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The Americans

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Genre: Crime, Drama, Espionage, Thriller
Channel: FX
Status: Ended
8.7/10(2939 votes)
Alison Wright Alison Wright as Martha Hanson
Annet Mahendru Annet Mahendru as Nina Sergeevna
Costa Ronin Costa Ronin as Oleg Igorevich Burov
Dylan Baker Dylan Baker as William Crandall
Frank Langella Frank Langella as Gabriel
Holly Taylor Holly Taylor as Paige Jennings
Keidrich Sellati Keidrich Sellati as Henry Jennings
Keri Russell Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings
Keri Russell Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings
Keri Russell Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings

The Americans is a period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President.

Spy drama about a KGB agents, who in the midst of the Cold War pretend respectable married couple from the suburbs of Washington. Jennings’ family has two children, who don’t know about the real work of their parents. The relations’ history of Phillip and Elizabeth develops in the daily work with a network of spies and informers, but soon their relationship breaks, as Philip penetrate “the values of the American way of life”...

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“The Americans” 2 season tells us a story of a hard marriage of two agents of KGB whose task is to settle in one of Washington DC suburbs and perform the role of some nice American newlyweds.
According to their legend they must perform the roles of Elizabeth and Philip. Bothe of them were born in the US, later on they met and started to desperately love one another from their first meeting. From now on they are a freshly married couple that lives in a detached house in a Washington suburb, makes plans for their future and does other things perfectly appropriate for an ideal American family.
Soon it gets easier and easier for Elizabeth and Philip to act like two lovebirds because they actually start to fancy each other and their undercover life gradually turns into reality. It’s not as simple as it can seem though. Soon after that Ronald Reagan is elected the next American president and diplomatic ties between America and the USSR start to be more complicated. Both Russians and Americans are obsessed with the paranoid idea of enemies and spies constantly surrounding them. This makes the life of our heroes even more stressful, they have to work hard so as not to let the others find out their real identities. Moreover the situation becomes even more dangerous when a new neighbor moves in the house opposite them. The new man’s name is Stan. He looks like a simple man, but in reality he’s a sly and experienced FBI agent and on top of that a secret service agent.
Will our Americans be able to trick that agent and continue their activities? You can find the second season of the Americans and download it on our website!

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The Americans season 3 will show us the Center assigning Philip and Elizabeth to tell Paige the whole truth about them. They also have to start training her as a spy of a second generation. Whereas Philip is strictly determined to object this idea, sending warning to Rezidentura head Arkady, his wife recognizes that their daughter is seeking for a purpose. At the same time Nina appears to be sent back to Russia and Stan fails to give up the Echo program. Elizabeth loses key intel and things become very tense between her and Philip as they have quite opposite opinions over how to execute the orders from the Centre. Meanwhile, Stan tries to mend the relations with his wife. Philip and Elizabeth face with a botched operation. Somewhere else Stan greets a Soviet deserter to America. Elizabeth and Philip appear to be in a big trouble. Stan follows Zinaida. Elizabeth and Philip cooperate to handle a botched operation, but are forced to reconcile their ideologies. Meanwhile Nina accustoms to her new home conditions.

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Spy thriller The Americans are approach to an end. In this season, for a fictitious couple Phillip and Elizabeth authority issue a decree about their union. Since they are exemplary citizens of their country and had a great hopes their decided to send to America and to pretend that they are an exemplary couple. They will need to get information about the latest actions and intentions of hostile country. Their purpose must be kept in secret from the authorities of the country of the enemy. Twenty years later, Elizabeth and Philip reached the fact that in fully confirmed their status as an exemplary and confident couple. They have the children which are proud of their parents. Meanwhile, the confrontation between the Soviet Union and America reached new turnovers. And every day for scouts is complicated, and becomes more difficult. Philippe already thinking about that to betray their homeland and get a $ 3 million. He tired from this dangler, which prevented him to live quietly with his family. But Elizabeth defended her own opinion. She was categorical and insisted that they still need to fulfill their mission and to remain faithful to their homeland.

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Elizabeth and Philip are the real Americans. The couple have good living conditions, great kids, an interesting job. But in truth they are forgotten life KGB 60s. Initially, their marriage was a dummy but with time they become accustomed to each other so that they become a real family. It is noticeable that the two heroes decide to go together to the end of life especially when they have such a wonderful son and a daughter. In the courtyard of the 80s. That's new president Ronald Reagan was elected which later give another name to the Soviet Union an "evil empire." The world, as before bipolar and cold battle between the two systems is approaching the highest point of tension. Protagonists hire informants and form a network of spies. They are convinced that not even the most decorous actions implemented in order to combat hot breakthroughs did not develop. Lead a double life incredibly difficult task. Not only children but others do not know who actually are Philip and Elizabeth. But when they have a new neighbor Stan their life is just more complicated because he works for the FBI and is engaged in the calculation of the communists in the United States mishandled Red Cossacks. It follows that in the case of detention the agents they will lose their precious freedom and most intimate that they have is their children.

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New events of The Americans season 6 are still unfolding in the 80s of last century. The main characters, as in previous seasons, are KGB agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings live in USA under the guise of respectable American citizens. Jennings family will be on the move in a final season 6. Episode 1 jumps forward for three years, that is, in 1987, where Philip will quit espionage for corporate work, and exhausted Elizabeth takes up spying he threw. This time, she tries to infiltrate the State Department’s special squad. In the meantime, Paige is already in college and decided to follow the professional path of her parents. On the other hand, Henry still does not know what’s going on. In addition, The Cold War, begun by Gorbachev, will be completed. And, as a result, there is a split in KGB. Thus, this circumstance and imbalance of work will lead to a serious split in Jennings marriage in the upcoming episodes of The Americans.

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