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The Amazing Race season 3

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The Amazing Race season 3 poster
11 episodes (296 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Phil Keoghan, Jessica Lynn Shields, Ashton Theiss, Seth Tyler, Vanck Zhu, Redmond Ramos, Michael Rado, Floyd Pierce, Francesca Piccoli, Kevin Ng, Jenn Lee, Becca Droz, Liz Espey, Scott Flanary, Sara Fowler, London Kaye, Matt Ladley, Joey Covino, Tara Carr, Brooke Camhi, Olive Beauregard, Logan Bauer, Shamir Arzeno, Alex Rossi, April Gould, Brittany Austin, Cedric Ceballos, Chris Marchant, Cody Nickson, Conor Daly, Daniel Guiffreda, Dessie Mitcheson, Eric Guiffreda, Evan Lynyak , Henry Zhang, Jen Hudak, Jessica Graf, Joey Chestnut, Kayla Fitzgerald, Kristi Leskinen, Lucas Bocanegra, Sarah Williams, Shawn Marion, Tim Janus, Trevor Wadleigh Genre:Action, Adventure, Game Show, Reality Channel:CBS Status:Continuing

8.3 (53 votes)

The Amazing Race season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: What If Our Parachute Doesn't Open? (air date: 2002-10-02)

Opening the show, Phil says that we're starting on a "tiny island in the Everglades." We see the teams in speedboats and Phil introduces. Here's who we have for this edition of The Amazing Race: Heather & Eve - Roommates and recent graduates of Harvard Law School Michael & Kathy - Recently dating, never been together for more than five days Dennis & Andrew - Dad's a strict southern Baptist who doesn't approve of his son's lifestyle: he's gay Flo & Zach - Friends who met in college Derek & Drew - Identical twins & models Gina & Sylvia - The "soccer moms" Tramel & Talicia - Brother & sister Aaron & Arianne - Best friends who "think outside the box" Teri & Ian - Married parents together for 22 years Andre & Damon - Police officer and fireman Ken & Gerard - Brothers John Vito & Jill - Dating, Jill lost her brother in September 11th attacks (had applied with him for first race) After the introduction, Phil explains that there are 13 legs, 9 elimination points. He conti

Episode #2: This Seems Like The Path Straight to Hell! (air date: 2002-10-09)

The teams are waiting at the pit stop: the Hacienda san Gabriel de Las Palmas. There are 11 teams left and Ken & Gerard are the first to depart at 10:36 PM. The clue says to drive 133 miles to the Pyramid of the Sun in Tehutecan. Ken & Gerard discuss how they've nicknamed their team "Oh Brother," that way the other teams will say things like "Oh Brother, they're passing us again." Flo and Zach and Aaron and Arianne arew orking together. Flo says that there's sexual tension between Aaron and Arianne. Michael and Kathy head off, followed by John Vito and Jill. Heather and Eve depart in sixth place. Ken and Gerard arrive at the pyramid, but it doesn't open until 7 AM, so they're stuck waiting. Dennis and Andrew leave the pit stop in sevent place, Teri and Ian in eighth. Andre and Damon leave, having overslept and we learn that they're leaving in ninth place. In the previous episode they didn't follow the proper path for the donkey detour and so they've received a 48 minute penalty, plus a

Episode #3: You Always Just Forget About Me! (air date: 2002-10-16)

The teams travel from Cancun to Scotland by planes, buses, bikes and more. Derek and Drew, despite fierce competition to to catch up to them, remain in first place, while Dennis and Andrew are eliminated from the race, despite using the Fast Forward.

Episode #4: Did You See How I Stopped It? With My Face (air date: 2002-10-23)

The teams race from Scotland to Portugal, where a fourth pair is eliminated.

Episode #5: What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off a Cliff? (air date: 2002-10-30)

The teams travel from Portugal to Morocco. Along the way, they face rapelling, driving difficulties (gas in diesel cars) and more. Positions rapidly alternate, with the driving difficulties ultimately costing one team.

Episode #6: I'm a Much Better Liar Than You Are (air date: 2002-11-13)

The teams dash through Morocco to Marrakesh to avoid elimination. One task each pair must complete involves selling escargot to local citizens.

Episode #7: I'm Supposed to be Indebted to Her for the Rest of the Race?! (air date: 2002-11-20)

The teams fly to Munich and then travel by train to Austria. One team oversleeps on the train and misses its stop.

Episode #8: This Is More Important Than Your Pants Falling Down! (air date: 2002-11-27)

The five remaining teams race through Zurich, Switzerland, to reach the next pit stop. Also, a romantic bond develops between two members of opposing teams.

Episode #9: Why Did You Have to Take Your Pants Off?! (air date: 2002-12-04)

Emotions run high when unsuspecting Teams have to make a phone call and discover their loved ones on the other end of the line. An argument over working with others brings one Team to the breaking point amid accusations and threats. One Team member taunts another terrified Team when they learn they will face a 620-foot bungee jump, the longest in Europe.

Episode #10: Don't Try to Play the Moralist Now! (air date: 2002-12-11)

The four remaining teams race through Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City and get caught in a storm while competing on a nearby river.

Episode #11: They're Slithering to the Finish Line Like the Rest of Us! (air date: 2002-12-18)

The globe-trotting reality series concluded its third edition as the final three teams dashed to the finish line and attempted to claim the $1 million first-place prize. "We've been extremely lucky now for the third time to create a great finish," said host Phil Keoghan of this leg of the race. "You're going to see teams at the highest highs and the lowest lows." The teams who went into the final leg were Teri and Ian, Flo and Zach and finally Ken and Gerard. The final leg of the 41,000-mile race began in Vietnam. The teams then made their way to Hawaii and finally to Seattle, Washington.

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