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The Bachelorette season 10

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12 episodes (396 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Rachel Lindsay, JoJo Fletcher, Andi Dorfman, Desiree Hartsock, Ali Fedotowsky, Anthony Battle, Lee Garrett, Lucas Yancey, Grant Hubsher, Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland, Brady Ervin, Jack Stone, Kenny “King” Layne, Josiah Graham, Will Gaskins, Fred Johnson, Bryan Abasolo, Jonathan Treece, Peter Kraus, Blake Killpack, Alex Bordyukov, Eric Bigger, Dean Unglert, Blake Elarbee, DeMario Jackson, Becca Kufrin Genre:Reality Channel:ABC (US) Status:Continuing

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The Bachelorette season 10 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode 1 (air date: 2014-05-19)

Andi, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta, meets her suitors -- including a former professional baseball player, a social media marketer, a farmer and an opera singer.

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Episode #2: Episode 2 (air date: 2014-05-26)

On the first date, Andi and Eric get lessons from snowboarder Louie Vito; 14 of the men perform routines for a charity event at an exotic male revue; This Wild Life performs for Andi and Chris.

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Episode #3: Episode 3 (air date: 2014-06-01)

Andi heads to Santa Barbara, Cal., with her 16 remaining suitors. On a group date, the men must sing at a Boyz II Men concert; Andi and one gentleman are disguised as an elderly couple for a one-on-one date; and one bachelor receives horrible news.

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Episode #4: Episode 4 (air date: 2014-06-02)

Andi heads to New England with the 13 remaining bachelors. Singer Jon Pardi serenades Andi and her date; the men compete against all-star WNBA players; and Andi goes on a steam-train ride with one suitor and rappels down a hotel with another.

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Episode #5: Episode 5 (air date: 2014-06-16)

After a two-week hiatus (i.e. forever in “Bachelor” world!) since our last stop in Connecticut, our love-seeking contestants continued east, landing in Marseille, France. Andi has read the Wikipedia entry on Marseilles and tells us that it’s an exciting port city on the Mediterranean with a lot of, umm, culture and stuff. First things first. Chris Harrison, in a very European turtleneck, meets up with Andi at a very European cafe for a little heart-to-heart. “Are you falling in love?” he asks. Andi responds with her trademark “Stoppp!,” followed by expletives and the shocking admission that she’s falling for more than one guy. Chris generously pretends this is interesting information and not a basic premise of the show before wishing Andi luck with her dates this week.

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Episode #6: Episode 6 (air date: 2014-06-23)

How much can you really trust a person, especially a reality show contestant searching for love on "The Bachelorette," a person you've only known for six weeks? Andi Dorfman sought to find the answer to this question on the sixth episode of "The Bachelorette," and Trinity High School basketball coach Brian Osborne found himself on the receiving end of some pretty intense questions. Brian has stripped on stage, sang with Boyz II Men and played basketball on group dates, but this would be his first lie detector test. Group Date Andi brought Brian, Josh, Dylan, Marcus, JJ and Chris to take a lie detector test in Venice, the most romantic city in the world. But this date wasn't so romantic. Here are some of the questions the guys had to answer: Have you ever cheated on a test? Are you here for the right reasons? Are you ready for marriage? Do you believe you could fall in love with Andi? Do you want kids? Are you good in bed? Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Have you ever fought in public? (Some of the guys, including Brian, thought the question was, "Have you farted in public," and they all answered, "yes!") The test reported that three of the six men told zero lies, one man told two lies, and two men told three lies. Andi told two lies herself. She said Italy was her favorite country, and she thought all of the guys were there for the right reasons. Apparently, neither is true. As a sign of her trustworthiness in the guys, Andi ripped up the results before she found out which of the men were the liars. After the test, Brian gave his own lie detector test to Andi. He asked her if she wanted to make out, and he called her bluff when she said, "no." After his private date last week, Brian knew Andi wanted him to be more confident and outgoing, and this was the perfect way to show her he's listening. Chris revealed himself to be the secret admirer who has been sending love notes to Andi, and for that, he earned the group date rose. Josh, on the other hand, now has Andi more confused than ever. He questioned her decision to give him a lie detector test, and now Andi is questioning their relationship. Nick's Second One-on-One It came as a shock to everyone when Andi chose party-pooper Nick for his second one-on-one date before Cody got his first. Either Andi was really into Nick or she needed some questions answered ASAP. Probably a combination of the two. Their date was simple: walking through Venice and enjoying a gondola ride. But when it was time for dinner (and later a private Masquerade Ball), Andi didn't hold back with the questions. Nick has been called cocky and arrogant by the other guys because he thinks he's the frontrunner in the competition. But of course when she asked if he thought he was the frontrunner, he wouldn't admit it but instead babbled something about how he can't imagine anyone else there feeling the connection he's lucky enough to have with her. When he brought up the "L" word (love), all of the doubts Andi had about Nick went right out the window. Needless to say, he got a rose. Cody's First One-on-One They say patience is a virtue. Cody's patience paid off when Andi finally chose him for a one-on-one date in Verona. Cody had a lot of catching up to do since he was the only guy left who hadn't had a one-on-one date with Andi while everyone else's relationship with her was blossoming. Because of this bad timing, it seems Andi may have already put Cody in the dreaded friend zone category before their date even began. They started off in Verona, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, responding to letters to Juliet. People who have been experiencing love trouble send a letter to Juliet, the heroine of one of the most famous love stories, for advice. Cody and Andi took turns responding to those letters on their date. Cody was so thoughtful in his responses, referencing his own relationship with Andi to help others find love. Cody even took the time to write his own letter to Juliet about Andi, and he read it to her at dinner later that night. Who knew that this macho man had such a sweet, sensitive, romantic side? Unfortunately for Cody, it was too late for romance. He was officially friend zoned, and he became the first man not to come back from a one-on-one date with a rose. Rose Ceremony With Cody already on his way back to the states, Andi only sent one guy packing at the rose ceremony. And JJ was that guy. Six men are left, including Brian, our Camp Hill contestant. Prince Charming of the Night: Andi may not have felt that perfect connection, but Cody certainly gave everything he had on his one-on-one date. Most guys probably wouldn't be thrilled to spend the day reading mushy gushy letters to Juliet. It was a pretty girly date if you ask me. But Cody embraced this date as his opportunity to find love. He wrote very thoughtful letters and even a romantic letter of his own to the woman of his dreams, Andi. Most girls would kill for that kind of attention and thoughtfulness on a first date. So, even though Andi cut him loose, I'm sure Cody - our Prince Charming - won't be on the market much longer! Frog of the Night: Josh is our frog tonight because he's been acting a little fishy. Maybe he's right that Andi shouldn't have been questioning him with a lie detector test, especially so early in their relationship. But, you could tell it was all in good fun, and she showed her trustworthiness by not reading his results. But Josh's reaction to the lie detector test idea makes it look like he has something to hide. Does he have secrets buried underneath that sexy, athlete exterior that Andi loves so much? We may never know.

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Episode #7: Episode 7 (air date: 2014-06-30)
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Episode #8: Episode 8 (air date: 2014-07-07)
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Episode #9: Episode 9 (air date: 2014-07-14)

Andi travels to the Dominican Republic where she spends intimate time with each of the three remaining bachelors.

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Episode #10: The Men Tell All (air date: 2014-07-21)
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Episode #11: The Final Rose (air date: 2014-07-28)
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Episode #12: After the Final Rose (air date: 2014-07-28)
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