapproves of the books the children are assigned from school, since they portray giants, goblins, and ghouls, as the bad guys.

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Episode #9: Morticia, the Sculptress (air date: 1965-11-12)

Morticia wants to do something to add to life artisticaily, so she decides to take up sculpting.

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Episode #10: Gomez, the Reluctant Lover (air date: 1965-11-19)

Pugsley is all melancholic because he's in love with his teacher, Miss Dunbar.

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Episode #11: Feud in the Addams Family (air date: 1965-11-26)

Prominent Boston socialite Abigail Addams (cousin by marriage) is in a feud with the Gomez Addams branch of the family, and is threatening to sue Gomez for his millions.

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Episode #12: Gomez, the Cat Burglar (air date: 1965-12-03)

Gomez sleepwalks thanks to Grandmama's Yak stew, while news of a cat burglar on the loose sets Morticia on the path to finding a cure.

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Episode #13: Portrait of Gomez (air date: 1965-12-10)

Strife magazine calls to tell Gomez that they're sending a photographer round, and he thinks he's been chosen their Man of the Year.

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Episode #14: Morticia's Dilemma (air date: 1965-12-17)

There's a letter for Gomez from Camplona, Spain - an old family friend, Don Xavier Francisco de la Mancha Molines and his daughter is coming to visit.

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Episode #15: Christmas with the Addams Family (air date: 1965-12-24)

Uncle Fester is chosen to slide down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus to prove the existence of St. Nick to the children. Fester gets stuck in the chimney, so Gomez, Lurch, Cousin Itt, and even Morticia and Grandmama each don a red suit and appear to the children.

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Episode #16: Uncle Fester, Tycoon (air date: 1965-12-31)

Fester gets a letter from another of his pen-pals, Diana the bearded lady. Overcome with emotion, he proposes to her by mail. After being accused of being unable to support her, Fester decides he has to get a job.

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Episode #17: Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama (air date: 1966-01-07)

Two weeks of unfavorable weather (blue skies and sunshine) keep the Addams children stuck indoors, where Morticia and Gomez believe Fester and Grandmama spoil them too much.

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Episode #18: Fester Goes on a Diet (air date: 1966-01-14)

Pugsley has been exercising, much to his parents' disapproval, when Fester gets a letter from his French pen-pal, Yvette, who is coming to visit. So he decides he has to get into shape, with the help of TV fitness guru Jack La Grann.

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Episode #19: The Great Treasure Hunt (air date: 1966-01-21)

In the attic the Family discovers Great-Grandfather Pegleg' s old sea chest, and there's a treasure map in it. Morticia wants to search for the treasure, but half the map is missing, so the search for the second half begins.

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Episode #20: Ophelia Finds Romance (air date: 1966-01-28)

Ophelia needs help with her latest romance, Horatio Bartholomew, whom she met at a Lonely Hearts' Club, but Grandma Frump objects to him, and Gomez and Morticia both think he's a phony, and try to convince Itt to marry Ophelia instead.

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Episode #21: Pugsley's Allowance (air date: 1966-02-04)

Pugsley wants some money and offers to work for it. This horrifies his parents, Addams don't work! They agree to let him work to teach him a lesson.

360p (avi 241.8 MB)
Episode #22: Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump (air date: 1966-02-11)

Granny Frump's birthday is coming up and she's been invited over. Gomez and Morticia plan to send her to a beauty spa, but Pugsley thinks she's heading for the retirement home.

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Episode #23: Morticia, the Decorator (air date: 1966-02-18)

Morticia is caught up in the National Beautification Program and decides to become a decorator.

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Episode #24: Ophelia Visits Morticia (air date: 1966-02-25)

Ophelia is still having problems getting a man. As Gomez observes: 'In the school of romance, I'm afraid she's just a drop-out'. Ophelia's latest beau, Montrose, has left her (the sixth this year), for the Peace Corps.

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Episode #25: Addams Cum Laude (air date: 1966-03-04)

The school principal threatens to expel the children after they've been playing with dynamite caps.

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Episode #26: Cat Addams (air date: 1966-03-11)

Kitty Cat seems to have a loss of appetite. At first, they suspect that he's just lonely, and try to find him a wife. However, Cousin Itt tells them that Kitty Cat may just have a cold.

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Episode #27: Lurch's Little Helper (air date: 1966-03-18)

Morticia is afraid that they are overworking Lurch, so Gomez builds him a robot assistant.

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Episode #28: The Addams Policy (air date: 1966-03-25)

Morticia has a new flame thrower, which Fester tests, setting their polar bear on fire. They make a claim to their insurance company, infuriating Mr. Henson, the manager, because his clerk, Joe Digby, had forgotten to cancel the Family's coverage.

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Episode #29: Lurch's Grand Romance (air date: 1966-04-01)

Morticia's old school chum Tiny Trivia arrives for a visit. She's into show-biz and very theatrical. Lurch fails for her, but she has no time for him.

Episode #30: Ophelia's Career (air date: 1966-04-08)

Ophelia arrives in tears as usual, as she's been jilted again. Morticia thinks she should take up a career to distract her from her bad track record with men.

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